The Higher Chakras 8 to 12

Learn how to access the higher chakras to get clear psychic and spirit messages, access the Akashic Records and more.

Want to increase your spiritual connection to Spirit?

Want to connect with your spirit guides more easily?

Want to access the Akashic Records?

That’s where activating your higher chakras can help!

The higher chakras (also known as chakras 8 to 12) can help you see, hear, feel and know what’s happening in the spirit world and even in other realms.

Chakras 8 to 12 are located above the head and help us to access higher realms, spirit guides, angels and star people.

These chakras also give us the ability to astral travel, bi-locate, and access the Akashic Records.

If you work with spirit guides and/or angels, you’re likely working with the higher chakras even if you don’t realise it.

For some people, working with the higher chakras can come more easily to them than for other people.

However, with some practice of raising your energy and vibration, you can work with and access your higher chakras 8 through 12.

The 13 Chakra System

The seven major chakras are commonly known, but there’s also a 13 chakra system.

Some practitioners talk about 12 chakras, which can get confusing when looking for information about the chakras.

The 13 chakra system includes chakras starting from below your feet through the body and above the head.

The 13 chakras are:

0. Earth Star Chakra

1. Root/Base Chakra

2. Sacral Chakra

3. Solar Plexus Chakra

4. Heart Chakra

5. Throat Chakra

6. Third Eye Chakra

7. Crown Chakra

8. Soul Star Chakra

9. Spirit Chakra

10. Universal Chakra

11. Galactic Chakra

12. Divine/Source Chakra

The Seven Major Chakras

Let’s start with the seven major chakras, then move on to the additional that make up the 13 chakra system.

These seven major chakras are:

  1. Root/Base
  2. Sacral
  3. Solar Plexus
  4. Heart
  5. Throat
  6. Third Eye
  7. Crown

You can find out more about these chakras in this post about the Seven Major Chakras.

Earth Star Chakra

This is the chakra that rests below the feet that connects us to the Earth, our karmic patterns and our history of genetics, DNA and all before us here on Earth.

When doing grounding techniques, “earthing” or to feel more connected to the Earth, the Earth Star chakra opens that gateway.

This chakra is rooted even more deeply than our Root/Base chakra and is counted as chakra 0.

The Higher Chakras (8 to 12)

Above the head starting at about 12 inches is where the higher chakras begin and are spaced apart and above each chakra.

The names may be similar or different when researching further about these chakras and information in some places seems to be conflicting.

The best way to explore these chakras is to experience them for yourself and practice with them which we’ll get into later in this post.

The Higher Chakras are:

8. Soul Star Chakra

Accessing your soul star chakra can help bring healing to your lower chakras (7 through 1) when the energy from this chakra is channelled downward.

The energy drawn down from your soul star chakra can help strengthen these chakras and acts as the gateway to your higher chakras above this one.

Activating this chakra and keeping it well maintained can help make it easier to access and communicate with your spirit guides once you activate your higher chakras above the soul star chakra.

The soul star chakra allows you to feel connected to the love of the universe and feel connected spiritually on a soul level.

9. Spirit Chakra

When you access and work with your spirit chakra, this allows you to more easily contact your spirit guides, angels and your higher self.

Guidance comes more easily when you activate your spirit chakra.

From the spirit chakra, you can receive inspiration and insight from your guides to help with your creative projects, giving you more creative ideas.

You’ll also realise what skills you’ve learned over lifetimes and that are inherit to you, which you can understand and access more readily.

If you want to work with spirit guides in your divination and/or tarot readings, this is the best chakra to strengthen and activate.

10. Universal Chakra

The universal chakra helps to find your place in this universe and where you fit in.

This chakra can help you to gain access to other star systems and connect with star people.

Working with the universal chakra can help you to understand your past lives and reincarnations (not just about past lives on this Earth.)

This chakra goes beyond what we know and are familiar with on this Earth, going deeper into the universe and expanding our understanding of spirit and the physical self.

11. Galactic Chakra

The galactic chakra is where you can gain galactic information such as accessing the Akashic Records.

When accessing the Akashic Records, you’ll have to first activate all the chakras under the galactic chakra.

For myself, I connect with my gatekeeper spirit guide by going through and activating my 9th chakra, then through the 10th chakra and finally to access the Akashic Records with my gatekeeper spirit guide.

To know more about the different kinds of spirit guides, check out Your Guide to Spirits Guides e-book.

The galactic chakra is also where you can access the astral plane, do astral projection and astral travel.

You can also meet the ascended masters through this chakra.

