What is a Life Path Number?

What is a Life Path Number? Find out what your life path number meaning is in numerology. #lifepath #numerology

A Life Path Number is one of the core number calculations in numerology.

Numerology is the calculation from birth dates or names to uncover life purpose, life destiny, personality and more.

So, what are the core numbers in numerology?

There are core numbers in numerology which are often used in a numerology report for individuals.

These core numbers (or explanations) include:

  • Life path number
  • Expression number
  • Destiny number
  • Soul Urge / Heart’s Desire number
  • Personality number
  • Birth Day number

There are other number details that can be included in a numerology report for yourself or others.

Some other numerology numbers that may be included in numerology reports are:

Triad numbers (predictions for the year)
• Maturity number

What is a Life Path Number?

When you know what your life path number is, you learn more about your true self and innate nature.

When you live your life authentically to the fullest, you’ll feel more comfortable and at ease as you progress on your journey.

A life path number can help give you a sense of direction and show you what comes naturally to you.

When you align your work or relationships with your life path number (and often with other numbers of the core numbers in numerology), you may find that your life will run somewhat more smoothly and naturally with less challenges and obstacles that may prevent you from feeling satisfied or fulfilled.

How to Calculate Your Life Path Number

The life path number is calculated from the digits in a birth date, then the sum of those numbers (if they contain two or more digits) are added together until you have a number than is 9 or less – except in the case of the numbers 11, 22 or 33 which are not reduced traditionally.

A calculation of a life path number will always first have more than 1 or 2 digits and therefore will need to be added together (reduced) until you have a single digit or a Master Number.

(More about master numbers later here.)

Let’s see this example to calculate a Life Path Number:

Sally has a birth date of November 14 1972.

To calculate Sally’s life path number, the birth date is converted to their numbers only.

November = 11th month = 11.

Reduced the number for November to one digit by adding the digits together.

1+1 = 2

In numerology, the month of November is numbered 2.

*Side note: this method is also used for the months of October and December. The numbers for these months are: October = 10 = 1+0 = 1, December = 12 = 1+2 = 3. See below for more details.

Now, let’s write out the numbers to begin calculating Sally’s life path number.

2 + 1 + 4 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 2

Notice how each digit has a + sign between the digits?

This is necessary for calculating all numbers in numerology.

Now, we can add up those numbers above.

2 + 1 + 4 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 2 = 26

Now, because 26 is greater than 9 and is not a Master Number, we have to reduce / add these digits together.

2 + 6 = 8

And there we have it.

Sally’s life path number is 8.

For a quick reference, here are the months of the year for numerology purposes and their number equivalent:

January = 1
February = 2
March = 3
April = 4
May = 5
June = 6
July = 7
August = 8
September = 9
October = 1 (10 = 1 + 0 = 1)
November = 2 (11 = 1 + 1 = 2)
December = 3 (12 = 1 + 2 = 3)

Why not give it a try now?

What’s your life path number?

(Month) + (Day) + (Year) = ________

Note about Numerology Master Numbers:

What if your life path totals first to 11, 22 or 33?

Traditionally, these numbers (11, 22 or 33) aren’t reduced to a single digit because they carry an energy of their own that is a magnification of the single digit 1, 2 or 3.

Many times, you may see life path or numerology calculations that will show these master numbers written as this way:

  • 11/2
  • 22/4
  • 33/6

These master numbers carry a double / duplicated / magnified energy of the single digit 2, 4 or 6.

The interpretation of the single digit (2, 4 or 6) is part of the interpretation and elevated with the master number 11, 22 or 33.

Life Path Number Meanings

Here are some interpretations of the life path numbers 1 through 9 and the Master Numbers 11, 22 and 33:

Life Path 1

You are a born leader who is ready to take initiative on any task, especially if you feel skilled or experienced for it.

You’re a hard worker, headstrong and determined to take charge, get things done and lead others.

You may often be ready to head campaigns or even petitions. You’re goal-oriented and often prefer to work alone.

You have a vision and idea on what you want, so you prefer to have little interference to get in the way.

In more ways than one, you are brave to do things most people are either afraid or hesitant.

You’re not afraid to step up to the challenge which others may be shy or insecure to rise up.

In life, you’re considered an “original” or “one-of-a-kind” person who can think outside the box.

You can be ingenious to come up with brilliant new ideas whether it’s at home, work or in business.

You prefer to call the shots in your life and to be your own boss.

You want to be in control of your decisions and don’t want anyone or anything to get in your way from your goals or dreams.

Life Path 1 Keywords:

  • Leadership
  • Solitary
  • Passionate
  • Determined
  • Originality
  • Goal-oriented

Life Path 2

Partnerships and relationships are the key to your happiness and success in life.

