Sweeten-Them-Up Sugar Bowl Spell

Sweeten-Them-Up Sugar Bowl Spell can be customized to get someone to be sweeter and kinder to you. #witchcraft #spells #hoodoo


Sugar bowl spells can be super easy to do and most people have sugar in their home, so it’s a quick and simple spell to do anytime.

If you’re familiar with honey jar spells, then you may already be aware of sugar bowl spells.


So what are sugar bowl spells used for?


Sugar bowl spells can be used to “sweeten” someone or a situation up to you.


For example, this can be done to get a potential partner or love interest to be sweet on you.

It can also be used to sweeten someone up that you may have an issue with or had an argument with.

Boss getting harsh on you? Try a sugar bowl spell to get them to start being nicer to you.


We’ll go over an outline for a simple sugar bowl spell that you can customize for yourself depending on your situation and needs.


Sweeten-Them-Up Sugar Bowl Spell


For this easy sugar bowl spell, you’ll need:


A jar or bowl or container


This can be made of glass, silver, bronze, gold or even plastic (like a Ziploc container).

The bowl or jar will need to have a lid to seal it tightly.

Plastic is generally not used, but if you’re really in a pinch and can’t find anything else in a hurry, then plastic isn’t so bad.


Witchcraft shouldn’t break your budget or have you going from store to store for the “perfect” item.


Feel free to re-use and re-purpose everyday items in your home.

When using any container or item for spells, remember to cleanse and consecrate the container or item first.

Sage, palo santo, incense or even Florida water are good examples for cleansing.




This can be white granular sugar, but other types of sugars can be used such as brown sugar.

For the sugar spell, you’ll want to use loose granulated sugar instead of sugar cubes.




For the spell, you can also use candles in addition to the sugar bowl.

The candle or candles can be placed on top of the jar or bowl (on top of the lid) or it can be placed next to or around the jar or bowl.


The candle colour should match your intention for the spell.

If you don’t have a specific colour that you need, then white coloured candles can be used to replace any type of colour.

Tapered candles are ideal, but if you can’t find or don’t have any tapered candles, then votive or even tea light candles can be used.




For this spell, we’ll also use ritual oils to add to the spell.

Depending on the type of spell work you’re doing, you’ll want to match the ritual or spell oil to the purpose of your spell.

For more information on oils in spells and witchcraft, be sure to check out Oils in Witchcraft & Hoodoo.

We’ll give a few examples later in the post as we go over the spell.




Paper can be used to write your petition (purpose or desire for the spell) and/or name of the person you want to “sweeten”.

This paper is then folded up and put in the sugar jar/bowl/container and covered with sugar.

This paper can also be anointed with the oil that matches the purpose of the spell.

The paper doesn’t have to be big at all and can be done on blank scrap pieces of paper with enough room to right the name and your petition.



Outline for the Sweeten-Them-Up Sugar Bowl Spell


To begin, gather all the items needed for the spell:


  • Jar, bowl or container
  • Sugar
  • Candle(s) (optional)
  • Oil
  • Piece of paper (a small torn piece is best)


Cleanse and consecrate your jar, bowl or container and candles if you’re using any.


If you’re using candles, anoint your candle(s) with your chosen oil that matches your intention such as: Love oil, Influence oil or Boss Fix oil.

If you wish, you can carve the name of the person into the candle also.


The candle should match your intention, so if you’re doing friendship, pink or yellow may be best; romance and love, red; a boss, yellow or orange.

(These are just my personal colour references, but use what feels right to you based on your associations and traditions with colour magick.)


Take your piece of paper and write your petition and/or name of the person that you want to sweeten on you.


For example, you can write the name of:

  • a potential love interest
  • someone that you had an argument with
  • someone that’s mad at you
  • your boss’s name
  • your co-worker’s name
  • a family member’s name.


However, try to limit to one person per jar or if it is a group of people for the same issue (such as if you have two bosses or managers that you want to work on.)

Keep the sugar bowl spell to one purpose at a time.

If you have more than one person for different reasons, then it’s best to use a separate sugar bowl for that person.


For a petition, you can write something like:


“(Name of person), be nice and kind to me.”


Then fold up the paper to be small enough to fit in your container.


Take a dab of oil on your finger and put some of the oil on the piece of paper on all sides.


For example, if you’re working a love interest, you can use an oil intended for love and romance.

