How to do Automatic Writing

Find out how to do automatic writing. #psychic #mediumship


Have you ever had a thought or an idea and you felt compelled to write it down?

Have you ever needed to write an essay or story and suddenly felt inspiration?

You may have performed automatic writing without even realising it!

There are two instances in my life where I feel that I’ve done automatic writing even before I knew what it was.

When I was in my mid-teens, I started writing a story in which the ideas and characters, the whole story line, kept coming to me every day.

I wrote every day for hours at a time, that I ended up with almost 170 pages in a Word document (which was a lot for me as a 14-year-old!). I’ve long lost that story which was saved on a Dysan diskette! (My age is showing, right?)

The second time was about 2006 when I started getting another “download” of automatic writing for another story.

The ideas for it would even come to me while I was at my desk job and I’d scribble down names, character lines and features. I got about 60 pages into the story and then the information stopped.

I’m not sure if I will know the purpose of why I had these creative inspirations, I haven’t really asked why.

There’s the story of renowned journalist and author Ruth Montgomery whose books were guided/dictated by spirit contact through automatic writing.

She would sit at her desk in front of her typewriter at 9 am and wait for her guides to come through; it became her regular appointment with Spirit.


Can Anyone Do Automatic Writing?


If you feel inclined and open to Spirit, then you can also do automatic writing.

If you feel comfortable with writing or even typing, are good with communication and written communication or have an aptitude for it, then you may be able to do automatic writing with practice.

Even if you attempt automatic the first few times and don’t get much or understand it, it can get better with practice.

All psychic exercises take time and you can improve the more you do them.

All you need are:

  • Pen and Paper; or
  • A computer or laptop and a Word Processing program


If you feel more comfortable while you write with a pen to paper, you can try starting that way.

However, if you feel it’s easier to type on a computer or laptop, you can also try automatic writing this way.


How to Do Automatic Writing


Prepare in Advance


First, make sure to have at least 30 minutes to an hour or so that you’ll be uninterrupted.

When you’re starting you may want to give yourself some extra time at the beginning of your session to get settled down, comfortable and relaxed then to give yourself at least 15-20 minutes to work on receiving the messages.

If at anytime you feel uncomfortable (whether it’s physically, your environment or the messages), you can stop the session and call it for the day.

If you lose your focus, energy or concentration and can’t seem to get back into it, that’s OK.


You may be experiencing fatigue from raising your vibration or your energy levels may be low that day, so it would likely be best to rest and wait until you feel more energetic.

Before you start your session, make sure everything you need is in front of you and you can be in a comfortable position for at least 30 minutes if necessary.


Have your pen (and a few just in case the ink runs out, happens to me often!) and paper or have your computer or laptop ready in front of you.

Prepare your environment, light incense and/or candles if you wish, even instrumental or spa music (but make sure there aren’t any words in the music) if you want as well.


Connect with Spirit


Now that you’re comfortable, you’ll have to open the dialogue or connection with someone in Spirit.

You can ask to speak with:

  • one of your guides (if you know their name, that’s even better)
  • someone you know that has crossed over into Spirit (but ideally someone that you aren’t currently grieving and they have passed at least a year ago – recently departed spirits may be able to come through, most have a lot to work on after they cross over into Spirit)
  • a deity that you work with/honour or
  • even just get guidance from the Universe/Spirit.


Before connecting to make the connection (just like picking up the phone receiver as you dial), protect yourself energetically and psychically.


Use whichever technique that you normally use for psychic protection or you can visualize yourself shielded by white light.

Ask your guides to only allow those who are from the light to come through.


If you’re inclined to work with the Archangels for protection, you can call on Archangel Michael for protection.

You can also ask your protector spirit guide and your gatekeeper spirit guide (your gatekeeper spirit guide is like the bouncer which those who want to communicate often have to go through him/her first) to help.


Raise Your Vibration


Now, this is a technique that I use to make communication with the other side/Spirit more easily.

Envision all your chakras from root to crown and all the way up through your 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th chakras (yes, there are more than 7!) and see them bright and active, with your energy from your root chakra going up all the way to your 12th chakra (the Celestial chakra).

Now, envision white light coming down into the 12th chakra down to your root chakra while you keep your energy stable and moving up.


This can take a lot of energy, but this is where the energy from above and the energy below (on earth) meet in the middle (that’s where we get the term “medium” and “mediumship”!)

Once you get the hang of this and can stabilize your energy that you don’t feel too “spacey” or light-headed, you can ask for messages from the spirit guide, person in Spirit or the Universe.



Record the Message in Automatic Writing


As your energy is raised and you’re “downloading” the energy from Spirit, have yourself ready to write or type.

You may get impressions, you may hear as if someone is speaking to you, or you may just feel a sense of knowing something, just like when you come up with writing a story, essay or blog post.

Here’s the thing about clairaudience (clear hearing) and when people say “hearing spirit talk to you”. This isn’t like a thunderous voice of God or even in the voice of someone you know.


More often than not, Spirit’s words will sound like your voice – the same voice inside your head when you think or you read to yourself.


This is why it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish what’s the voice of spirit, a relative in spirit or your own thoughts.

This is where clairsentience (clear feeling) and/or claircognizance (clear knowing) can sometimes help to distinguish between who’s speaking to you.


Let the message flow as it comes to you.

When you feel the message fading or the energy fading, that may be the end of the communication.


But what if you don’t get anything?

What if it’s illegible like scribbling or makes no sense?


This can take some practice to getting used to and sort of like calibrating between you and Spirit.

Think of it like the “Telephone Game” where by the end, you end up with “Purple Monkey Dishwasher!”




With practice and perhaps even making an appointment with Spirit every day at a certain time or on certain days at a certain time every week, you can build a stronger relationship with the Spirit that you’re trying to connect and communicate with.

(Spirit seems to like having regular sessions and appointments, especially for spiritual and psychic work/development!)


Ending the Session


After you have worked on connecting with spirit, written or typed your messages (if any), and you feel the Spirit energy pulling away or your energy fading (or both), you can end your automatic writing session.

Thank the spirit guide, loved one in spirit, deity or Spirit for sharing their energy and the messages. Send love to them and kind, warm thoughts of appreciation.


If you typed messages on your computer or laptop, save the document and date the original entry somewhere in the document.

You can create a folder just for your automatic writing sessions to keep them in one place.


If you wrote your messages by hand, date the page (or pages) and keep them in one place such as a folder or binder if it’s loose-leaf paper or keep a journal or notebook just for automatic writing.

Remember to ground yourself energetically.


Have something to eat to ground yourself even further as psychic work can work up an appetite.

Spend the next few hours easing back into your normal routine until you become more accustomed to the shift between psychic work and regular work/life, if you’re not used to or accustomed to it already.


Practice, Practice, Practice Your Automatic Writing


If you enjoy writing, you can likely benefit from automatic writing to help you come up with blog post ideas, essays, short stories, etc.

If you read tarot, you can use the cards to prompt responses from Spirit.


Shuffle and randomly draw three cards, sit with a pen and paper or your computer/laptop, and let Spirit do the talking about what the cards may be trying to tell you – or Spirit may just have something else in mind, while the cards allow you to focus and connect with Spirit!


Some beautiful messages have been delivered through automatic writing and a touching part about automatic writing is that once you have a message written, you can save, hold onto it and look back at it any time.

Spoken words from Spirit can be easily forgotten, but written words from Spirit can be held for years to come.

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