Connecting with people on a one-to-one level and interaction is most fulfilling for you.

You may often have to compromise with others and have to be diplomatic.

You may at times find you’re the go-between or you are torn between lovers, friends or options.

To make relationships work for you, you may often have to adjust and compromise to make sure everything is peaceful and harmonious.

You may often rather speak to individuals rather than groups.

You rather work one-on-one with someone than have to work with a group.

You have a way of connecting with others on their level and people will often feel seen, heard and understood in your presence.

When problems arise at work and especially with customer service issues, you may often rather handle it to add that personable and human element to resolve the situation peacefully.

Life Path 2 Keywords:

  • Partnerships
  • Relationships
  • Interpersonal
  • Compromise
  • Connected
  • Diplomacy
  • Personable

Life Path 3

You are considered the optimist of the group who is often sociable and expressive.

Communication is key to your life whether it’s by Internet, email, phone or in person.

You are full of ideas and thoughts, ready to share and interact with small or large groups.

In teams, whether at work or play, you may be skilled at coordinating and making sure everyone understands the objective just by the way you’re able to communicate effectively.

You prefer to have fun and be playful, have a lot of laughter.

Serious or sad situations can immediately bring you down so far that you may struggle to get back up.

This is why you may often prefer to avoid conversations or discussions that are serious for longer than you need to discuss.

You may have experienced highs and lows in your development years, which is why you may choose to avoid the lows and focus on uplifting things.

Life Path 3 Keywords:

  • Communication
  • Creative
  • Expressive
  • Team player
  • Optimistic
  • Sociability
  • Positive outlook
  • Fun

Life Path 4

You are hard working, stable and secure in your conviction and beliefs.

You may be stubborn when it comes to your point of view or opinion, but if a logical counterpoint is introduced, you will take it into consideration.

You may be often rigid and serious in your approach to life, but this comes from a strong sense of duty and responsibility through hard work and perseverance.

Your opinions may be factual and honest, but your tact may be too forceful and your words may come across harsh to others.

You’re known for planning carefully and are resourceful to others.

You may likely have a small circle of people that you consider friends and keep your life private from general acquaintances or casual colleagues.

Your life purpose involves creating and maintaining structure and stability to build your future upon.

Having stability and security in your life gives you a sense of ease and comfort that allows you to strive for more in life.

As long as you have a stable home to come home to, you may feel more comfortable to leave, travel, explore and strive for more in life.

Your work and home life are centered around creating this security and stability.

Life Path 4 Keywords:

  • Stability
  • Security
  • Serious
  • Rigid
  • Hardworking
  • Perseverance

Life Path 5

Freedom is very important to you, especially to have the ability to come and go as you please without having to answer or report to anyone.

A life lesson for you is to be adaptable and flexible to changes and circumstances in your life; some of these may or may not be within your control.

Learning how to surrender to these fluctuations will liberate you in so many ways.

You may choose to live your life exploring the world and traveling, eager to meet new people, places and become familiar with foreign customs and traditions to expand your understanding of the world and where you fit in.

You may tend to get bored easily when things become routine or ordinary because you may have become accustomed to unpredictable situations or changing life circumstances.

You may end up creating instability to shake things up even if things are going well.

Learning to find freedom and adventure in the mundane may allow you to explore what’s near you.

Life Path 5 Keywords:

  • Travel
  • Adventure
  • Freedom
  • Adaptability
  • Change
  • Flexible

Life Path 6

You may be family oriented, be close to your family or there may be life lessons involving family which involves having to make choices regarding the family dynamic or relationship.

Even if you don’t consider yourself close to your biological family, you may end up having a chosen family or a family that chooses you.

Home life, marriage and family may be the highlight of your life that gives you the calmness and security that you need to feel content and happy with your life.

You nurture others in relationships where you will often sacrifice yourself so that your partner will be content, taken care of and successful in life.

This isn’t a martyr complex or done for depravity, but rather pure love to see others smile, laugh and be happy.

You enjoy entertaining and taking care of others whether at home or work which you may be drawn or very adept to work in the hospitality, personal support work, or entertainment industry.

You have a natural curiosity in which you need to know the how’s and why’s of human behaviour and thought, especially when it comes to those you love and care about.

Life Path 6 Keywords:

  • Nurture
  • Caretaker
  • Family
  • Marriage
  • Home life
  • Self-sacrifice

Life Path 7

You have a keen and observant eye; you may understand and observe more than what others think you see and hear, especially when with a group of people.

You may feel more fulfilled and satisfied if you study or practice in the metaphysical arts.

Embrace being on your own at times to learn who you are separate from your friends and family.

As you learn new things, you may benefit from sharing this knowledge with others.