If you’re working on your boss, you can try Boss Fix Oil.

Influence Oil can also work as well.


Take your jar/bowl/container and pour sugar into it about almost half-way into it.

Place the piece of paper in the container then add more sugar on top of it until the paper is completely covered.


For extra good measure, you can add a drop of the oil again to the sugar and then add a bit more sugar to cover the oil.


Seal the container or jar with the lid.


Repeat the name of the person and your petition several times over the jar until you feel your intention is set.


Take your candle, and place on top of the jar/bowl or next to it (or around the jar/bowl if you have more than one candle.)


Recite the name and/or your petition over the candles and jar/bowl for as long as you feel you can keep concentrating on it.

Allow the candle to burn safely until it can extinguish.


If you can’t let it burn on its own, snuff out the candle (don’t blow it out) and relight it when you can be near it.

When you relight it again, recite the name of the person and/or petition over the jar/bowl and candle for as long as you feel you can do so.


After the Sweeten-Them-Up Sugar Bowl Spell


So when you’re done the spell, the candle is out or if you didn’t light a candle and you feel it’s time to put the bowl of sugar away, what next?


What do you do with the sugar and paper after the spell is done?


Since this is a spell that you’ll likely want to keep working even after the spell is done, you may want to keep it stored away in a safe place for the long term.


This is a spell that you can do again and again.


You can later take the paper and anoint it again with oil to “freshen” up the spell.

Place the paper back in the sugar and burn a candle next or on top of it again (anointing the new candle also.)


You may also decide to renew the sugar after a while and add new sugar to the spell.

To dispose of the sugar from the sugar bowl spell (whether you want to dispose of it or replace the sugar), you can bury it on your property with the paper or keep the paper and reuse it in new sugar in a bowl again.

If burying the sugar on your property, be sure to bury it deep enough so that animals won’t easily dig it up (since the sugar will have traces of oil on it that could be harmful.)



Customize your Sugar Bowl Spell


This sugar bowl spell is just a simple outline that you can customize to make it your own.

This spell can be done within a cast circle, sacred space, or any place that you usually do your spells and magick.

Feel free to customize it any way you want, with any petition that you want to help make someone be kinder or sweeter to you.


Until next time!

Stacey & the Tarot Pugs


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Sweeten-Them-Up Sugar Bowl Spell can be customized to get someone to be sweeter and kinder to you. #witchcraft #spells #hoodoo



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4 thoughts on “Sweeten-Them-Up Sugar Bowl Spell

  1. Hi how are you? I made a sugar water jar spell one month ago after one month some signs of its working are noticeable gradually. I have a question last night but when i was shaking this jar randomly some of its sweet liquid came out of it quickly. Do you think this will have any effect on my spell results and manifesting my desired outcomes? Please answer thanks very much


    • Hi! I would imagine the results may “leak” or weaken energetically, but I believe it can be amended or “patched up”. If it happened to be, I would find a way to “seal” it again such as with an oil to match the intention and put oil around the lid and edges of the lid, a candle on the top (if possible) to seal some wax on it and then depending on the intention, charging it under the next new moon or full moon. This can “seal” and “feed” your jar. Hope that helps! 🙂


  2. Hello, please help me. I did the sweeten jar spell and my husband began yelling at me for no apparent reason. I have put this down to resistance to the sweeten jar spell but i need your advice and clarity. Is his anger towards me a reaction to the jar and if so, should i keep doing the jar spell and remain optimistic. Thank you


    • Sorry for the delay. We had a power outage due to tornadoes over the weekend. I may suggest searching about honey jar spells. However you may want to try spells with black candles first then follow up with white candles. This may help to clear negativity then bring positivity. If you live in Canada or elsewhere, try thewitchery.ca and get “Influence” powder and/or oil. This can help influence behaviour but can take continuous work. If you live in the US, I would suggest a “Peace” candle by Haus of Hoodoo that stocks her candles usually on Saturdays at 6pm CDT/CST time. Or try a place that sells hoodoo “peace” candles. They are usually white. You may need something a little stronger than a sugar spell jar. Herbs that promote peace (a search online may help) and white candles, maybe rose petals dried and grounded (in white, pink or yellow colour – but not red). You can try a herb satchet with herbs that promote peace and happy home and burning white candles, to pray over and keep in your home. Hope that helps.♡


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