Lilith Tarot Spread

Work with the dark goddess Lilith with this Lilith Tarot Spread and information about Lilith.

The goddess Lilith has been shrouded and seen as a dark demonic entity, left out of the Garden of Eden and joined Samael (identified with Satan in some Judaic texts) birthing demons at the Red Sea.

However, from another perspective (just as Lucifer), the goddess Lilith can be viewed as a heroine and liberator.

In modern witchcraft, Lilith is considered a dark goddess who is creative and autonomous and is associated with aspects of the waning and dark moon (not to be confused with the astronomical/calendar new moon phase.)

In modern times, Lilith has become a symbol of embracing the dark side of femininity and feminine empowerment that anyone who identifies with her struggle and strife can work with this goddess.

While Lilith is seen often as a liberator for feminine sexuality, bodily autonomy and reproductive rights, she can also be an inspiration for self-autonomy and liberation/emancipation.

To find out more about Lilith, check out this article – Lilith: Ancient Demon, Dark Deity or Sensual Goddess?

In astrology, Lilith is assigned to four (4) astrological bodies which each represent different aspects:

  • Black moon Lilith (Mean Lilith)
  • Dark Moon Lilith (Waldemath Black Moon)
  • Osculating Lilith (True Lilith) and
  • Asteroid Lilith.

To find these bodies of Lilith in your astrological natal chart, check out this post by AstroFix.

In the Left Hand Path and many of those who work with Dark Goddesses, Lilith is an inspiration for those who fight for reproductive rights, womxn’s rights and gender equality.

To know more about the left hand path, check out Lords of the Left-Hand Path: Forbidden Practices and Spiritual Heresies by Stephen E. Flowers, Ph.D.

Benebell Wen has a good video about her thoughts on this subject of the differences and similarities between the left and right hand path.

Why work with Lilith in Tarot Readings?

Working with Lilith can be an empowering experience and gaining wisdom and advice from her can be moving and inspiring.

Her appearance and presence can be intimidating, as she is one of the oldest goddesses and archetypes known to humanity.

To begin working with Lilith for magick or even a tarot reading, a prayer can be recited or even a ritual performed.

To find out how to work with deities in tarot readings, check out our guest post here.

A prayer to Lilith can be said prior to doing the reading as a way to become receptive to her wisdom and energy.

A simple prayer to Lilith can be found in the book Spiritual Satanist Prayer Book by Venus Satanas (a simple pocket book ideal for left hand path practitioners.)

If you feel called to ask for the wisdom of Lilith, a tarot reading may assist to help you with if you are ready to call upon her.

If you’re looking for a ritual oil to increase your connection to Lilith, House of Gnosis offers Lilith oil made by Seven Sisters.

This Lilith Tarot Spread can be done anytime you feel the need for liberation, creativity, independence or empowerment.

Lilith Tarot Spread

The cards for the Lilith Tarot Spread can be laid out in any fashion or format that you desire.

A suggestion to lay out the cards can be in the form of a pentagram with the sixth card in the middle of the star formation.

Work with the dark goddess Lilith with this tarot spread and information to add to you witchcraft practice. #tarot #lilith #witchcraft

  1. How can I assert my independence more effectively?
  2. How can I become more creative in my life and/or work?
  3. How can I embrace every part of my sexuality?
  4. How can I liberate myself from the oppression put upon me by others and/or society?
  5. In what ways can I embrace my darker elements within me to become more powerful in my life and/or work?
  6. What message does Lilith have for me?

If you want to work with Lilith and other dark goddesses in tarot readings, the Dark Goddess Tarot Spread e-book has tarot spreads which includes another Lilith tarot spread.

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Work with the Goddess Lilith in your tarot readings and witchcraft practice. Get wisdom from Lilith in this tarot spread. #tarot #lilith #witchcraft

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4 thoughts on “Lilith Tarot Spread

  1. Thanks! I had great results with your Lilith spread. The position of the 6th card, what message does Lilith have for me, was The Empress. It actually brought me to tears a little bit. I take it as a message of motherly acceptance, which is a great thing.

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  2. Hello!

    First of all thank you so much for this information, it help me a lot to learn more about Lilith and the other dark goddess!

    Here’s my question: I can do this with runes? Or is just for tarot cards?


    • Hi there! I’m not entirely familiar with reading with runes; however if one’s familiar or proficient in any divination system (e.g. runes) then it shouldn’t be a problem to find the answers that you need with this spread. If you feel runes would work for you, why not give it a try to see how it works? It can’t hurt to see what comes up to use the runes. 😊 Best of luck to you! 🔮🐾


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