Healing & Magick Properties of Bismuth

Bismuth (pronounced: biz-mooth) is naturally found in regions such as Russia, Germany and Bolivia, however most bismuth on the market is created in labs. Bismuth is a post-transitioned metal that’s resulted from mining and refining metals such as silver, tin, copper, gold and lead. This metal is found on the Periodic Table as Number 83. … Continue reading Healing & Magick Properties of Bismuth

The Magic of Dogs: Gods, Goddesses, Folklore & Magick

Dogs are purely and simply magical. They’ve been humankind’s faithful companion for thousands of years. They’ve infiltrated into mythology and folklore. Dogs have been associated with gods and goddesses. While cats may be commonly affiliated with witchcraft and magick made popularized by media, witch trials and movies, dogs have their own magick and connection to … Continue reading The Magic of Dogs: Gods, Goddesses, Folklore & Magick

What is Moldavite?

There’s a lot of talk about moldavite, but what exactly is moldavite and what does it do? Misinformation about moldavite circulates around the internet every few years, which makes it all the more important to discuss about this incredibly unique stone. In this post we’ll look at: what moldavite iswhat moldavite is used forwhat the … Continue reading What is Moldavite?