Connect with Spirit Guides in Tarot and Divination

Learn how to connect with Spirit Guides in Tarot and Divination.

It’s possible to connect with spirit guides in tarot and divination and naturally by means of our psychic abilities.

Here we’ll talk about connecting with your spirit guides and how to connect with the spirit guides of other people during tarot readings and other divination.

Let’s begin with meeting your spirit guides.

Connect with Spirit Guides in Tarot & Divination

Meet Your Spirit Guides

There are different ways you can start to meet your spirit guides.

You can try to meet your spirit guides in different ways such as:

  • Meditation
  • Automatic writing – here’s a post about how to do automatic writing
  • Scrying
  • Simply talking to your spirit guides – asking for information about your guides and their names then wait to see if you hear anything

Spirit Guides in Tarot and Divination

If you read tarot or do any form of divination, you can ask for advice, insight and wisdom from your spirit guide (or spirit guides) while doing a reading.

You don’t necessarily have to have a name of your spirit guide (or names of your guides) to start doing this, but it does help to know who you’re addressing and from whom you’re getting information.

It’s not necessary to have all that information and if you don’t right away, it may come to you afterwards or later.

Here are a few ways to prepare yourself to connect with your spirit guides:

Prepare yourself and your reading area

Set the intention of connecting with your spirit guide.

(We’ll discuss later on how to connect to the spirit guide(s) of other people for the purpose of a reading later in this post.)

Have items nearby that you feel may help you during the reading such as crystals.

Crystals that are good for connecting with spirit guides and higher realms are:

  • Clear quartz
  • selenite
  • apophyllite
  • shattuckite
  • labradorite
  • amethyst
  • fluorite

Using sage or palo santo can also help to clear your space.

Incense can also be beneficial.

Salt and consecrated water mixed together and lightly sprinkled around your space can also have a clearing and cleansing effect.

Open all your chakras

Start by opening all seven major chakras.

If you’re familiar with the higher chakras (8 to 12), opening those chakras will allow you to connect more easily to spirit guides or other celestial and interstellar beings.

Find out more about working with the chakras.

Some people may not want to use chakras, so as an alternative there are other systems or methods of opening energy centres to connect to Spirit or energy around you.

Some spiritual paths or religions agree that the top of the head / crown of the head is significant as a connection to Spirit / God / the Divine (however it may be called) and visualizing the crown energy centre opening may also create an effect of feeling connected to Spirit to receive messages.

This is seen in images and icons in Christianity where the “halo” is a depiction of this divine spiritual connection at the crown of the head.

Raise your vibration

There are different techniques on how to raise your vibration. (This is different than thinking “positive thoughts” but rather increasing your energy to connect with Spirit Guides or Spirits that are on another energy frequency.)

If you’re not sure how to, here are four ways to raise your vibration for psychic and spiritual work.

When you do this, you may feel that you want to bring in protection as well.

Having a protective amulet, crystal or talisman near or on you can help.

If you work with spirit guides or angels naturally, you can call on your protective spirit guide or angel to assist with protecting you as you do your reading.

Connect with spirit guides and/or your gatekeeper guide

If you know the name of one of your guides, you can address that guide or let yourself be open for any one of the guides to step forward.

You can also call your spirit guides forward, asking them for their assistance.

You may feel an energy, a shift in the air or energy around, sense a presence, hear or feel someone,

Be open to your spirit guides’ presence.

If you’re doing readings for other people, you can connect to your gatekeeper guide.

This spirit guide is like the “bouncer” of your spirit world and helps you to connect with other spirit guides, departed spirits and other entities in the spirit world.

Sometimes the gatekeeper guide has another position also in your spirit team, but can sometimes only have the position as your gatekeeper guide.

This is the guide that you want to connect with if you’re doing readings for other people, want to connect with someone else’s spirit guide or are doing mediumship readings.

The gatekeeper guide acts as an intermediary and helps you to establish a connection with the other spirit or spirit guide.

Kind of like a phone operator that dials you to the connection.

You can ask this guide to keep the connection with the other spirit or spirit guide strong.

Your gatekeeper guide may advise you on how you can help to keep the communication connection strong as well.

Reading for other’s with your gatekeeper guide

Once you have your connection to your gatekeeper guide, ask them to get you in touch with the other person’s spirit guide or with the person’s love one is spirit (if doing mediumship).

Once you have that link and connection, let the information come through to you.

Your gatekeeper helps to establish the connection for you to meet with the other spirit or spirit guide.

Once you feel you’ve established a link with your spirit guide or your gatekeeper guide (and the other spirit), allow information to come to you in any form.

This can be as visions, auditory sounds, words, lyrics, music, phrases, feelings or sensations which can add to your reading and message.

Read more about what a gatekeeper spirit guide does and how to connect with this guide.

Read the tarot cards or the divination method

Perform your reading as usual, but in the back of your mind keep the connection to your spirit guide and or gatekeeper.

If you get stuck on a card or any part of your reading, ask your spirit guides (or gatekeeper/other spirit guide) to help you with the reading and to impart any other necessary information.

Leave a part of your reading for any extra information that may not be relevant to the cards or the divination method.

This can be a way for your spirit guides or the other person’s spirit guide to give advice, wisdom or insight that may be needed.

When you feel you have nothing more to add to your reading, feel the connection the your spirit guides (or the other spirit guide) is fading or your time is up, it’s time to end the session and reading.

Thank the spirit guides

When finishing up the reading, remember to thank your spirit guides and/or the other person’s spirit guide.

If they did an excellent job coming through to you, let them know.

Remember to show appreciation and thank them for helping you and/or the other person that you’re doing the reading for.

Lower your vibration to normal levels

After thanking your spirit guides, begin to lower your vibration to your normal levels.

Keeping your higher chakras and vibration too high after doing readings or mediumship can leave you feeling spacey, disoriented or cause headaches.

If you keep your vibration level much higher than normal, it can cause you to feel like a radio antenna picking up every psychic signal near and far.

Keeping your vibration at your regular level in between readings or when you don’t want to do psychic work/practice can help prevent feeling overwhelmed psychically.

If you feel that you still pick up too much from other spirits, you can mentally picture putting a “not in service / off duty” sign above your head to let spirits you’re on your downtime.

Try that to see if it works.

Set clear boundaries with spirits at all times, especially when you’re not working on psychic work or readings.

Close your chakras

Start by the highest chakra / last chakra that you opened.

If you opened all the way to your 12th chakra, then begin with that chakra and close it then work your way down to the first chakra you opened.

If you opened your chakras up to your 7th chakra, then start with that chakra and work your way back down.

Clear and ground yourself, clear your space

After your reading, you may want to clear your space and put items away or just take a break if you’re doing more than one reading that day.

You may decide to cleanse yourself with sage, palo santo or incense to clear yourself from any psychic debris left over from the reading.

Taking a bath or shower can help to release any psychic excess and help relax.

Cord-cutting visualization or asking Archangel Michael’s assistance with cord-cutting to sever any connections you may feel remain if you did a reading for someone else and/or connected with their spirit guides.

Switch to grounding crystals such as hematite, smoky quartz or black tourmaline can help you to feel more stable and grounded.

And that’s that.

These steps for tarot or divination readings can also be done for mediumship readings as well.

Want to know more about Spirit Guides?

Check out the Your Guide to Spirit Guides e-book.

Want to know more about communicating with spirits using tarot?

Find out more here: How to Communicate with Spirits using Tarot.


Learn how to connect and work with your spirit guides through tarot and divination.
Learn how to connect with your spirit guides through tarot and divination.
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