Banish Fear and Anxiety Spell

Quick and easy witchcraft spell to banish fear and anxiety. #witchcraft #magick #spells


Everyone experiences fear and anxiety from time to time when we get nervous about what’s happening or what’s going to happen.

However, fear and anxiety prevent us from living the life that we want to live and holds us back from being confident and fulfilled.


This quick and easy spell to banish fear and anxiety can be done anytime you feel anxious or fearful about what’s going on in your life.


Banish Fear and Anxiety Spell


What’s needed:


  • Black tapered candle
  • Banishing oil
  • Salt (white or black witches’ salt)
  • Ceramic plate
  • Toothpick


Time / Day / Moon Phase:


  • Any time of day/night; any day; any moon phase.

This spell is more of an “emergency” spell when you need to remove and banish your fear and anxiety.




Gather all your items in a place where you’ll have it readily available.



To begin the Banish Fear and Anxiety Spell:


Take the black candle in your hand and carve the words “FEAR ANXIETY” into the black candle with the toothpick.

Start at the bottom half of the candle and continue to carve these words until there is no more room on the candle.

Take some of the banishing oil and anoint the candle starting at the middle portion of the candle and spread the oil to the ends of the candle.


Next, hold the candle and project all your fears and anxieties into the candle, taking as much time as you need to visualize and feel the fear and anxiety leaving you.

Melt the bottom of the candle just enough to affix the candle to centre of the ceramic plate.

Place the black candle on the centre of the plate and continue the visualization to project all your fear and anxiety into the candle that the black candle absorbs it.


Pour salt in the clockwise circle around the black candle, making the circle complete with no breaks in the circle.


Visualize one more time to put all your fears and anxieties into the candle, then light the candle.

Place the candle in a safe place away from children, pets and drafts/windows and let burn until the candle goes out on it’s own.

Keep an eye on the candle during the spell to make sure it burns safely.

And that’s it!


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Quick and easy witchcraft spell to banish fear and anxiety. #witchcraft #magick #spell



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