Ancestor Tarot Spread

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In the previous post, How to Work with Your Ancestors, I wrote about how to honour and work with your ancestors and those who have passed before you.

As a continuation, this is a tarot spread that can be used to connect with your ancestors, gain wisdom and messages from them.

First arrange time that you won’t be interrupted during the reading.

Light a candle or an Ancestor Candle (a candle chosen only for ancestor work), light incense/sage or perform any rituals that will help you feel relaxed and comfortable to receive messages.

Affirm your intention aloud or firmly in your mind that you are seeking guidance from your ancestors.

Shuffle the cards in your usual manner, draw the cards and arrange the spread in any way that you like.


Ancestor Tarot Spread


  1. What ancestors are with me presently?
  2. What legacy has been handed down to me?
  3. How can I continue this legacy?
  4. What gifts or skills have I inherited?
  5. How can I best honour my ancestors?
  6. What messages do you have for me?


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