Five Crystals for Highly Sensitive Persons & Empaths

5 Crystals for Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP) and Empaths


Crystals can help offer protection to people who have heightened sensitivities to their environment and energies around them, including protection for empaths.

Everyone will react and respond to specific crystals differently since everyone (including crystals) has a vibration frequency and rate.

This is just a short list of crystals that can help with protection for highly sensitive persons and empaths.

These can also help when it comes to energy, people, feelings and situations that you as a highly senstitive person and/or empath may come across:


Obsidian / Snowflake Obsidian


This is one of my go-to protection and barrier crystals. If you are very highly sensitive, obsidian may feel a bit too “dull” or “heavy”, so Snowflake Obsidian is a little gentler.

I find Snowflake Obsidian to be very light compared to its tumbled size than regular obsidian or other forms of obsidian, but has a nice protective affect.

Carry obsidian on you or wear as a necklace and imagine its energies protecting your aura to create a barrier between the outside world, your aura and you.


Smoky Quartz

This is another crystal that I must have around. This crystal is a great one to have in your home or apartment.

If you have neighbours that give off a bad “vibe”, place some on the adjoining wall and near windows and/or doors that are close to the neighbours.

The crystal will absorb and repel the negativity.

However, it’s best to remember to cleanse the stones every week or every two weeks, depending on the amount of negativity there is.

If problems go away after placing cleansed stones, then reappear after some time, then you’ll know it’s time to cleanse the stones again.

Rinsing them under clean water and/or placing in direct sunlight or moonlight for a few hours can help to cleanse the stones.

Giving the stones a good smudging with sage is also another technique.


Black Tourmaline


As you can see, stones that offer good protection can tend to have darker tones and colours, and black tourmaline is no exception (although there are other colours of tourmaline).

Black tourmaline is a good stone to use for protection and can come in different forms.

Black tourmaline can provide psychic protection from others who may be emotionally draining and can transmute negative energy into positive so the harmful energy isn’t absorbed.




This stone can feel “heavy” in the sense that it is very grounding if you are feeling overwhelmed and scattered.

If worn for long periods of time, it can make you feel “sluggish” if you’re sensitive to its grounding properties.

Hematite can be used for meditation in order to centre yourself and not feel pulled in several directions at once.

Hematite can also help with anxiety since it is a grounding and stabilizing stone.


Amethyst (Purple)


Amethyst is well known as a psychic and intuitive aiding stone and can have protective qualities.

If you’re finding that you’re feeling overwhelmed and it’s affecting your sleep, you can place cleansed amethyst crystal(s) under your pillow.

Amethyst protects against psychic attack, ill-wishing and harm and send it back to the universe after being transmuted into positive, loving energy.

It can counteract negative earth energies; so if you feel a certain area is “off” you can wear amethyst or place crystals around to absorb the energy.

This crystal also calms and soothes, which can help if you are feeling over anxious and nervous.

That’s my five choices for crystals for protection that I love to have around myself at almost any given time.

The beginning of the week may be overly emotional or heighten sensitivity for some due to the energies of the Summer Solstice, Full Moon and the zodiac season of Cancer all starting in one day.


What crystals do you use for your empathic abilities and sensitivites?

Feel free to comment and share on social media!


Until next time,
Stacey & the Tarot Pugs


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