What is a Gatekeeper Spirit Guide?

Find out what a gatekeeper spirit guide is and how to get more accurate psychic and tarot readings to connect with other's spirit guides and more.

Everyone has spirit guides; the number of spirit guides that everyone has can vary.

There are seven spirit guides that are common to everyone (some may say there are more).

However, these seven spirit guides are considered the “basic” spirit guides that everyone has helping them throughout their life.

In addition to these seven spirit guides, some people may have additional guides based on their life lessons, life plans and what they want to do in this lifetime.


What is a Gatekeeper Spirit Guide?

Let’s look first at the six common spirit guides (including the gatekeeper spirit guide):

Master spirit guide

This spirit guide is your main/head guide that oversees your life plans and life purpose.

Your master spirit guide is assigned to you at birth, which prior to incarnation, you and your master guide charted out your “blueprint” for this lifetime.

This spirit guide isn’t necessarily involved in the day-to-day planning and guidance of your everyday life.

However, when a major shift or change of course takes place, this guide can help you make sense of the direction that you’re headed.

Protector spirit guide

This spirit guide is like your bodyguard in the spirit world.

You can call on your protector spirit guide when you feel the need for protection physically, energetically or spiritually.

These spirit guides are often envisioned as warriors, strong and protective and can often be in the form of animals or shapeshifters between animal and human forms.

Doctor spirit guide

This spirit guide is the “medical officer” on your spirit team.

Your doctor spirit guide oversees your overall health, physical, emotional and mental well-being.

If you have medical or health issues, you can call upon your doctor spirit guide to help you find the right remedies, treatments or to help you find the resources that you need.

In instances when you feel something is wrong physically with your health, you can work with your doctor spirit guide.

You can work with this spirit guide to help pinpoint what you’re feeling or how to accurately define your symptoms to better understand or to help your doctors/medical team understand.

Teacher spirit guide

This spirit guide is your instructor, mentor and teacher for anything that you choose to learn in this lifetime.

Learning is part of the reason why we are incarnated on Earth.

Your teacher spirit guide helps you to find the material, resources, classes and people to help you learn what you need to learn.

This spirit can help point you in the right direction to topics and subjects that may help you evolve and grow and can help you to find resources and information about things you want to learn.

Joy spirit guide

Your joy spirit guide is the guide that helps you find joy in life.

Whatever truly makes you happy, joyful and excited is what this guide is all about.

Joy spirit guides are often envisioned as children spirits, elves, fairies and animals that are carefree and free-spirited.

Joy spirit guides can often be “happy-go-lucky” and help us see the magic and wonder in life.

Gatekeeper spirit guide

This spirit guide is the “phone operator” and “bouncer” of your spirit team.

The gatekeeper spirit guide is very important to psychics and mediums who work with communicating with departed spirits and the spirit guides of other people.

When you work with your gatekeeper spirit guide, you help establish a better connection between you and the other spirit.

The gatekeeper spirit guide sometimes has more than one “job” as a spirit guide (depends on what you’re working on mostly in this lifetime.)

How does the Gatekeeper Spirit Guide work?

The gatekeeper spirit guide helps you to connect more easily to spirits that have crossed over and other people’s spirit guides.

Think of it as establishing a connection like a telephone operator or having someone as a “go-between”.

When connecting with the spirit guides or departed loved ones of other people, it’s always advised to work through your own gatekeeper spirit guide first.

This acts as a safety precaution to create a boundary and allows your gatekeeper to meet the other spirit guide or departed spirit first as your “representative”.

Plus, this also allows your gatekeeper spirit guide to check out the other spirit guide or departed spirit to make sure the connection and “meeting” is safe.

Your gatekeeper spirit guide can also help to establish a link and connection to the Akashic Records as a guide to help you keep a strong link to the spirit world.

How to Meet Your Gatekeeper Spirit Guide

When you do psychic, mediumship or tarot readings with your gatekeeper guide, your link and connection to other people’s spirit guides or loved ones in spirit will become stronger and more clear.

To begin to work with your gatekeeper spirit guide, you first have to have an introduction and finally meet your guide in your meditation.

Your gatekeeper spirit guide already knows you, but you need to get to know them well.

Begin your meditation as you would normally, such as finding a comfortable spot, music or headphones to block out noise, incense or candles, etc.

If you want, you can use protective crystals as well as psychic enhancing crystals to help you with your meditation.

Protective crystals for this meditation can be:

  • black tourmaline
  • smoky quartz and
  • black kyanite.

