Witchcraft & Divination with Beeswax

The use of Beeswax dates back to thousands of years, even to the Neolithic period.

The ancient Egyptians used beeswax in their tombs and the Persians and Assyrians used beeswax for embalming purposes.

Beeswax has multiple purposes such as for decorations, candles and even cosmetics.

Bees and beeswax have spiritual meanings in some cultures and cultural traditions.

Here we’ll explore:

  • Slavic and Baltic customs involving beeswax
  • how beeswax can be used for witchcraft, magick and spells, and
  • how to use beeswax for divination.

Witchcraft & Divination with Beeswax

Let’s begin with the spiritual symbolism of bees.

Spiritual Symbolism of Bees

In spirituality, dreams and symbolism, bees may represent the following:

  • activity
  • work
  • diligence
  • order
  • vigilance
  • industrious
  • positivity
  • sweetness
  • personal power
  • teamwork
  • the Sun
  • community
  • being of service
  • a messenger between the physical world and the spirit world/ancestors

Working with an animal spirit guide, energy or spirit of the bee can offer guidance, insight and messages about work, being industrious and getting messages from the spirit world.

The energy and spirit of the bee can be called upon in mediation, journaling and spiritual journeys and to invoke the energy of bees when you need that extra boost of motivation to get work done, to work with your community and to be of service.

In terms of names, the name Deborah means “bee” (derived from “D’vorah”) in Hebrew who was a heroine and prophetess in the Old Testament Book of Judges. The name Melissa is the Greek equivalent meaning also “bee”.

Bee Population Decline

While working with the spirit energy of the bee, it’s important to note the crucial part that bees play a role in the ecosystem and pollination of plant life.

Bee populations are in steady decline as of this Washington Post article in 2020, however there are some efforts around the world to increase bee populations such as this noted by Greenpeace and there are 15 organizations around the world working to help bring back the bee population that’s desperately needed in the face of climate change.

Slavic and Baltic Customs with Beeswax

In Slavic culture and in many Eastern European countries, egg decorating is common and popular mostly around springtime, Spring Equinox and Easter.

These decorated eggs are called pysanka (singluar: писанка, plural: писанки/pysanky) in Ukrainian and were traditionally a pagan custom to bring fertility, protection and blessings.

The word pysanka comes from the word “pysaty (писати)” meaning to write. This is because the egg is written on (drawn on) with a wooden tool with a small funnel called a “kistka (кістка)” or “pysachok (писачок)”.

The kitska or pysachok funnel is filled with beeswax that is then melted over a burning candle then the wax is drawn over a design on the egg.

Then the egg is dyed a colour, dried then the process of drawing with the melted wax is repeated to “seal” the colour on a design.

The process is repeated until the final colour (the darkest colour) is done. After the egg is dried, the wax is melted on the egg with a burning candle flame then to reveal all the colours of the dyed egg.

Beeswax has been used for healing methods also to draw out illness from the body, by melting the beeswax and placing the beeswax in the water.

This cleansing and healing technique is like the healing method of using an egg to draw out illness from the body similar to la limpia (Spanish) described here.

In Lithuania, bees have a significant part in the pagan history of the country. Bees in Lithuania are considered friends in a region where honey and beeswax were and are still used for healing – a common theme in the Baltic and Eastern European regions.

Gods and Goddesses associated with Bees

There are some gods and goddesses that have been associated with bees such as:


Greek god of wine was also associated with mead and honey.

The Muses

Greek goddesses of art, poetry and science were also associated with bees and honey; that honey was put to their lips and would make their voices sweet.


Greek minor god (son of Cyrene and Apollo) accredited to the discovery of bee-keeping.


Lithuanian goddess of bees.


Hindu goddess of bees or goddess of the black bees.

Colel Cab

Mayan goddess of bees.


Mayan god of bees and honey.


Egyptian god whose tears were believe to create bees.

Witchcraft with Beeswax

Beeswax is natural and biodegradable, can be melted and shaped for any magickal purpose.

When working with beeswax for magick, spells, witchcraft or divination, it’s best to try to find locally sourced beeswax and/or honey products. This is often cheaper, more cost-effective and supports local beekeepers and apiaries in your region.

If you’re unable to find locally sourced beeswax or honey and you must shop online, try to find shops that are within your county, state or country.

Here are a few ways that beeswax can be used in witchcraft for magick and spell workings:

Candle Magick

The use of beeswax candles can create a different effect compared to other wax candles such as paraffin or soy.

Burning beeswax candles is somewhat different and may require more care and supervision depending on the type of candle, how it was made and if it’s a pillar candle, taper candle or a candle in a jar, glass or container.

Some small business shops offer beeswax candles that can be found on Etsy and there are some specially crafted Slavic-inspired beeswax candles from the Witchery (Canada).

Magickal Seals and Talismans

Creating magickal seals and talismans out of melted beeswax can be done instead of using paper or metals.

The wax can be molded, shaped and drawn upon then carried or worn.

There are other pagan and occult customs that have used beeswax such as wax for magickal seals and that altar pentacles made of wax.


Melted beeswax can be made and then formed to make the shape of a person or animal to use as a poppet in magick or spells.

The poppet can be used for healing or other forms of magick, then later stored or “decommissioned” to be disposed of in the usual manner of disposing spell remnants.

Sweetening Work / Jars

Beeswax can be used to seal jars and other containers that are created for sweetening work.

This can be used for honey jars such as to attract money or abundance.

Healing & Cleansing

Melted beeswax can be used to draw out illness from the body combined with water and Holy Water.

This technique has been used in Slavic shamanic practices for healing and cleansing purposes.

Divination with Beeswax

Divination with beeswax can also be done with any other wax, however traditionally with Slavic candle divination, this practice is done with beeswax candles and is common with traditional Slavic diviners, fortune tellers and shamans (vorozhka [ворожка] and/or mol’far [мольфар]/mol’farka [мольфарка].)

Candle Divination & Beeswax

Candle divination can be done different ways:

  • some diviners prefer to gaze into the flame of the candle to receive insight and messages
  • some diviners will read the wax drippings to determine the answer or messages
  • some diviners will drip wax into a bowl of water to determine the shapes and symbols to receive the messages, insight and answers.

Divination with candle wax drippings has been a common form of practice for hundreds of years in Europe and North America, often by stories of young girls divining their futures about whom they would marry.

This tradition for divining the future was commonly done on St. Andrew’s Day – the eve of December 13 in Ukraine.

Tips on Reusing Beeswax

Beeswax sheets, blocks or remnants can be placed in a double-boiler (or two pots stacked with water in the bottom pot and the other pot on top of the pot with water) and can be melted down on a low-medium temperature.

To cool the wax again, place the melted beeswax in cold water and allow the wax to harden.

Dispose of the water and place the hardened beeswax in a plastic bag, then store in the freezer.

When you wish to reuse the wax again, melt the wax in the double boiler and then use the wax for your next purpose.

If the wax is used for healing, the same wax can be used again and again for the same healing purpose.

If the healing is for a different condition, then a new sheet or block of beeswax must be used.

Curious to try beeswax in your witchcraft or divination practice?

Beeswax comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to craft, create and use in magick or candles.

Why not give beeswax a try in your witchcraft and spiritual practice?

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