Communicate & Work with the Spirits of Plants & Herbs

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Herbalism is a common element of witchcraft, which dates back thousands of years when medicine was simply derived from natural ingredients found locally to healers.

Modern medicine is often derived from plants; however, more and more medicines are becoming synthetic to recreate and isolate the healing properties of these plants that have been used for healing and treatment of illnesses, infections and disorders.


Throughout thousands of years, healers, magical practitioners and witches have worked with herbs and plants, communicating and working with the spirits, essences and nature of them to discover their healing and medicinal properties.

While modern science and thinking may have us believe that these healing properties and medicines were simply discovered through trial and errors, others believe that through meditation, intuition and divine guidance that the properties of these plants and herbs was learned and recorded.


Communicate & Work with the Spirit of Plants & Herbs


While there are hundreds of resources available about the properties (magickal and medicinal) about plants and herbs, it can still be beneficial for the witch or magickal practitioner to develop their own understanding and relationship with a plant or herb.

When we develop a connection with a specific plant or herb, whether it be the spirit of the plant species or the plant itself, the deva of the plant, we can appreciate and understand better the healing and magical properties of the plant or herb.


In this post, we’ll discover and uncover about:

  • The spirit of the plant (i.e. the species and the individual plant)
  • How to connect and communicate with a plant or herb through meditation
  • How to find your own understanding of a plant’s magickal and medicinal properties
  • Where to find more resources and information
  • Plant-oriented tarot and oracle decks


Connecting with the Spirit of the Plant or Herb


Connecting with the spirit of the plant or herb is essential to beginning work with a specific plant, herbalism or growing your own plants or herbs.


The spirit of the plant can be described and categorized separately such as:

  • The spirit of the type of plant or herb
  • The spirit of a specific plant
  • The deva of the plant


The word “deva” comes from Sanskrit and means “body of light”. This can be described as the life force or caretaker of the plant in some descriptions.

Devas are found in nature and around plants, some practitioners choose to work with this type of energy.

For example, a plant or herb can have a “main” spirit energy that encompasses the entire magickal and healing energy of the plant.

Some practitioners may call this the “deva” of the plant.

This is what is commonly known or described in books when looking up the meaning, symbolism, magickal or healing properties of a type of plant or herb.

This can be described as the spirit of the species of the plant or herb.

The spirit of a specific plant can be described if you have a plant or herb with you; this can be described as the specific energy or “personality” of that plant or herb.

For more information about devas in nature, check out Wisdom of the Plant Devas: Herbal Medicine for a New Earth by Thea Summer Deer (Author), Lewis Mehl-Madrona M.D. Ph.D. (Foreword) 


Communicate with the Spirit of the Plant or Herb


To begin your journey with communicating with the spirit of the plant or herb, you may wish to connect with the main spirit or essence of the type of plant or herb that you’re working with.

This will help you to gain an overall better understanding about how to work with that plant or herb in your life, what medicine it may be trying to offer and what you may need to learn from that plant or herb.

The following steps can be done with any herb or plant of your choosing; select either a living plant or herb or use one that is still fresh that you have stored at home.


By connecting and communicating with the main spirit or deva of the plant or herb, you may gain more insight and wisdom about the plant and/or how to use this plant or herb in your practice.


Begin by relaxing and entering a meditative state of mind.

You may wish to place the plant or herb in front of you or hold your hands out to feel the energy of the plant or herb.

Clear your mind and allow your spirit to connect and introduce yourself to the plant or herb.

Wait to feel a response from the plant or herb; check to see if it acknowledges you, if it wants to connect in return.

Allow yourself to feel at ease, warm and relaxed.


You may begin to feel, sense, see impressions, symbols, images, sights, sounds, feelings coming from the plant; use your intuition to try to interpret what they may mean.

If you’re unsure what something means, ask the plant or herb to clarify.

Write down your impressions, visions, symbols, images, feelings so that you can review them later.


If you’re connecting with a living plant in your home or office, ask the plant if it needs something whether it be more or less sunlight, more nutrients, more or less water, a quieter space, more love, more attention, etc.

If you wish to continue your conversation with the plant or herb, you may ask what magickal or healing properties the plant or herb has in general and ask how you should use these properties in your practice.

After you’re finished communicating with the plant or herb, thank the plant for connecting with you in return.

You may wish to leave an offering of thanks to the plant whether it be a small crystal or token of appreciation; even a small drink of water will be sufficient.


The more you spend time with a plant or herb, the more you will develop a relationship and connection with the plant.

If you can, it’s recommended to either start from the beginning by growing the plant or herb or to nurture the plant at any stage of its development to see it go through its changes and process of maturity.

Allow yourself to meditate with the herb and plant and feel the spirit or essence of the plant.



Plant Medicine / Healing Properties of Plants


It’s possible to work with plant medicine or the healing properties of plants through meditation, spell workings or magick without consumption of the plant, whether by ingestion or smoking.


This can be done by going into a meditative state to connect with the spirit of the plant or herb and connecting with the healing properties of the plant, then bringing this energy into yourself or someone else.

For some people, being around certain plants or herbs can have a healing effect just as much as having consumed or ingested a medicine that contains that part of the plant or herb.


Flowers and plants can have a healing effect simply by being in the same room as someone.

For hundreds of years, flowers and plants have been given as housewarming gifts, to send well wishes and to funerals / memorials.

Flowers and plants have specific meanings, healing and magickal properties that their energies are transmitted by being in the same area as animals and people.


When a deeper relationship is developed with the spirit and essence of a plant or herb, the healing properties of the plant or herb can be transferred energetically.


The healing properties of plants and herbs can also be found in essential oils which should never be taken internally and should only be used externally.


For more information about magickal and medicinal properties of herbs and plants, check out these resources:


The Green Witch: Your Complete Guide to the Natural Magic of Herbs, Flowers, Essential Oils, and More

The Herbal Apothecary: 100 Medicinal Herbs and How to Use Them

Grove and Grotto – A Witch’s Glossary of Herbs

The Modern Witchcraft Guide to Magickal Herbs: Your Complete Guide to the Hidden Powers of Herbs


Plant-oriented Tarot & Oracle Decks


Plants and herbs have much to teach us and can be excellent allies in spirit communication and divination.

Take your connection with plants to a divination level with some of these herbal- and plant-oriented oracle decks:


Hedgewitch Botanical Oracle

Pythia Botanica Oracle

Magickal Herb Oracle

Terra: Botanical Tarot

Wild Medicine Herbal Deck


More about Working with Plants and Herbs in Magick and Spells


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