What is Moldavite?

There’s a lot of talk about moldavite, but what exactly is moldavite and what does it do?

Misinformation about moldavite circulates around the internet every few years, which makes it all the more important to discuss about this incredibly unique stone.

In this post we’ll look at:

  • what moldavite is
  • what moldavite is used for
  • what the “disaster stories” of moldavite may mean
  • how to spot fake moldavite; and
  • books about moldavite.

What is Moldavite?

Moldavite is a small, transparent, glossy form of tektite that was formed by the intense heat from a meteor impact in central Europe (Czech Republic, Germany and Austria) near the Moldau river approximately 15 million years ago.

The colour and opaqueness of moldavite is comparable to a green glass bottle. Moldavite may have “bubbles” in it which fake moldavite usually doesn’t duplicate.

This tektite is believed to have extraterrestrial properties that are infused with the energy of the Earth and has been used for hundreds of years as a talisman for good fortune and fertility.

Moldavite is technically a rare stone, however it’s not difficult to find shops online that claim to sell moldavite which in turn creates fake moldavite that’s not hard to come by.

Authentic moldavite is often expensive with medium- to large-sized pieces costing hundreds of dollars. Small pieces that are only approximately 1” in diameter can cost on average $40 to $60 CAD.

This small specimen of authentic moldavite pictured below (from my own personal collection) comes from The Skull Store in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Moldavite from the TarotPugs’ Personal Collection

Keep reading more later in this post about how to spot fake moldavite.

What is Moldavite used for?

Moldavite is an interesting stone (tektite) that may be intense for some people to handle.

While some people claim that drastic events had happened after acquiring moldavite, in my own personal experience, nothing of the sort happened for myself.

Moldavite is the type of stone that may amplify the energy of the person that’s handling it.

If your life is chaotic or out of alignment, moldavite may enhance that.

Working with moldavite may be recommended for people who have experience in metaphysics, spirit work, psychic work, spirit guides or working with starseeds/star people.

Moldavite has a strong link and connection to people who have star origins (starseeds), for those who may feel “homesick” for their home among the stars (their star origins) and who have a difficult time adjusting to life on Earth (feeling that they don’t belong.)

Moldavite can be used for the following purposes:

  • communication with the higher self
  • communication with extraterrestrials and star people
  • communication with ascended masters
  • shifting consciousness
  • accessing higher spiritual dimensions
  • speeding up the ascension process
  • healing emotional trauma (bringing it to the surface) *other crystals may be used in conjunction such as black onyx and smoky quartz
  • unconditional love
  • activating the crown chakra
  • journeying to past lives or future lives
  • accessing the Akashic Records
  • searching for a physical health diagnosis and understanding its purpose/lessons

What about the “disaster stories” connected to Moldavite?

Moldavite can initiate change which can help you to reach the next level in your spiritual journey or physical life which sometimes this may mean tearing down old patterns, structures and relationships that aren’t conducive to your next level self.

Moldavite can sometimes activate or begin the “Dark Night of the Soul” – a Roman Catholic term which means “a spiritual crisis in the journey to God” and the title of a poem by 16th century Spanish mystic and poet St. John of the Cross.

For those unprepared for this type of spiritual crisis, it may be harrowing and full of desperation. Not everyone who works with moldavite will experience an activation of the “dark night of the soul” or spiritual crisis, however for those destined for it, this may be part of the necessary journey or destiny.

Psychiatry and the Dark Night of the Soul explains part of this and the connection to the 2020 coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

What it’s like to go through the Dark Night of the Soul, understanding the symptoms and how to manage it are carefully outlined by Lionheart Alchemy.

Moldavite can be an intense stone to work with that some people can only handle it in small amounts of time.

There are some pieces of moldavite that have been created into jewellery, but not everyone is capable of wearing moldavite for long periods of time.

(Moldavite that’s been created into jewellery is one of the main ways moldavite can be fake, especially when created into necklaces, rings and bracelets. The cheaper the piece of moldavite jewellery, the more likely it’s fake.)

Working with crystals is usually done intentionally with intent, concentration and focus; moldavite is no exception.

When using moldavite, the energy from the crystal may be intense for some people and therefore worked with in short durations of time for meditation, spiritual work, healing, etc.

How to spot Fake Moldavite?

Moldavite is one of the most common stones on the market that is sold as fake (another common fake stone is turquoise.)

The size and price of moldavite is one of the best tell-tale signs whether moldavite is fake or not, but not always.

Since moldavite is rare, medium sized pieces of moldavite will usually cost close to $100 CAD or more. Larger pieces of moldavite will usually cost hundreds of dollars.

There’s an interesting feature of authentic moldavite is that it can sometimes emit “heat” when held, even becoming hot to hold in the hand. This sensation gives the feeling (or scare) that the stone feels radioactive (but it’s not.)

If your palm energy centres are sensitive and/or activated, you may be able to sense the heat coming from real moldavite.

Most fake moldavite on the market is simply green glass and not made with any real moldavite.

Authentic moldavite will usually have “bubbles” in it that isn’t found in glass, man-made versions of the stone.

Careful research is needed to be certain that you’re getting authentic moldavite from a reputable source.

Some key points to remember about how to spot fake moldavite sellers:

  • stay away from any seller that admits to “lab-created moldavite” (i.e. this simply means that it’s made from glass or some other man-made material)
  • who claim their moldavite comes from any other place than the Moldau river or Central Europe (moldavite is only found in those regions.)

Here are some sources that outline how to spot fake moldavite:

Fake Moldavite | How can I tell if Moldavite is real or fake?

Moldavites: Natural Or Fake?

How to spot fake Moldavite

Are there Books about Moldavite?

If you’d like to do more research and study about moldavite, it’s highly recommended to take a step back from social media and get right down to reading some books and texts in print about moldavite.

While some information on social media can be helpful, it takes keen discernment to separate fact from fiction when it comes to moldavite.

Here are some books available on the subject of moldavite (some of these books may be difficult to acquire, but may be worth the effort):

Moldavite: Starborn Stone of Transformation

Moldavite – The Gemstone That Fell To The Earth

Moldavite : Mysterious Tears from Heaven

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