This will help your understanding better to process new information and allow you to teach others.

You may need to work on your communication and/or vocabulary which will help with your writing and speaking skills.

You may enjoy all forms of information and are inquisitive to find answers.

You rarely take anything at face value and have to know the how’s and why’s.

You won’t accept an answer as “just because” or “that’s the way it is.”

You prefer the need to understand the mechanics behind how and why something works the way it works.

Life Path 7 Keywords:

• Informative
• Inquisitive
• Research
• Mysticism
• Curious
• Observant
• Understanding

Life Path 8

You may be motivated by money and success which can drive you to work more, start entrepreneurial activities or a business.

Having money and success provides the security and motivation that you need, which helps to fuel you to acquire more.

However, you may not be motivated to amass a large amount of wealth, but rather to assure you have enough for what you need in life.

Power can come in different forms and you may have an air about you that expresses having some sort of “power” in your life.

That being said, you may prefer to have control over your work and finances, especially if you manage a business or handle household finances.

Your goals are important to you, especially when it comes to success, work, money and ambitions.

Materialism may be a concern which may cause you to live beyond you means at times.

Life Path 8 Keywords:

  • Success
  • Power
  • Work
  • Money
  • Ambitious
  • Finances

Life Path 9

You are considered the humanitarian of all the life path numbers.

While life path 2 and 3 focus more on interconnection and communication with those around them, you are more interested in focusing on as many people – often from afar.

You may often want to help as many people and/or animals as you can, wanting your efforts to be far reaching.

However, you may not be focused too much on what is happening closer to home which you may often want to escape the close confines of being in contact with people near you.

Charity organizations will always have a special place in your heart.

In your life, you may experience significant moments when “chapters” of your life come to an end.

You may become accustomed to endings that are significant or poignant.

These may leave you feeling at a loss for sometime, but you manage always to start over again.

Life Path 9 Keywords:

  • Humanitarian
  • Secluded
  • Charitable
  • Distant
  • Endings
  • Life changing moments

Life Path 11 / 2

This number in numerology as a life path number is considered the Master Builder.

You are spiritually inclined and may feel drawn to be a light worker or develop/use your spiritual gifts.

You are a dreamer and rely on faith and your beliefs to guide you through your decisions and choices in life.

While Life Path 2 focuses on personal relationships and interactions, you are focused on the spiritual connection of these relationships.

Your purpose in life is to assist others on their spiritual journey in some way or form.

Due to the internal stress and pressure to succeed and fulfill your life path purpose, you may experience difficulties or setbacks in your early or formative years.

This is because this life path number upholds you to a higher calling and purpose.

Your early years may involve codependency in relationships, however in your adult years, you may begin to analyze these relationships and see a spiritual lesson to be learned from them.

These patterns of dependent relationships will require you to use psychic protection and shielding to avoid becoming depleted or drained by them.

Life Path 11/2 Keywords:

  • Spiritual
  • Mystical
  • Light worker
  • Sensitive
  • Healer

Life Path 22 / 4

You live for structure and organization as the “master builder” of your life. Your purpose is clear when you align yourself with others to manifest the life you desire.

Your kindness and generosity are seen when interacting with others, that you work to create stability for others and yourself.

You aim to give others the tools to shape and build the life they want and need rather than doing all the work on their behalf.

You focus on the group and individual when working with others, needing to organize a group or individual effort. Your life requires security in all forms to feel stable enough.

When you channel your efforts towards spiritual goals and spiritually connecting with others to shape your future, you will feel more fulfilled and secure in your life.

Your life purpose and path will become easier when you intertwine spirituality with creating stability and the security that you need.

You are a visionary about the future that you desire, but will have to focus on the fine and small details first.

Life Path 22/4 Keywords:

  • Visionary
  • Organized
  • Intuitive
  • Kindness
  • Stability
  • Future-oriented

Life Path 33 / 6

You are a natural teacher and are drawn to care, nurture and help others to grow and develop.

You have great communication skills and may be skilled or knowledgeable in a variety of subjects, both to work and teach.

You aren’t afraid to express yourself, charismatic and may have tendencies towards perfectionism.

However, this is only because you have a vision of how things should work efficiently and effectively.

You may often feel responsible for others, their well-being and what they do.

You have compassion for others and work to ensure others succeed and are successful. You rather teach others the skills that they need to be self-sufficient rather than do the work for them.

This embodies a higher spiritual purpose for teaching and communicating others, often on metaphysical or spiritual subjects to assist others with their goals, plans or life purpose.

Life Path 33/6 Keywords:

  • Teacher
  • Communication
  • Perfectionism
  • Growth
  • Charismatic
  • Jack or Jill of a variety of skills / trades / knowledge

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