Dark Moon Magick and Spells

Find out how to work with the dark moon by using magick and spells. #witchcraft

The dark moon phase is a time when some of the most potent moon magick and spells can be done to release, banish, hex/curse, break hexes/curses and communicate with spirits.

Some magickal practitioners don’t recommend working with the dark moon phase due to the uncertain energy during this time.

However, with proper understanding of correspondences, magickal applications and caution, it can be a powerful resource.

If you’re familiar with dark goddesses and the energy of the dark moon, then you may be better prepared to work with the dark moon phase in your magick and spell work.

Here we’ll look at a bit about the dark moon, then later about spells to work with this powerful moon phase.

The Dark Moon Phase & Witchcraft

In an earlier post, we looked at working with the dark moon and what types of magick can be done during this moon phase.

Here we’ll summarize and add to it.

Dark moon magick and spells can include:

  • communication with spirits (mediumship)
  • working with spirits (petitions) / necromancy
  • honouring or working with ancestors
  • divination
  • cursing or curse-breaking
  • hexing or breaking hexes
  • jinxing or breaking jinxes
  • banishing
  • exorcisms
  • shadow work
  • underworld journeys
  • protection
  • removing fears /addictions / bad habits / illness
  • removing relationships or people from your life
  • releasing grief / sorrow / sadness / regret / despair
  • honouring underworld deities such as Hekate, Cerridwen, The Morrighan, Persephone, Osiris
  • working with the Crone aspect.

The full moon is the culmination and climax of the moon cycle which afterwards the moon’s light begins to fade until the dark moon.

The waning moon phase is a time to release and let go leading up until the dark moon phase which is the last phase before the new moon.

Magick during the dark moon is the last final push to exorcise, release, banish, remove or dig deeper into the underworld before the first sliver of the crescent moon appears in the night sky.

Next, we’ll look at examples on the kind of dark moon spells you can do and what you can use for them to make them more potent.

Dark Moon Magick and Spells

Plants, Herbs and Dark Moon Magick

First, let’s talk a little about plants and herbs in dark moon magick.

Toxic plants can be commonly used in dark moon magick, but caution needs to be taken when using them.

The same goes for many plants that although may be safe for humans, may be toxic to pets.

Certain herbs and plants may add more power to your spells that are connected with the dark moon energy and dark goddesses.

For example, plants like wolfsbane (a toxic plant – use with caution and never burn indoors), hemlock (another toxic plant) or even garlic can be used in dark moon spells to add potency to spells depending on the type of work you’re doing.

For a full list of herbs for spells and magick, be sure to check out The Magickal Cat Herb Grimoire.

Here are some spell examples and magick for the dark moon:

Banishing Spells

Spells for banishing or removing something or someone from your life can be more powerful when performed daily between the day after the full moon and the day before the new moon.

In those spells, the dark moon phase gives the final push and send-off for the spell just before the new moon.

Banishing Spell #1

A simple banishment dark moon spell can be done simply with a black candle burned for a short amount of time each day during the waning moon phase until the dark moon phase.

Depending on the length of the candle (tall glass vigil candles work best), it may take the entire waning period to burn the candle or it may take less.

Either way, continue to burn the black candle in small increments (~15 minutes a day) until the candle can’t be burned anymore.

This method can also be done with a small candle burned completely each day and a new candle burned every day on the day after the full moon until the last day of the dark moon.

To add to the spell, you can place a circle of white coarse sea salt or black salt around the candle (use a tray or cookie sheet for the salt and candle, for easy clean-up afterwards.)

To dispose of the candle remnants, gather all and any of the candle drippings and stubs and bury them off and away from your property.

Any herbal or plant remnants from spells, including salt or black salt if used during the spell, can be thrown at a crossroad (a Y or T crossroad shape) or into a moving body of water off and away from your property.

When doing so, throw the remnants away from you and walk away without looking back.

Caution should be made when it comes to toxic herbs or plants (if used) which should be disposed of properly and carefully.

These should be buried far from your property, deep enough that local wildlife or roaming pets can’t easily access it.

