How to Make Time Predictions with Tarot

Learn how to make predictions with tarot by using astrology and numerology. #tarot

Tarot has always been a method of fortune telling and prediction, although a modern approach uses the tarot for self-discovery and analysing problems or situations.

Fortune telling may seem to some people as being “a thing of the past” as many newcomers to the tarot see it as a way to explore the mysteries of the inner psyche and soul, yet the tarot can still be used as a way to predict the future and potential outcomes.

Different methods exist for using the tarot for predictions; each tarot reader will have a preference and this preference can vary depending on the question or situation – namely what, how and when an event may happen.

How to Make Time Predictions with Tarot

There are no hard and fast rules for making predictions using tarot, most of what’s interpreted as a prediction depends on intuition and what cards seem to “grab your attention.”

Let’s begin with the card positions and how to make predictions based on the positions in a tarot spread. 

Making Predictions Based on Card Positions

To start with making time predictions using tarot, you’ll first have to narrow in on a specific card or cards.

If you’re using a tarot spread, this will often be the card in the “outcome” card position and/or “near future” card position for example as commonly found in the Celtic Cross tarot spread.

Although these cards are often the tell-tale cards for making predictions for the future, sometimes different cards in a tarot spread can give hints or be used in conjunction with an outcome or “near future” card position.

Tarot is a fluid art and interpretation, so even having pre-set card positions shouldn’t have to restrict you to only reading a card in a designated “future/outcome” position.

Tarot cards can interact and flow, so a key to finding when an outcome will happen can rely on looking at card interactions and if any of the other cards “hint at” a predicted outcome when two or more cards are combined together.

In essence, look to see what card (or cards) “stands out” the most to you.

You may feel a “pull” towards a certain card if you’re thinking about a prediction or the future, so take special notice of any cards that seem to suggest a future outcome – even if you’re not quite sure yet what the predictive card is trying to tell you.

Tarot Suit Cards and Time Predictions

Now that we know that we can look at the outcome/“near future” card positions and/or other cards in a tarot spread, let’s look at the tarot suits.

Tarot suits can hint at the seasons of the year when something may happen, although there’s some variation between tarot readers on the designation of seasons and the suits.

Here are the tarot suits and the seasons associated with them, there are different variations of the suits and seasons, so pick which one feels right to you.

Common interpretations of the suits and seasons are:

Wands – Summer or Spring

Cups – Spring or Summer

Swords – Autumn or Winter

Pentacles – Winter or Autumn

Depending on your personal associations, you may feel that Wands are associated with Summer and Cups with Spring or the other way around.

You can use these associations in your own readings or you can keep both in mind and trust your intuition to decide which season is associated with the suit based on the suggestions above.

Tarot Numbers and Time Predictions

The numbers on the tarot cards can also be used for making time predictions in tarot readings.

When making predictions using tarot and the numbers on the cards, the numbers can represent the number of:

•             Hours

•             Days

•             Weeks

•             Months

•             Years

How will you know if a number is meant to predict hours, days, weeks, months or even years?

This requires a combination of intuition and a little rationalizing.

If you’re predicting something, you will have a general sense if hours or days are too soon or if years are too far away, so then you may feel that weeks or months may be somewhere in between.

Trust your intuition when it comes to using numbers to predict days, weeks, etc.

An easy method is to ask yourself each if you feel intuitively that the outcome is days, weeks, months or years. You may get a feeling or sensation when you “hit” the right length of time.

Astrology, Tarot and Predictions

Tarot is closely associated with astrology, that not only the major arcana is associated with planets and astrological signs, but also the minor arcana is associated with planets in astrological signs.

Another way to use tarot for time predictions is to have a look at what the astrological association is for a card.

If you feel a certain card is the “key” to your outcome or prediction when something will happen, you can look to see what planet or astrological sign the card is associated.

