Spirit Guides & Tarot

Learn how tarot can be used to work with spirit guides.

Tarot can be used in a variety of ways such as fortune telling, meditation, therapy, insight, mediumship and even past life readings.

Tarot can also be used to connect and communicate with your spirit guide(s) as a way to “bridge the gap” so to speak and to open the “psychic channels” to allow information to flow more freely.

Who are Spirit Guides?

A technical term for a spirit guide is described as “a disembodied entity in spirit form” that acts as a guide to a human to help the person achieve their soul purpose which was set out by that person before they incarnated into the current life.

It is believed by many that every person has a soul purpose that we have decided previously to learn, achieve or accomplish something.

When some of us may think of a soul purpose, we may have thoughts of big, world changing ideas, but feel disappointed or discouraged when we feel like that we can’t do the same great things that other people have accomplished.

Sometimes it’s the littlest of things in life that may be our soul purpose to achieve or do something in this life and it could be several things within one life, little things at a time.

It could be a simple or common as becoming a parent whether biologically or by adopting, or it could be learning a skill that helps your life and those around you.

To find out more about working with your spirit guides, get the Your Guide to Spirit Guides e-book.

When I think of life purpose, we may not know it as we go along in life and wonder what it’s all about. I think about the Game of Thrones episode of when everyone finds out that Hodor’s life purpose was to “hold the door.”

Now, hopefully we won’t endure such a fate (but nonetheless such a story makes for great TV), but when thought in other ways, sometimes we are on Earth for a purpose to help someone else – right place, right time – to be in someone’s life as a purpose.

How many times have we heard love stories that involve the saying, “you give my life purpose.” Something perhaps to ponder later.

But, back to spirit guides.

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Spirit guides have a purpose to help you stay on track with your soul’s purpose in your current life.

Sometimes people go through phases or stages in their life, perhaps with a career change or something of the sort.

This may be an instance when you have a spirit guide that specialises with one specific purpose, then you may have another spirit guide for the other phase in your life.

Your spirit guide offers encouragement to continue on your work and path and if you’re very determined to achieve your goals, your spirit guide may help to bring the right opportunities, resources, materials or even ideas to help you along your way.

Even in times when you feel like “giving up,” you may feel a sensation or notion in the back of your mind that refuses to give up completely.

So, you may take a break for a while, but your spirit guide will be there to encourage you to get back on track for your purpose.

Spirit Guides will assist, but they won’t interfere.

Everyone has free will and the spirit guides, including angels, respect that.

They can’t force you to stick to your plan if you are determined to stay off course. However, if you are true to your internal compass you may feel when you are off course.

You may face obstacles and barriers; things may not go the way they should or may go wrong when you’re trying to do something that interferes with your soul purpose.

Spirit guides will assist you more so if you are willing to ask them for help; all you have to do is talk to them.

However, when you ask for their help, leave it to your spirit guide to come up with the way to help you and be prepared to recognise the signs or opportunities that may come your way.

If you are too specific in how you want help, it most likely won’t happen that way.

When you let your spirit guide find the way that will help you in the most effective way, it can be more beneficial.

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Spirit Guides & Tarot

If you find it difficult to meditate quietly, even with music playing, you can try to contact your spirit guide through tarot.

This method of communicating with your spirit guide can open a connection which you may find that you may be able to sustain even when not using the cards.

To start with a reading to connect with your spirit guide, you can try the following:

  • clear your mind
  • have no distractions
  • if you are familiar with the chakras, open your sixth (third eye) and seventh (crown) chakras. You can search online for exercises and methods on how to do so if needed.

You can also say aloud or mentally/internally that you want to speak with your spirit guide who is helping you at this time.

When you feel calm and centred, you can begin a reading to ask your spirit guide questions.

Questions to ask your spirit guide can be anything you would like to ask questions such as:

  • your soul purpose
  • soul development
  • what you should focus on (now/in the near future/this life time)
  • what you need to work on for your development (personal/relationship/career)
  • how your past lives may be affecting your development in this life
  • what skills you should work on or what you should be learning
  • anything that you feel you want to know or ask about your development

Remain open to any other messages that you may receive before, during or after you shuffle the cards.

You may see (clairvoyance), hear (clairaudience) or feel (clairsentience) symbols, thoughts, ideas or feelings that may come through.

You can write these down during your reading which you can also record for later reference.

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Taking time to connect with your spirit guide can be rewarding.

Spirit Guides help navigate the waters of our soul’s journey.

You can also meditate or find online guided meditations to find ways to connect with your spirit guide in addition to tarot.

Connecting with your spirit guide through tarot creates a kind of symbolic language that you can help interpret the messages from your spirit guide without feeling like you must be very psychic in order to receive any messages.

However, the more you use tarot to communicate with your spirit guide, you may find that more messages may come through that go beyond just what cards are before you on the table.

You may start to discern and recognise messages and ideas that come from your spirit guide and even begin to notice when they are around by a signature “calling card” like a feeling, idea, symbol or even scent.

Your spirit guide is always by your side to help you on your soul’s journey and would love to maintain that connection with you.

All we have to do is listen and reach back.

Want to know more about your spirit guides and how to connect with them on your own?

Check out the Your Guide to Spirit Guides e-book to find out to connect with your spirit guides and the spirit guides of others and more.

Need a little help to meet one of your spirit guides?

Have an introduction to one of your spirit guides with a Spirit Guide Tarot Reading.

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