Witchcraft for Success

Learn about using witchcraft magick and spells for success in money, wealth, business, love and life.


Witchcraft for success can be done in different ways depending on what kind of success you desire.

Herbs and oils in combination with candles or charm bags in witchcraft spells and magick can be used for a variety of purposes such as for example:

  • success
  • binding
  • uncrossing
  • banishing
  • love drawing
  • money drawing
  • protection
  • road opening
  • jinxes
  • hexes
  • curses


Herbs in magick and spells can be used in different ways such as:

  • mojo bags / charm bags
  • incense
  • dressing candles
  • sachets / satchels
  • herbal teas / herbal tea magick (find out about tea magick here)
  • ritual oils
  • ointments
  • kitchen witchery / witchcraft


In this post, let’s talk about using witchcraft for success in your life, work, love life, etc.

First, we need to define what success means for you in order to get the most out of your spells and magick intended for success.


Before designing, creating or performing magick or spells for success, ask yourself these questions and feel free to journal your answers or use divination to help answer or clarify your answers:


  • What does success mean to you?
  • What does success look like for you?
  • What kind of success are you looking for?
  • How would you define success in your terms?
  • What would it feel like for you to be successful?


The ways in which and the methods of which you go after success can be partially determined by your astrological natal chart if you’re defining your desired success to be in terms of career or work or even in relationships.


By examining the sign that’s on your Midheaven (MC) / the cusp of your 10th house and any planets that are conjunct, opposite of make a strong aspect (negative or positive) to your Midheaven (MC) can help to determine how you go about working or achieving success or aspirations for success in terms of career or worldly success.

If you want to know more about the signs and the meanings associated with each sign on the Midheaven (MC), be sure to check out Always Astrology’s take on the Midheaven signs.


Not sure what sign your Midheaven is?

Check out this Midheaven Calculator by Cafe Astrology.


If you’re looking to see what success in relationships look like for you as seen in your natal chart, you’ll want to have a look at the sign that’s on your 7th house cusp, any planets in that house, and what Venus is doing in your natal chart.


Not familiar with your natal astrological chart?

To find out what your natal birth chart looks like, you can get a free chart at Astro.com.



Witchcraft for Success


Magick and spells for success are often created and performed for bringing success in life, relationships, work / career or business.


Some common ritual / witchcraft oils for success magick and spells are:

  • Crown of Success oil
  • Success oil
  • Better Business oil
  • Success in Business oil
  • Deliverance oil
  • Lucky Hand oil
  • Magnet oil
  • Success with Money oil
  • Fast Success oil


These oils can be found made by companies such as Indio and 7 Sisters Oil or through small shops that sells these or have hand crafted their own versions of these popular success oils, such as The Witchery (Canada), Original Botanica (USA)and International Herbs Co./Mojo Life (Canada).



Herbs/Plants/Nuts for success magick and spells:


Abre Camino

This can be used in combination with other herbs to blend and combine how to achieve success.

Abre camino is known as the “road opener plant” and can be used to open the roads and pathways to success.

This plant/herb is best used paired or with other herbs to draw the success towards you through the open roads. Abre camino can be used with the leafs or roots/stems.

However, caution should be used if using the roots/stems in candles as they are made of wood and will easy become flammable when exposed to a flame.

Abre camino wood/stems (often sold as small pieces) can be carried in a pocket and added to charm bags to open roads wherever you go.




Basil can be used for monetary success and wealth. This herb can be used to draw more money to you or to have success in business and finances.

When working spells for business success, basil can definitely be a staple herb to always include. Keep basil in charm bags, in piggy banks, wallets, purses, near the cash register or place of business.




In addition to basil, cinnamon is another must-have herb for financial success and wealth. Combining these two herbs can be quite effective, yet surprisingly simple.

Cinnamon can come in the form of powder or a stick.

Keeping cinnamon mixed with basil in a jar with money drawing oil and/or crown of success oil can produce desired results.

Add cinnamon to your morning breakfast or coffee to help bring success to your day. A touch of honey will make the success stick and last longer.



