Self-Care for Tarot Readers

Self-Care practices are important for tarot readers, psychics and energy workers/healers. Here are some suggestions for self-care for before and/or after tarot readings.


Energy is everywhere.

We are all made of energy as if everything around us.

When we do readings for ourselves or others, energy is conducted and built up around us.

It can lift us to heightened intuitive experiences and leave us energised. It can also weigh us down if we let it.

Performing reading after reading in a short period of time or even a long stretch of time can be fatiguing since it can take a lot of mental energy to do the readings.

The energy from the querent can also be imparted into the reading which the reader can sometimes take upon themselves.


Tarot Readings & Energy


Sometimes an intense reading can leave a lasting impression on a reader that can sit with the reader for a few days later.

I can remember readings for a few days afterwards especially if they were significant or even if they were  just a simple reading.

Readings can stay in my memory for a few days until they begin to fade and new memories take their place.

When I do readings, I can sometimes feel a bit tired afterwards, but at the same time wide-awake. The energy from the reading stays with me until I can find a way to release it.

Tarot readings can take and use a lot of energy which can leave you feeling tired, drained or even starving for food afterwards.

Learning how to balance your energy and how to take care of yourself as a tarot reader is really important, that many beginners may miss out on this key component of tarot readings.


Self-Care for Tarot Readers


Self-care for tarot readers is just as important as regular self-care like doing any other type of work.

This post can also be applied to energy workers and healers who do holistic readings or work and especially for tarot readers who do shadow work, therapeutic, analytical and/or restorative readings.

Here are a few ways that I’ve used to cleanse, recharge and renew after readings that may also help you.

These can also be done prior to a reading to help prepare for the work ahead of you:


Have a shower


I find that the notion of cleansing with water to remove any excess psychic “build-up” or “residue” helps to feel clean and renewed.

This could also be done with a bath if you can’t shower, but a bench or seat in the shower can help if you want to sit for a longer time in the shower.

If you have a bath, Epsom salts can help to cleanse as well.


Walk the dog / go for a walk


A change of scenery can help to clear the mind and what better way than to get outside and enjoy the view.

Walking the dog gets you some moderate exercise.

However, don’t bring headphones or music on this walk; just enjoy the sounds of nature and town/city life all around you to reconnect with your surroundings.


Music / Dancing


For my readings, I usually have some kind of house music or new age music playing that is repetitive and non-distracting.

It’s usually a playlist that I’ve played hundreds of times so it’s nothing that will distract me.

To get out of this frame of mind, put on upbeat dance music or something that you really enjoy like rock or pop songs or whatever gets you moving.


Eat something


Some people will say that in order to stay intuitive, you should avoid all meat and eat only a vegan diet. If you feel that works for you, excellent!

However, for this post’s purpose, when it comes to recharging and renewing yourself, eating anything that you enjoy will help to ground you again.

Whether it’s a banana, a few slices of chocolate cake or some bacon, eating something mindfully (that is not in front of the computer or TV) can help refocus and get some needed energy restored.



Clearing excess energy from yourself and the area is like wiping the slate clean again so that wherever you performed the reading is now ready to be re-purposed for whatever comes next.

This can also be done with lighting a different kind of incense than what was used during the reading (if any was used).

You can even select a specific incense that is only used after readings or not during readings so that it can be a mental “trigger” to relax yourself and switch from “on” to “off”.




Similar to selecting a specific incense to act as a relaxation trigger, aromatherapy can alter your mood and state of mind to become more calm and relaxed, to finally unwind again.

For example, lavender is a calming scent.

I like to use Aveeno Stress-Reliever calming lotion which is a combination of lavender, ylang-ylang and chamomile oils.


Get comfy


If you work a regular job at another place such as an office, you know the feeling of coming home after a long day, getting out of your work clothes and putting on something comfortable.

This can also be applied to readings.

If you work from home doing email readings, you may be already properly dressed when you do the readings, so afterwards if it’s the evening, get right into something comfy like a favourite sweater, shirt or pair of jeans or even pajamas.

If you do readings outside of the home, once you’re home again, getting changed out of your “work clothes” and into something more relaxed can also shift the state of mind.


How do you take care of yourself after doing readings?

Feel free to leave a comment or tweet me to share your tarot reading self-care tips.


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Self-Care is important for Tarot Readers, including energy workers and healers also. Here's a list of ways to practice self-care before and after tarot readings.



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