Here’s a quick reference of the planet and astrological associations for the major arcana:

The Fool – Uranus

The Magician – Mercury

The High Priestess – The Moon

The Empress – Venus

The Emperor – Aries

The Hierophant – Taurus

The Lovers – Gemini

The Chariot – Cancer

Strength – Leo

The Hermit – Virgo

The Wheel of Fortune – Jupiter

Justice – Libra

The Hanged Man – Neptune

Death – Scorpio

Temperance – Sagittarius

The Devil – Capricorn

The Tower – Mars

The Star – Aquarius

The Moon – Pisces

The Sun – The Sun

Judgement – Pluto

The World – Saturn

And here’s a quick reference for the minor arcana as well:

2 of Wands – Mars in Aries

3 of Wands – Sun in Aries

4 of Wands – Venus in Aries

5 of Wands – Saturn in Leo

6 of Wands – Jupiter in Leo

7 of Wands – Mars in Leo

8 of Wands – Mercury in Sagittarius

9 of Wands – Moon in Sagittarius

10 of Wands – Saturn in Sagittarius

2 of Cups – Venus in Cancer

3 of Cups – Mercury in Cancer

4 of Cups – Moon in Cancer

5 of Cups – Mars in Scorpio

6 of Cups – Sun in Scorpio

7 of Cups – Venus in Scorpio

8 of Cups – Saturn in Pisces

9 of Cups – Jupiter in Pisces

10 of Cups – Mars in Pisces

2 of Swords – Moon in Libra

3 of Swords – Saturn in Libra

4 of Swords – Jupiter in Libra

5 of Swords – Venus in Aquarius

6 of Swords – Mercury in Aquarius

7 of Swords – Moon in Aquarius

8 of Swords – Jupiter in Gemini

9 of Swords – Mars in Gemini

10 of Swords – Sun in Gemini

2 of Pentacles – Jupiter in Capricorn

3 of Pentacles – Mars in Capricorn

4 of Pentacles – Sun in Capricorn

5 of Pentacles – Mercury in Taurus

6 of Pentacles – Moon in Taurus

7 of Pentacles – Saturn in Taurus

8 of Pentacles – Sun in Virgo

9 of Pentacles – Venus in Virgo

10 of Pentacles – Mercury in Virgo

But what about the Aces and the Courts?

The Aces are the purest of their element – fire, water, earth and air – so using Aces for prediction isn’t very effective.

Court cards are representative of the personification of elements, so using them for prediction isn’t as effective as other methods.

Pages are the representative of the element:

•             Page of Cups = Water

•             Page of Wands = Fire

•             Page of Swords = Air

•             Page of Pentacles = Earth

However, the other court cards – Knight, Queen and King can be associated with astrological signs:

Knight of Wands – Sagittarius

Knight of Cups – Pisces

Knight of Swords – Gemini

Knight of Pentacles – Virgo

Queen of Wands – Aries

Queen of Cups – Cancer

Queen of Swords – Libra

Queen of Pentacles – Capricorn

King of Wands – Leo

King of Cups – Scorpio

King of Swords – Aquarius

King of Pentacles – Virgo

So how does this all work to use astrology and tarot for time predictions?

You can use the astrological time of year as a way to find out when something may occur.

For example, if you feel the 2 of Wands is calling to your attention, you may choose to use the number 2 and predict hours, days, weeks, months or years or you can use the astrological association for the 2 of Wands which is Mars in Aries.

By looking online or in an ephemeris, you can check to see when Mars will be in Aries.

This can also work with major arcana cards.

Let’s say for example, you feel the Death card is the key to your outcome, you may then feel that Scorpio season may be when your prediction will come true or perhaps when a planet will soon be entering Scorpio (use your intuition to determine which planet or look to the other cards to find out.)

Astrological seasons can also be associated with the court cards (Knights, Queens and Kings) when prediction when something may happen during that particular astrological season.

For example, the King of Swords (Aquarius) may indicate that an outcome may happen during Aquarius season (January 21 to February 18.)

Another example with a card that has a planet association: if you get The Empress, you may feel that the planet Venus may have something to do with when your prediction will come true.

This could mean either when Venus retrogrades, makes an aspect in someone’s natal chart or is contacted/conjunct by a planet in their natal chart or when Venus enters another sign. This method can be applied to any of the planets.

Intuition, Tarot and Time Predictions

As mentioned earlier, there aren’t any “hard and fast” rules when it comes to predictions in tarot.

The above suggestions are recommendations that can be used in your tarot knowledge and can be blended and mixed based on what you feel is calling to you in a tarot reading.

Trust your intuition to guide your eyes and attention to particular cards in a tarot reading that can give you hints about the prediction or outcome of a tarot reading.

When it comes to making time predictions based on astrology, it’s handy to have a reference in books or online of an ephemeris or know when certain planets will change signs or go into retrograde.

Above all, don’t be afraid to be wrong.

Have confidence that you will be right sometimes and wrong sometimes; don’t let any wrong predictions prevent you from making future predictions.

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Learn how to make predictions with tarot by using astrology and numerology.

Learn how to make predictions with tarot by using astrology and numerology.

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