Money Magick and Money Spells

Find out how to draw and attract money in magick and spells.

We can all use more money.

Money magick and money spells can work effectively to keep money coming in.

Whether we need more money to pay bills and debts or we want to buy something in particular, money is something that we all need.

Money magick and spells are some of the most common types of magick done in addition to love and romance magick and spells.

Here we’ll cover what you can use in money magick and spells and where you can find these items.

Money Magick and Money Spells

There are lots of resources available and no shortage of money spells available in books and online.

However, some of the most potent money magick and spells can be done with your intuition and finding your own “flow” of energy to create magick and spells of your own.

If you do use a spell that was found in a book or online, it’s best to make sure you understand it well and even try to memorize the steps and wording before doing the spell.

By memorizing a previously written spell that someone else wrote or that you created yourself will be more effective than reading steps or verses as you go along.

Below are things that you can use to create your own magick money and spells which can be used as many combinations that feel right to you:


Candles are the most popular, easiest and effective type of magick and can be used in any spell.

Here are the common colours used in money magick:


Green is the most common colour for money magick.

This colour may be often associated with money and can come from American witchcraft which American currency is primarily the colour green.

However, other countries such as Canada and Great Britain has some bank notes with the colour green also.

Since bank notes come from trees and trees are also green, it’s easy to see why the colour green is easily associated with money.

Green is also connected to the Earth element, which in tarot is the Pentacles suit.

The Pentacles in tarot is connected to money and physical items and this suit can be used in tarot spells for money.

Green is therefore a common colour when working money magick and spells.


Does it matter what shade of green for the candle?

Typically, medium to deep shades of green are best, but if you’re in a pinch and can’t find it – any colour of green will certainly do the job.

For green candles, these are usually used when you expect or want any form of money to come your way.

This can be receiving money as a gift or any way of receiving money, particularly in the form of cash, cheque or deposit.


The colour orange for money magick and spells is usually used for earning money and being paid for work that you do.

This coloured candle can be used when you’re working on a project or job and have been putting effort into it which you want to be compensated and paid well for it.

Orange is also a colour for success and earnings and opening roads, which can help to remove any blockages that may be preventing you from getting the money you earned or deserve.


If you’re stuck and don’t have orange or green candles, you can always substitute them for a white candle.

White is an all-purpose colour that can work for any coloured candle that you don’t have on hand.

Money Drawing Vigil Candles

Money drawing candles are candles specially designed for drawing money towards you from different sources.

These sources can be through your work, business or other places where money may come your way.

Money drawing candles are often in the form of vigil glass candles that are burned for 7 days or 14 days.

These candles can be “fixed” with herbs and oils to increase their effectiveness and are burned each day (often in increments or as long as you can each day and then put out at the end of the day.)


Herbs can be used to dress/fix candles, put in mojo bags and charm bags and place around your home, business or office space to draw and attract more money.

These herbs can be used in money magick and money spells:

  • Cinnamon
  • Nutmeg
  • Basil
  • Thyme
  • Bay Leaves


Crystals can be added to any spell and can also be carried on you or put in mojo bags that can be “fed” daily with oil.

These crystals can be used for money magick and spells:

  • Pyrite
  • Citrine
  • Malachite
  • Green aventurine

Having even a small piece of one of these crystals in your home, office or in your pocket can help to keep money coming towards you.

Keep a piece of citrine and/or pyrite in your purse, wallet or pocket where you keep your money to help make sure your purse, wallet or pockets never lack money.

Oils and Powders 

Oils can be used to dress and anoint candles, crystals, clothing, amulets and yourself to draw or repel things from you, others or your home.

Money oils can be effective to make sure you always have enough money to pay your bills, rent/mortgage, buy groceries, etc.

For things that can’t have oil on them or if you find you’re sensitive to oils, you can try powders made for bringing money towards you.

There are different types of oils that can be used for money depending on how you want your money to come towards you.

Some can be all purpose oils, money drawing oils, Black Cat oils (good for games of chance or luck and gambling), prosperity oils, etc.