Psychic crystals such as:

  • selenite
  • fluorite and
  • azurite.

These types of crystals can be combined for a protective and intuitive effect.

You can also psychically (visually) shield yourself if you feel the need to protect yourself psychically if you’re uneasy about opening yourself up to the spirit world.

If you want, you can also open up your chakras (base chakra to the crown chakra – you can also open all the chakras up to chakra 12, find out more about the higher chakras 8 to 12.)

Raise your vibration as if you feel that you’re lifting your spiritual body up from your lower body through and up past your head and shoulders.

Next, send a message in your mind or aloud that you want to meet your gatekeeper spirit guide.

Ask them to come forward and let themselves be known.

Ask them what their name is.

Let whatever impressions, words, thoughts or visions come to you.

Get a sense for who this spirit guide is.

If you feel you can do so, have a conversation with this spirit guide.

This will be your first of many interactions and meetings with your gatekeeper spirit guide if you choose to work closely with this guide for readings.

When you’re finished with your meditation, you can thank your gatekeeper spirit guide before ending your meditation.

You can also then write down any information from your meditation (most importantly, your gatekeeper guide’s name.)

How to Work with Your Gatekeeper Spirit Guide

If you want to work closely with your gatekeeper spirit guide in psychic, mediumship or tarot readings, let your spirit guide know that you want to develop a stronger relationship with them.

Next, let your gatekeeper spirit guide know where you want him or her to stand when you’re doing readings.

This will become the place where your guide will stand every time you’re doing readings.

When doing readings to connect to spirit guides or departed loved ones of other people, your gatekeeper spirit guide will be the spirit to contact first.

For a reading, you can protect yourself energetically, open all your chakras (root to crown or higher chakras also) and then reach out to your gatekeeper guide.

You can call your gatekeeper spirit guide by name and ask them to help you with the reading.

If you’ve established a place for your guide to stand near you, your guide will take their place and be ready to connect you.

To connect to the spirit guide of someone else, tell your guide the information that you have of the person that’s getting the reading and that you want to connect to that person’s spirit guide or spirit team.

Your gatekeeper guide will then go to meet/connect with the other person’s spirit guide or spirit team and report back to you when the connection/link is made.

Your guide may tell you when the connection is made and that you can communicate with the other spirit guide.

This method is the same when doing mediumship readings that you can ask your gatekeeper guide to help you to connect with a departed spirit.

Your gatekeeper spirit guide can help you to communicate and hear the spirit more clearly.

Ending a Psychic / Mediumship / Tarot Reading with Your Gatekeeper Spirit Guide

When you’re finished with a reading after connecting to a spirit guide or departed loved one, you can thank the spirit guide or departed spirit to signal that the reading is over.

You can thank your gatekeeper spirit guide before “disconnecting” the link and connection to the spirit world.

To end the reading altogether after thanking your spirit guide, you can close down your chakras and ground yourself energetically.

Eating after a reading can sometimes help to ground yourself psychically as well as having a shower or Epsom salt bath.

Your gatekeeper spirit guide is an important spirit guide for psychics, mediums and even divination readers such as tarot readers.

This spirit guide helps to connect between this world and the next and makes communication clearer and stronger.

If you want to improve your psychic, mediumship or tarot reading intuitive skills, you’ll definitely want to become good friends with your gatekeeper spirit guide.


To get your own spirit guide tarot reading, the Spirit Guide Tarot Reading will get you in touch with one of your spirit guides.

Find out more about how to work with all your spirit guides on your spirit team with Your Guide to Spirit Guides e-book.

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Find out what a gatekeeper spirit guide is and how to get more accurate psychic and tarot readings to connect with other's spirit guides and more.



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  1. I meditated and saw a female guide approach and heard the name “Woman of Darkness”. Have you heard that name before? Is that still an aspect of Hecate?


    • Hekate is commonly known to be a guide in many forms; in some aspects as a guide the souls of the departed who have been left behind, in other aspects as a kind of psychopomp to guide us to deeper aspects of ourselves often in shadow work, or in magick such as necromancy, spirit work which in former times have often been associated as “dark” subjects, merely for the fact that the shadow self and the dead have been viewed as such. Hekate comes in many forms and is viewed as a primordial goddess going by many names. Cyndi Brannen at Keeping Her Keys (www.keepingherkeys.com) has many resources about Hekate including epithets, posts and a highly recommended book all about Hekate. Some of the information at Keeping Her Keys may shed more insight and further your connection with Hekate.🖤


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