Learn Tarot: The Fool Card Meanings

Learn the upright and reversed meanings, numerology and astrology of the Fool card in Tarot.

Whether you’re new to tarot or have been reading for a while, here’s some tarot interpretations and meanings for the Fool card.

In this post, we’ll look at:

  • Interpretation
  • Astrology
  • Numerology
  • Keyword & Phrases Meanings of the Fool – Upright
  • Keyword & Phrases Meanings of the Fool – Reversed

Let’s begin with the symbolism and interpretation of the Fool card.

Interpretation of The Fool Card

The Fool is numbered 0 in the tarot’s major arcana, which is often either placed at the beginning or end of the major arcana.

However, the number zero contains all possibilities and nothingness at the same time.

The Fool can actually be placed at any point symbolically in the major arcana and is free to travel throughout all the major arcana as the vagabond that he is.

He’s considered the traveler through the major arcana, who starts his journey through the cards beginning at the Magician and ending at The World.

The Fool is at home wherever he is; nowhere and everywhere.

The Fool is a free-spirit going wherever the wind takes him.

He takes the road that calls to him, follows instinct and leaps into the unknown.

He’s someone who takes risks and is spontaneous, ready to go into uncertainty – anywhere is new and exciting than where he has been.

He’s off for adventure and to try something new.

The dog in the Rider Waite Smith version can represent something that’s “nipping at you” or “dogging” you, something that calls to your attention to be cautious about as you take your leap forward.

The advice from the dog in the Fool card is to “look both ways before you cross.”

The Fool marks a beginning of something that will be a new path, journey or adventure.

It’s just the beginning stages, which first you must take the leap forward and go for it.

The caution that comes with the Fool can be the risk that you could make a “fool” out of yourself – that you may fall flat on your face.

That’s a risk that everyone has to take when they try something new.

The Fool doesn’t have fear of failure (at least not when he’s interpreted in the upright position) and is willing to go out on a limb for what he wants.

The Fool has endless possibilities before him as he steps out onto the ledge and there’s uncertainty about what will come next.

Many tarot readers interpret The Fool’s bag that he carries as containing all the tools that he’ll need on his journey through the other cards: a cup, a sword, a pentacle and a wand.

As we see in the card after the Fool, which is the Magician, all those items are laid before the Magician.

When we take the leap that The Fool invites us to take, we already have what we need to take the next step and move forward onto what lies before us.

It’s about having faith to take the leap and that you’ll somehow find your landing to get your feet under you again.

Astrology and The Fool Card

All the major and minor arcana cards are associated with the planets and signs.

The Fool is associated with Uranus which is the planet of rebellion and innovation.

If you understand a bit about astrology, you can use what you know about Uranus and connect it with The Fool card in your interpretations.

Uranus initiates change, brings freedom and revolution to cast off the old and head towards the future.

Just like the Fool, Uranus looks ahead to the future and the possibilities it can bring.

The planet Uranus can be a bit bizarre and strange, which The Fool in any sense is also seen that way.

It takes someone seen as an outcast or who goes against the ordinary to become extraordinary and to march to the beat of a different drum.

Uranus is a planet that’s seen in people who are eccentric, free-spirited, futuristic and rebels who go against the mainstream ideology and thinking.

Uranus is all about “thinking outside the box.”

The Fool in this sense is the pioneer who strikes it out on his own.

He’s seen in someone who sells everything to go on a months-long adventure across the country or world; or someone who decides to start their own business or even a hobby and share what they create with the world.

When finding your own interpretations to The Fool card in a reading, you can use Uranus as a reference point.

Try to see if you can find similarities of the planet in your reading.

Numerology and The Fool Card

The Fool card is numbered 0 (zero) which has endless possibilities.

The number zero in numerology is defined as being all or nothing, containing everything and nothing at the same time.

Zero is seen as the gateway to infinity.

In numerology, zero is a representation of inclusiveness and carries the potential of everything.

If you use numerology in your tarot readings, you can consider the number zero of the Fool card as a possibility of beginning and endings at once, all potential and nothingness at the same time.

Keyword & Phrases Meanings of the Fool Card – Upright

  • Beginnings
  • A new chapter
  • Risk or taking a risk (sometimes smart or calculated or just on a whim)
  • Leap of faith
  • Leap into the unknown
  • Foolish (but in a whimsical or optimistic way)
  • Innocence
  • Adventure
  • Unexpected opportunities
  • Uncertainty
  • Go for it (but take or be open to some counsel or guidance along the way)
  • Take a chance
  • Free-spirited

Keywords & Phrases Meanings of The Fool – Reversed

  • Think twice before you leap
  • Reconsider your decision or options
  • Careful reconsideration
  • Fear of being foolish
  • Fear of taking a risk
  • Hesitation
  • Carelessness
  • Foolishness (in an inconsiderate, obnoxious or stupid way)
  • Irresponsibility (not wanting to handle responsibilities)
  • Time isn’t right to go ahead
  • Time isn’t right for something to begin
  • Listen to what your guides, friends, family and/or higher self are warning you about

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Learn the upright and reversed meanings, numerology and astrology of the Fool card in Tarot.

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