13 Ways to Celebrate Samhain

Samhain (pronounced Saah-win or Saah-ween) is a pagan holiday, also celebrated by Wiccans and Witches which is commonly known as the Witches’ New Year. This holiday is marked on October 31 (northern hemisphere) / May 1 (southern hemisphere) to honour and connected with ancestors and those who have died. Samhain corresponds with the same day… Continue reading 13 Ways to Celebrate Samhain


How to Work with Your Ancestors

Honouring the departed and ancestors is commonly performed during Samhain and Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) ceremonies. However, working with ancestors doesn’t have to be exclusively reserved for these days. Working with ancestors can be a practice used in witchcraft, but isn't exclusive to the practice. You can create your own tradition… Continue reading How to Work with Your Ancestors


Ways to Celebrate Mabon

  Mabon is celebrated on the autumn equinox (around September 22 in the northern hemisphere / around March 20 in the southern hemisphere). This is the second of three harvest festivals (the other two are Lammas/Lughnasadh and Samhain) which during this time we begin to see the rewards and results of our hard work that… Continue reading Ways to Celebrate Mabon


Working with the Moon Phases

Maybe it’s the revival of Witches or Neptune in Pisces. Maybe it’s the millennial generation rediscovering what the Baby Boomers first started in the 50s, 60s or what Gen X began in North America in the 70s. Perhaps it's continuing from the 90s surge of new age books, witchcraft and tarot books flooding every Barnes… Continue reading Working with the Moon Phases


Salt for Magick & Spells

Salt has been used for magickal purposes for millennia, that of which mostly for protection, cleansing and healing. There are different variations of salt; some for cooking/consumption while other types are meant only for ritual work. Magickal work can be done with any kind of salt.  If you’re in a “pinch” you can easily substitute… Continue reading Salt for Magick & Spells


Root Chakra Spell

Sometimes we get bent out of shape emotionally and physically. We feel out of alignment. We get health problems that are persistent, but have no real known cause. They seem to be energetically caused by blocks, fears, anxiety or worry. The root chakra is connected to our sense of security and stability. It's the part… Continue reading Root Chakra Spell

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Coffee Spells & Divination

Spells and divination can be done with just about anything and anywhere. What about spells with your daily coffee? Coffee spells & divination can be done any way you want and any time of the day with simple techniques that no one around you will even know that you’re doing a quick spell while enjoying… Continue reading Coffee Spells & Divination


Ways of a Crystal Witch

Most witches love crystals and gemstones. The ways of a Crystal Witch are by someone who practices the craft and uses crystals and gemstones extensively in their practice. There’s something natural and versatile about them. Many crystals are readily available and can be affordable, yet some can be more rare and expensive. Many crystals share… Continue reading Ways of a Crystal Witch


Crossroads Spell to Remove Blockages

If you feel that blockages are preventing you from progressing further in an area of your life, whether studies, career, love, money, spirituality, etc., this spell is designed to help remove these blockages using magick from the crossroads. Crossroads are commonly known for showing us different directions that our lives can take and open new… Continue reading Crossroads Spell to Remove Blockages