Pug Tarot Review

Have you heard of the most pug-tastic, pug-tacular tarot deck ever? A tarot deck that I've been dreaming of for years before it existed? Ever dream of something and then when you see it, it’s like a dream come to life? For me, it’s the amazing Pug Tarot by Pug & Duck Publishing. The Tarot … Continue reading Pug Tarot Review

What is the Evil Eye & How to Protect against Evil Eye

You’ve probably heard about the Evil Eye. Maybe you have an Evil Eye amulet. But what’s the story behind the Evil Eye? Is it simply superstition or is there something really happening when someone gives that “look” or speaks ill about someone? Is all Evil Eye intentional or are people sending “bad energy” without realising … Continue reading What is the Evil Eye & How to Protect against Evil Eye

Healing & Magick Properties of Bismuth

Bismuth (pronounced: biz-mooth) is naturally found in regions such as Russia, Germany and Bolivia, however most bismuth on the market is created in labs. Bismuth is a post-transitioned metal that’s resulted from mining and refining metals such as silver, tin, copper, gold and lead. This metal is found on the Periodic Table as Number 83. … Continue reading Healing & Magick Properties of Bismuth