How to Communicate with Spirits using Tarot

Learn how to communicate with spirits using tarot.

Samhain is commonly known as the time of year when the veil between this world and the spirit world is the thinnest.

The veil begins to lift at the beginning of autumn and continues until just after Samhain / Halloween.

Yet, we can still communicate with spirits anytime and anyplace.

For some people, this comes naturally and easily while for others it may require more effort and practice.

Some mediums use tarot and other divination tools to communicate with spirits.

While other mediums don’t need or want to use tools such as the tarot or other divination to receive messages from spirits, spirit guides or ancestors.

If you can read tarot or use a divination system, you can communicate with your spirit guides, loved ones in spirit and your ancestors without necessarily being psychic or a medium.

Everyone has intuition which is built into each and every one of us.

Everyone has some kind of psychic ability which is often dormant or underdeveloped by most.

Even if you don’t think of yourself as psychic, you can still get your own messages from your loved ones in spirit, your spirit guides and your ancestors.

When you find the right method and technique, it becomes easier to make the connection with spirits.

For more about how tarot can open up your psychic abilities, check out this article Tarot & Psychic Abilities.

Communicate with Spirits

There are many methods on how you can read tarot to communicate with spirits, your spirit guides, ancestors and even deities.

Receiving messages from Spirit requires focus and intention at the beginning of the reading and holding that focus during the reading.

As you begin to interpret the reading, trust that the information you’re receiving is from your intended contact in Spirit.

How to Communicate with Spirits using Tarot

Here is a method to help get in the right frame of mind and create space to communicate with your loved one in spirit, your spirit guide(s) or your ancestors.

This can be modified to fit your own practice and/or tradition, but as a beginner there are a few steps that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Be sure to have some form of protection when communicating with spirit, raise your vibration, set your intention, thanks to the spirit, and ground yourself afterwards.

These are usually the basics for opening and maintaining spirit communication.

To begin your reading, have an area that you’re comfortable in and can devote time to the reading uninterrupted.


Start to prepare for the reading by deciding the following:

  • Why you want to do the reading
  • Who you want to contact in spirit (loved one, spirit guide, ancestor, deity)
  • What spread you want to use
  • Something to document the reading (pen/paper, recording device)
  • What deck you will use

When you have decided all these, keep it firmly in your mind who you want to reach out to in the spirit world.

You can also write this down to keep your focus on who you want to communicate with.


For most readings when communicating with spirits, readers will often use some form of protection based on their spiritual practice.

This can be done in a variety of ways so use whichever method that your feel comfortable with or that you normally use for protection.

Some suggestions are:

Prayer – You can call on your angels, protector spirit guide or Archangel Michael to offer their protection while you do the reading.

Crystals – Black tourmaline, smokey quartz, obsidian and black kyanite can be used for protection. Carry or wear them on you or place around your reading space.

Visualize – Mentally create a bubble or boundary around yourself and visualize it with white light of the universe to protect you.

Cast a circle – If your practice uses this method for protection, you can cast a circle in your usual method mentally and/or physically.

Raise your Vibration

Mediumship is when people and spirits communicate in which each they meet somewhere in the middle between this world and the spirit world.

Since spirits vibrate at a higher energy than we do here in the physical world, we have to raise our vibration and the spirit has to lower their vibration so that we meet in the middle to sustain a connection.

For techniques on how to raise your vibration, check out 4 Ways to Raise Your Vibration for Psychic & Spiritual Work.

Perform the Reading

While holding on to your tarot deck, think of the person or spirit that you want to connect with.

This can be a loved one in spirit, your spirit guide or perhaps seeking wisdom from your ancestors or a deity.

Say the following or something similar in your own words:

I wish to speak to _________________. Please come forth and bring me [guidance / advice / answers] through this tarot reading.

Hold the name of who you want to speak with firmly in your mind and give it more energy and feeling behind it. If you wrote this name down, you can focus on it.

Begin to shuffle the cards and concentrate on the person you want to communicate with.

If you’ve chosen a spread to do, also think of the spread that you will be using and if you want, explain it to the spirit what the spread is and how you want them to help you.

