Lilith & Witchcraft

Find out how to connect and work with the goddess Lilith in witchcraft, magick and spells.

Lilith has a long history that dates back far into Jewish mythology, Sumerian and Mesopotamia; a history that has often been cruelly unfair to a goddess and figure such as Lilith.

The name Lilith (“Lilit” לילית in Hebrew) originates from the Sumerian word “lilitu” meaning a “wind spirit or female demon” which the origin stories of her characteristic traits as a demonic goddess come from.

However, Lilith wasn’t always that way according to Babylonic Talmud and written in Genesis, which name her as Adam’s first wife before Eve.

In summary, there are a few stories of why Lilith had become exiled from the Garden of Eden such as:

  • Lilith’s refusal to submit to Adam’s demands (including sex only in missionary position)
  • Lilith’s actions to have sex while menstruating (there are sections in the Talmud that explain rules about women and the impurity of menstruation) and
  • her persistence to be seen as Adam’s equal partner as an independent being considering that Adam and Lilith were created from the same earth as opposed to Eve who was created from Adam.

For more detailed historical information, read more about Lilith’s history.

Lilith, Feminism, Sexual Liberation and Witches

Lilith is an icon, symbol and representation of a dark goddess and feminine identity, feminine sexuality, liberation and empowerment.

As the first woman of Adam (the first man – which in biblical Hebrew “Adam” אדם means “man”), Lilith has been forced to feel the pain of rejection, oppression and scorn for seeking equality and being denied to fully express herself, her true nature.

Lilith is like many dark goddesses who have been viewed to be feared, seen as hag-like, demons and scary, but rather this intense raw energy as a dark goddess can be “owned” and use protectively; a weapon that was once used against the Dark Goddess is now in her hands to defend herself.

Lilith may speak and come forth to women, but she may also come forth to men if she feels necessary.

Anyone regardless of gender who feels a strong connection or the call of Lilith to awaken and liberate their sexuality, to revive or unleash their feminine side, can work with Lilith.

Lilith (like many dark goddesses) may choose someone to work with when she feels the time is right; this may be at a younger age in your 20s or later in your 40s or 50s, whenever Lilith decides will be the right time.

Lilith & Witchcraft

Working with Lilith in witchcraft can be for different reasons connected to who Lilith is and what she represents.

In Luciferian Witchcraft and Luciferianism (a form of Theistic Satanism), Lilith is honoured as the consort of Samael.

In Jewish texts, it’s written that Lilith breeds thousands of demons with Samael in the Red Sea. (*Note: Some sources state that Samael is not the same as Satan.) 

As a pocket book recommendation: Spiritual Satanist Prayer Book – Infernal Reflections by Venus Satanas has a couple of prayers to Lilith.

However, you don’t have to practice Luciferianism or Luciferian Witchcraft to work with or be called upon to work with Lilith.

Lilith can be worked with to reawaken your feminine sexuality, your passion for life, to reclaim your personal power when you feel small or that the world is overbearing on top of you.

If you feel that you have given away your power or that you feel victimized in any way, Lilith screams back that you have the power to stand tall in the face of anyone encroaching on your space.

Here are a few ideas for witchcraft spells and magick involving Lilith or simply to work with Lilith:

  • Improving sexual relationships (to create balanced relationships)
  • Healing sexual trauma
  • Asserting independence and women/womxn’s rights
  • Fighting patriarchy/oppression/sexism placed on women
  • Boosting self-confidence and sensuality
  • To gain respect and/or recognition for contributions
  • Exploring and/or awakening your sexuality (especially if experiencing low libido)
  • Sex magick (feminine dominance)
  • Healing and/or managing menstrual issues and/or working menstrual magick
  • Working with the feminine shadow self or healing feminine shadow issues
  • Reclaiming your personal power and strengthening your voice
  • Handling or managing pre-menopause, peri-menopause or menopause symptoms
  • Feminine reproductive issues (especially with PMS, PMDD or other hormonal/mood swing problems)

Ways of Working or Connecting with Lilith:

  • Ritual
  • Meditation
  • Divination
  • Create spell / charm bags for empowerment, protection, self-assertion, etc.
  • Shadow work (involving the anima and animus)

Lilith Goddess Correspondences for Magick, Spells and Altars

When working with Lilith, correspondences can be used in magick and spells or can placed on an altar to help connect with the energy of Lilith.

Here are a few correspondences for the goddess Lilith that can be used:


  • onyx
  • red jasper
  • obsidian
  • red carnelian
  • labradorite
  • black moonstone
  • black tourmaline
  • jet
  • garnet
  • clear quartz

All dark crystals (black and red) will work for connecting with Lilith.

Clear quartz can be effective if no other crystal is available.


  • belladonna (caution: poisonous)
  • nightshade (caution: poisonous)
  • hemlock (caution: poisonous)
  • mugwort
  • sandalwood
  • patchouli
  • rose


  • Air (this is best utilized as incense)


  • black
  • red

(Best) Day(s):

  • Wednesday
  • Friday

From just before sunset on Friday to the first three stars in the sky on Saturday evening is Shabbat in Judaism.

Depending on your belief, cultural background or how you modernize the Jewish creation story, it may be personally decided to honour (or not) Lilith during the time of Shabbat.

This may seem heretical, so you may choose whether Lilith can be honoured before or after Shabbat is over depending on your belief. This is a personal choice and only taking into consideration the cultural history and origin of Lilith.

To know more about Lilith and Judaism, read Lilith: Flying Lady of Darkness.

(Best) Time of Day:

  • witching hour (this can mean midnight or the time between 3 am and 4 am depending on your definition)

(Best) Moon Phase:

  • dark moon
  • new moon

Sacred Days:

  • Beltane / May Day (because of the sexual theme of the holiday)
  • October 24 – some sources state this day as the day Lilith left the Garden of Eden and also as a Sumerian holiday to mark the end of the harvest
  • February 29 (Leap Year every 4 years) – said to be the day when women can be loose/free to break (traditional) norms (e.g. old fashioned customs) and ask men out on dates; may not be so applicable in modern times, but can be in a sense a liberating day for forthrightness and breaking social limitations placed on women.


  • cats
  • snakes
  • owls
  • goats

Food / Drink:

  • apples
  • pomegranates / pomegranate juice
  • red wine
  • chocolate

For more about Lilith including her sigil and the sigil of Samael, have a look at Lilith Queen of the Night.

The above correspondences are just a few for connecting with and working with Lilith in magick and spells.

For more ideas on how to create an altar dedicated to Lilith or other dark goddesses, check out How to Create a Dark Goddess Altar.

Do you feel more drawn to Lilith?

Not everyone will connect with all or any of the dark goddess and most dark goddesses will make themselves known and call upon the ones that they have chosen.

When you feel the call of a goddess or dark goddess, it may be difficult to ignore their presence and energy.

Learn about the goddess and connect through meditation or divination to gain messages and insight into how you can work with this goddess.

Looking for messages from Lilith?

Try the Lilith Tarot Spread to get your own divine messages.

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