Bay (Bay Leaf, Laurel Bay, Sweet Bay)

This herb can be used in spells that also use crown of success oil or similar oils to attain success and to be in the high rank or percentage of your field, work, career or area of expertise.

Bay leaves can be “enchanted” and added to food while cooking such as spaghetti sauce. Hold the bay leaf (or leaves) in your hands and whisper your wishes unto it (them.)

Infuse the leaf (or leaves) with your energy and a prayer then add to the sauce, being sure to stir clockwise 3 or 7 times while saying your prayer and adding your intent and focus to the sauce.

The same method of enchanting and infusing the bay leaf can be done before burning it in order to release your wish for success.

If possible, burn the leaf outdoors on a charcoal disc in a cauldron or fire-safe dish and let the wind carry your wish.




This yellowish herb is good for love spells, healing spells and is an excellent herb for stress reduction (commonly used in its herbal tea form.)

Chamomile can be added to charm bags and sachets to increase the chances of success for the magick. It can also be added to money spells and money charm bags to help increase prosperity and money success.



Clover (Green)

Green clover is excellent for adding a bit of good luck to increase the chances and likelihood of achieving success in any matter.

This little green plant can be used in money and prosperity magick and any type of magick where you need to have good luck and success.

Keep a lucky clover in your pocket when going on job interviews or when going gambling.



Clover (Red)

Red clover is good for having success when it comes to love, romance, sex and adding passion and lust back to a relationship.

If you want a love spell to go right, add some red clover to the mix, charm bag or candle.

If you need to find your passion again for making money or for working on the job in order to earn more money, add red clover to a money spell.

Red clover works ideally for people who are under the heavy hand of Saturn themes or influences and find they have to work harder than everyone else.

Adding red clover to a spell or magickal working about an employment, job or career will help you find the passion and drive to do the work needed so you can get the money that you need or want.



Frankincense resin

This resin can be used when embarking on a venture and you want to improve the chances of success.

Frankincense resin can be used when starting a new business or launching a new product or course.

Burning the resin or adding to charm bags / sachets can help to purify and cleanse yourself and your business/project and allow the success to flow more easily and unhindered.




If you want to receive a “seal of approval” on a financial or business matter and increase the odds of being successful in business deals and finances, then you’ll want to add goldenseal to your magickal working or spell.

Goldenseal can be added to any working or spell in addition with other herbs intended for business, money or financial wealth.




Excellent for all matters concerning employment, work, business and career.

Hawthorne is ideal for adding to floor washes to welcome more money towards you, especially if you run a business or have a home-based business.



Juniper berries

These little berries offer success in sexual relationships and physical love in addition to offering protection in health.

Juniper berries can be added to spells, charm bags and candles to ward off hexes, jinxes and curses that may try to thwart your workings for success.

Burning juniper berries also releases their magickal properties as well as their lovely, sweet berry scent.



Nutmeg can be used for success in legal and court cases to encourage a favourable decision.

It can also be used in money drawing spells to ensure greater success in receiving money and improving finances, and is often found in money drawing oils.




Keep a pecan on you or near you if you’re concerned about the security of your job/employment.

Pecan can be used for spells and workings to increase your success on the job and in your career.

If you’re crafty in the kitchen, you can bake a pecan pie, enchant and whisper spells of success and job security and offer it to you manager, boss or supervisor as a tasty gift.

If you don’t consider yourself skilled in baking, you can purchase a baked pecan pie from a bakery and cast a spell over the pie the night before and then hand deliver it to your manager, boss or supervisor on the next day.

If purchasing the pecan pie already baked, go for the best kind in your town or city.

Don’t skimp on the cost.

Get the best quality kind of pecan pie that you can find and be sure to tip the bakery staff some extra money before you leave.



These oils and herbs for success can be used for dressing candles (vigil candles or tapered candles) for spells in addition to charm bags and burning as incense.

To know more about dressing vigil / glass candles, be sure to check out How to do a 7-day Candle Spell.


“However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.”
– Stephen Hawking

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Learn about using witchcraft magick and spells for success in money, business, love and life. #witchcraft #success #magick #spells


Learn about using witchcraft magick and spells for success in money, business, love and life.



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