When you feel ready, stop shuffling and cut the deck in your usual manner.

Lay the chosen cards down and begin your reading.

Trust that the information that you receive during the reading is coming from the spirit that you have chosen to speak with.

You can ask follow up questions or ask for clarity for any cards that you have difficulty interpreting.

Write down the cards and the spread that you used, the name of the spirit that you communicated with and write any additional information that comes to you. This can be used for later reference if needed.

Give Thanks to Spirit

When you’re done the reading and feel that all the information has been received or you feel that you can’t get any more information, you can begin to close the reading.

Give thanks to the spirit with a heartfelt thank you and appreciation for the messages they have shared.

Speak from your heart; if it’s a loved one, you can have a conversation with them if you choose to share anything else with them.

Ground Yourself

Now you can use grounding techniques to bring yourself “back down to Earth” so to speak.

Any grounding methods that you prefer to use can be done to help stabilize your vibration and remove any excess energy.

For techniques on how to do grounding, check out 4 Ways for Grounding after Psychic & Spiritual Work.

Close the Reading

If you called upon angels, protector spirit guide(s) or Archangel Michael for protection, you can now thank them for their protection as you begin to close the reading.

If you created a protective boundary or bubble of light around you, you can begin to feel this coming down or draw the energy back into yourself.

If you casted a circle, you can now take down your circle in your usual manner.

Now your tarot reading session has come to a finish. You can spend time meditating on the reading or carry on with your day/evening.

This is just one method that can be used to do tarot readings and communicate with spirits using the tarot.

Always use whichever methods feels best for you and/or adapt and adjust them to fit your practice or traditions.

Even if you don’t consider yourself psychic, it can still be possible to communicate with spirit, spirit guides and loved ones in spirit using methods such as tarot with the right intention and focus to receive guidance, wisdom and advice from them.

Trust that you have the ability to communicate with them, they are only a thought away.

TarotPugs Signature 2020 Blog Witchcraft Tarot

Learn how to communicate with spirits using tarot with these methods. #tarot #mediumship #spirits

Learn how to communicate with spirits using tarot. #mediumship #tarot

Learn how to interpret the interactions and synergy between tarot cards to improve your tarot readings.

Synergy & Tarot: Interactions between the Tarot Cards

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Lilith Tarot Spread

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    • If you’re interested in mediumship, I’d recommend the book “You are a Medium” by Sherrie Dillard. Her teaching methods cover different types of mediumship techniques based on your strengths, such as clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, etc. Another book “Psychic Tarot” by Nancy Antenucci and Melanie Howard can help to blend psychic ability/confidence in your readings. 🙂


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    • I would recommend starting with as few cards as needed to keep the reading simple and concise – perhaps between 3 and 5 cards.

       Depending on your question or situation, you can create card positions for that particular communication.

      Questions such as “What do I need to know (about)” or “What message(s) or advice do you have for me?” or “What should I focus on (or be aware about)?” These questions can provide insight into daily life if you want to design your own tailored to your needs.

      I feel any spread can work on daily matters (as long as intention is made about whom you’re contacting).

      However, for a specific spread designed for spirit communication, I recommend this tarot spread by Angelorum:

      The spread is a little larger, but if you’re just starting out, I think it’s possible to break it down into smaller segments (a few cards at a time) and analyze it that way then bring all the interpreted cards back into a bigger picture.

      Starting small with each card and then expanding to view the whole spread.

      Another tarot spread with fewer cards is this one by Torin Kinane which explains a bit about the spread and spirit communication using tarot:

      To get a feel for it, you may decide to start small with a few cards to see if the energy and cards resonate with how you feel and connect with the person who has passed on, then move on to a longer session.

      Hope that helps! ♡


    • Hi there! There’s a link to tarot readings, playing card readings, energy healings and e-books located in the top menu listed as “Work with TarotPugs”. The images on that page (Work with TarotPugs) can be clicked to be directed to the online shop. All playing card and tarot readings are by e-mail only (PDF/JPG) and energy healings are done remotely (distance) that include a PDF report of the session and a one-card mini tarot reading. 💜🔮🐾


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