Witchcraft for Banishing

Witchcraft for banishing unwanted persons and situations from your life.

Every now and then, the average witch will need to banish something or someone from their life and also spiritually / magickally cleanse themselves, their home and/or property.

It could be anything from a negative person, energy or situation that needs to be removed.

Banishing is somewhat synonymous and can be paired with cleansing magick.

Let’s cover what banishing magick entails first:

Banishing magick is done when you want to remove a negative influence, behaviour, habit or situation from your life.

Banishings can also be done to remove people from your life also.

When performing a banishing, it’s important to consider the reason why and if you want the banishment to be permanent or temporary.

When tempers flare, it’s too easy and quick to simply want to banish something or someone from your life when the situation or problem may soon pass temporarily.

Honest reflection and a cool head are often needed to do magick effectively with precise focus and attention and not to get caught up with emotions.

However, some practitioners will say that passion and determination will enhance a spell, but self control is needed in both instances.

After you’ve determined that you really need or want to banish something from your life (or someone else’s if with their permission), you’ll have to chart and plan the most ideal conditions and materials to help achieve your goal.

Witchcraft for Banishing

Here are some of the components to consider when crafting a banishing spell:

Day and Hour for Banishing: Saturn

Saturn is the most ideal day for any banishing work regardless of the moon phase or sign, astrological season or even time of day.

However, working when it’s dark outside on a Saturday is better and especially so if the sun has set.

If you can’t perform the working on a Saturday, then the next best time with working with Saturn’s energy is during the astrological hour of Saturn.

Every day there are two opportunities to work with the hour of Saturn which can be used for all things related to the planet Saturn.

To find out when the astrological hour of Saturn will be where you live, check out this Planetary Hour Calculator.

Moon Phase for Banishing: Waning Moon and Dark Moon

Banishment is best performed during the waning moon (day after the full moon) and the dark moon (1 – 3 days before the astrological/astronomical new moon as noted on a calendar)

For more effective and longer lasting banishing magick, begin the banishment the day after the full moon and continue until the last day of the dark moon.

However, if time is of the essence and you need something or someone out of your life ASAP, then forget waiting up to two weeks for the moon to be waning again.

This is where working on a Saturday or Saturn Hour can work in your favour.

For more working magick with the dark moon energy, check out Dark Moon Magick and Spells.

Colour for Banishing: Black

Black is the most common colour associated with banishing magick in most if not all magickal practices.

The colour black in candles, cloths and clothing absorbs and repels negativity.

Performing a simple candle spell with a black candle can be effective.

For magick that is intended to banish and neutralize a situation or place, using a black candle and a white candle (or a dual black and white candle) can work.

Oils for Banishing

Banishing oil

Banishing oil speaks for itself and there are several on the market in stores and online, each made with the seller’s unique formula.

To perform a simple candle spell with banishing oil, try:

  • Anointing a black candle with banishing oil
  • If using a glass vigil candle, place your written petition paper under the candle
  • If using a taper candle, place your written petition paper under the candle holder or under the plate with the candle on top
  • Focus on your intent for the spell (7 days for a vigil candle or repeat with a single tapered candle for 7 days)

Hot Foot oil

Hot Foot oil is commonly known in Hoodoo as an effective “remover” to remove someone from being around you or a certain place. This oil is effective to make someone leave and not return.

To know more about hot foot oils and powders, check out here.

Herbs for Banishing

There are some easy to find and get herbs that can be used for banishing which can be used in charm / spell bags, candles, etc.

Most of these ingredients can be found at grocery stores, botanicas and online magickal / witchcraft shops.

These are the most common and readily available herbs intended for banishing and also often for protection:


Garlic is easily on the top of the list as a banishing herb. Garlic is effective for removing negativity and even illness, whether used magickally or in food which is perfect if you’re a kitchen witch.

Hanging a braid of garlic in your home is also believed as a form of protection. Braids of garlic can often be found in farmer’s markers in the autumn in places that grow and sell garlic bulbs.

Roasting garlic in the oven can create an atmospheric aroma to banish and protect at the same time – while also making everyone within an olfactory radius very hungry.

Black Pepper

Almost every home (if not every) must have black pepper in a cupboard. Black pepper is effective for removing and banishing negativity and energy.

Black pepper can be used as peppercorns or in grounded form.

To protect your home and prevent unwanted visitors from returning again, sprinkle grounded up pepper mixed with salt around the perimeter of your home and at all doorways, exits and entries.

*Witchy tip: If you want a visitor to not return any time soon, sweep the door way (from inside the house to outside the door) after they leave and sweep away their footsteps. Sprinkle salt and pepper at the doorstep where they walked, then go inside and close the door behind you.


This herb is known for banishing and protecting, removing hexes, curses and the evil eye.

Agrimony can be added to candles and charm bags for additional protection while banishing negative influences from others.

Banishing spells can be performed once or can be performed over the course of several days (i.e. seven to fourteen days) depending on the situation, the background, and the severity.

Banishing Spell Remains

So what to do with banishing spell remains after you’re done the spell?

Handing the remains of a banishing spell is just as important as performing the spell.

The remains need to be disposed of property so as to not allow any remaining negativity or residue stay behind with you.

Definitely, check out 15 Ways to Properly Dispose of Spellwork Remains that explains excellently what to do.

Until next time!

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