This is because this chakra is the closest to the 12th chakra, which is the Divine/Source chakra, the highest in which we can meet Source energy and the Divine.

12. Divine/Source Chakra

The final chakra in the 13 chakra system is the Divine/Source chakra where we feel at one and connect to the Divine and Source energy.

This is where highest consciousness exists and the highest form of information, knowledge and wisdom are accessed through the divine/source chakra.

Through this chakra, you can reach higher realms and planes on a different level or even dimensions.

Accessing the divine/source chakra can give great profound wisdom and insight from the divine and gives a profound connection to source energy and the divine, however you view or believe it to be.

How to Access the Higher Chakras (8 to 12)

If you’re familiar and know how to raise your vibration for psychic work, this may be easier for you to consciously activate and access your higher chakras.

If you’re new to raising your vibration or need to practice more to keep it at a higher level for a longer period of time, this will be a good start.

This is just one method to try that works for me, so feel free to give it a try.

If it doesn’t work for you, there may be other methods available online to try.

Raise Vibration to Access Higher Chakras

To start, find a quiet place to begin where you won’t be interrupted while you practice.

Make sure you’re not fatigued or tired as it could deplete your energy more quickly if you don’t feel you have enough energy:

1.    Visually pull your energy from around you and from within yourself towards the center of yourself into your solar plexus chakra.

Keep doing so until you feel you can’t pull anymore or that you’re ready for the next step.

2.    Then visually raise this energy up into your chest and with your mind imagine the energy coming up through your shoulders, then above your shoulders, through your head then continuing until at the top of your head.

As you do this visualization, imagine the energy going through your heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra and crown chakra also.

3.   Now that your energy is above you, imagine that it is activating the 8th chakra, the soul star chakra.

You can choose to stop here and work with that chakra or you can continue to pull and raise your energy up to the next chakra the 9th chakra – the spirit chakra.

If you choose to keep going you can continue all the way to the 11th and/or 12th chakra.

Crystals for the Higher Chakras 8 to 12

Crystals can help to work with chakras, which includes the higher chakras.

These are some crystals that you can use to help raise your vibration and help to access the chakras 8 to 12:

  • Selenite
  • Azurite
  • Fluorite
  • Apophyllite
  • Celestite
  • Angelite
  • Moldavite
  • Herkimer Diamond
  • Spirit Quartz
  • Kyanite
  • Opal
  • Lithium Quartz
  • Labradorite

Closing the Higher Chakras

When you’re finished working with or practicing to access the higher chakras, lower your energy back down through the chakras below the chakra you’re working with or accessing.

Continue to lower your energy back into your body until you reach your Earth star chakra (chakra 0).

Allow any excess energy to go back into the earth and ground yourself.

As you lower your energy, imagine the higher chakras “turning off”.

This could be visualized any way you picture them: a light dimming or turning off, a vortex or portal closing, a flower closing its petals, etc.

Grounding crystals such as black tourmaline, obsidian and hematite can help ease with feeling too energetic, “high” or “spacey” from working with the higher chakras.

Spirituality and the Higher Chakras

The higher chakras can also be access for spiritual purposes and to find a deeper connection to understand yourself, who you are and to help you on your spiritual journey.

Through the higher chakras, you can find healing and get energetic healing from the divine.

Working with the higher chakras can help you to feel connected to the divine, your spirit guides, your angels and your galactic family.

Tarot Readings, Psychic Readings and the Higher Chakras

If you read tarot, accessing the higher chakras can take your tarot reading to a whole new level.

For myself, I find my readings are much more accurate when I access the higher chakras, spirit guides and the Akashic Records than when I read the cards using logic and reasoning (which is where self-doubt and second-guessing can creep in.)

Psychic readings can often be done with the third eye chakra, which is where clairvoyance comes from (seeing with the mind’s eye).

Claircognizance is often felt with the solar plexus chakra and clairaudience is often heard using the throat chakra (which is connected to the ears – after all ears, nose and throat are all connected.)

Psychic readings and intuitive tarot readings can be done with just the major chakras connecting to intuitive information, which can still be pretty accurate and on point.

Tapping into your intuitive abilities through the major chakras is a great starting point to open yourself up to more informative and meaningful tarot readings.

Tarot readings can be done while accessing the higher chakras, particularly if you want to do spirit guide readings and access the Akashic Records.

If you want to know more about accessing with Akashic Records, check out this post about how to get information from the Akashic Records.

You don’t have to access the Akashic Records or the higher chakras to give great tarot readings or even to be more spiritual.

If you feel this is something that you want to try and feel it could work for you, go for it!

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