Incense and Sprays

Another way to attract money towards your home is with incense and sprays.

Incense that is crafted with the intention of bringing money into your home or space can be burned.

Aerosol sprays that are created for money drawing affect and often good luck can be used also.

Money Drawing Honey Jar

Honey jars can be a simple and effective way to bring money towards you and to make life sweeter because of it.

To know more about this type of magick for money spells and other kinds of spells, check out Hoodoo Honey & Sugar Spells by Deacon Millett.

Washes and Baths

Bath salts and washes can be created and used to draw money towards you and to bring prosperity and wealth.

Washes can be used to clean your home or space (floors, walls, doors, etc.) and baths can be drawn and the body cleansed to bring abundance.

Crafting Your own Money Magick and Money Spells

Money magick can be done regularly and daily to keep the flow of money coming towards you.

This can be effective especially if you work in an industry that relies on tips and gratuities or if you run a business.

If you work a salaried job in which you get a paycheque every two weeks or once a month, you can schedule your money spells around certain times of the month or the year to use the astrological correspondences in your favour.

New moon to the full moon is the most optimal time to work money magick and spells.

Working a 7-day or 14-day spell in between the new moon and full moon can be most effective.

Thursday is the most effective and prosperous day of the week to work magick, as well as during Taurus moon phases.

All these correspondences don’t have to be followed to the letter nor do that all have to correspond at the same time.

You don’t have to wait for the new moon to be on a Thursday, when the new moon is in Taurus.

If you’re in a jam and you need money to help keep you afloat and to make sure your bills are being paid, money magick can be done anytime and anywhere.

The energy that you put into the spell, your reason and need for doing the spell can override other things.

However, having the moon phase, the astrological planets and signs in the right place can help, but it’s not necessary if you know what you’re doing.

I’ve done money magick in the waning moon when I needed to make sure I had enough money in the bank account at the end of the money – and it still worked.

Follow your intuition when it comes to Money Magick and Spells

Craft spells and magic that work for you and that fit into your lifestyle and way of life.

Working money magick can be as simple as creating a mojo bag (link) or amulets and feeding the bag with oil before you leave the house to go to work or your business.

It can mean as simply lighting and praying over a fixed candle each day for 7 to 14 days each month to bring more money to you.

You can perform a ritualistic spell once a month at the new moon or the full moon (all in one shot) to give enough energy to help bring money towards you for the next complete moon cycle (new moon to new moon or full moon to full moon.)



Work Spells that Work For You

When it comes to magick, do what works for you.

You can read spells in books, but only use them if it feels right to you.

Be sure to use terminology and words that you would normally use and that feel comfortable to you for your vocabulary.

If you find a spell in English and that’s not your first language, feel free to translate and adjust it to your own language so it feels more natural and authentic to you.

If you understand the basics of spell working and spell crafting, feel free to take what works from a spell and swap in other things to create it as you own.

Money is Energy, Magick is Energy

Magick and spell work should have your energy and imprint on it to make it your own in terms of energy and what feels right to you.

Money is energy and spell work is energy.

Money is a necessity of life and has its own energy.

Money is energy that’s exchanged and shared, bartered and traded.

Working money magick and spells is also a form of energy and a way to manifest.

Take what you feel will work for you from this post to help create your own money magick and spells.

If you need to know more about crafting spells in the form of Witchcraft and Wicca, be sure to read To Stir A Magick Cauldron by Silver RavenWolf.

It’s a classic witchcraft/Wicca book from the 1990s and has the steps on how to compose a spell.

The format is in the style of Wicca, but you can essentially get the “meat and bones” of spell work in a formal context.

It’s best to learn some structured basics and then afterwards you can learn to improve and adapt later on from other ‘traditional’ / older practices to create what works best for you.

To find supplies for money magick and spells, try these shops:

The Witchery (Canada)

Mojo Life (Canada)

Original Botanica (USA)

For more witchcraft tips and tricks, be sure to check out Simple Money Magick & Witchcraft e-book.

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