How to Communicate with Spirits using Tarot

Samhain is commonly known as the time of year when the veil between this world and the spirit world is the thinnest. The veil begins to lift at the beginning of autumn and continues until just after Samhain / Halloween. Yet, we can still communicate with spirits anytime and anyplace. For some people, this comes… Continue reading How to Communicate with Spirits using Tarot

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When Your Tarot Reading Sucks

Recently, I did a tarot reading and the client didn’t resonate with it at all. I'd never experienced having a reading that was completely off the mark before. I knew it was inevitable one day, but I wasn’t really ready for it. In that instance, I offered to redo the reading after a few days… Continue reading When Your Tarot Reading Sucks


Ace of Pentacles & Manifestation

Welcome to our contribution to the celebration of International Tarot Day! I trust you enjoyed Jillian C. Wilde's article on Queen of Wands, and now, we're tackling another challenging Tarot card: Ace of Pentacles. It’s great to be part of this epic blog hop, organized by Bree at Nym's Divination. Thanks, Bree! TarotPugs has been gifted… Continue reading Ace of Pentacles & Manifestation