Banishing Spell #2

This banishing spell can be done by writing what you want to banish on a piece of torn paper, folding it three times away from you and burning it in a cauldron or fireproof dish until you have only ashes.

Mix the ashes with black salt (white coarse sea salt works also), black pepper and garlic powder in a container with a lid.

Shake the container to break up and remove what you want from your life.

Then throw the ash and salt mixture into a crossroad (where two roads meet in the shape of a Y or a T) during one of the nights of the dark moon.

Walk away without looking back.

Banishing Spell #1 & #2 Together

For a greater effect, you can combine banishing spell #1 and #2 and repeat them over the period of the waning moon phase and the dark moon phase (or just the dark moon phase.)

Then throw all the leftovers and remnants (from all the spells done) on the last day of the dark moon at a Y- or T-shaped crossroad.

Spells with Ancestors and Spirits

To work magick with ancestors and spirits takes time and dedication to build a relationship and rapport with your ancestors and other spirits (necromancy) before you can ask them for favours.

In an earlier post, How to Work with Your Ancestors we talked about creating an altar space and developing a working relationship with your ancestors.

This kind of relationship can take months to years to develop.

This often includes regular or daily offerings and devotions to get in the good favours of your ancestors or other spirits that you want to work with.

Since the dark moon phase each month is equivalent (somewhat) to Samhain in the autumn season, the veil is thinner during the moonless nights.

When you feel you’ve an established working relationship with your ancestors or spirits, you can leave a candle, offerings, prayers and a petition on your altar for them to assist with anything related to the energy of the dark moon.

Protection Spells & Magick

The dark moon is also a good time to do protection magick and call upon the Dark Goddess for additional protection.

It’s said that placing a picture of Hekate at a doorway or by an outside door warns wandering spirits who roam not to bother the inhabitants who are followers of their underworld Goddess.

If you feel more vulnerable at the time during the dark moon, you can use the dark moon energy to cleanse and protect your home.

If you don’t regularly do magick to protect your home (or forget to), you can work magick to do a protection spell to last you from between dark moon to the next dark moon.

Black salt or white coarse sea salt can be sprinkled around the perimeter of your home or property, on window sills and external doorway entries.

Protection oil can be dabbed on windows and doors as well as Florida water on windows or added to a floor wash to clean floors.

Take out any recycling and garbage the day before the new moon.

This includes anything that’s no longer needed that can be given away, donated, sold or thrown out on the curb.

Burn a black candle anointed with protection oil and/or burn protection incense during the dark moon for additional protection.

Cursing, Hexing & Jinxing

These are topics that aren’t generally openly talked about in witchcraft communities as much as other topics, but still need to be addressed.

The dark moon is an ideal time for curses, hexes and jinxes, but also for breaking these spells.

Every witch has their own reason for doing such work and needs to be aware of and prepared the consequences of them.

Now before you say, “I’d never put a curse on someone! That’s asking for trouble!” think of the last time you may have cursed at someone out in anger.

From time to time, every one of us as given “the evil eye” or wished ill upon someone else.

Thoughts have power.

Witch or no witch.

A spell to curse, hex or jinx someone is more of a conscious act that’s planned and practiced to carry it out.

While most people who don’t even practice witchcraft will cuss, curse at or wish ill upon another person at some point.

Since there are ways to create a hex, curse or jinx, you should be aware of ways to break these if needed.

Before attempting your first hex, jinx or curse, you should be thoroughly well prepared to know how to break them if necessary – especially if you feel you’ve been hexed, jinxed or cursed.

Again, the most powerful time for these spells is during the waning moon leading up to the last day of the dark moon (the most potent time.)

If looking for a few recommended items, The Witchery has excellent goods available for jinxes and hexes (and removing them). (*not affiliated link)

Dark Moon Magick and Spells

The dark moon is often seen as a time of rest, that many would say is loosely equivalent to a moon in void-of-course (an astrological term).

However, the dark moon can be a powerfully strong time to harness this energy when you know how to use it.

It can take months to develop a working relationship with a dark goddess and even years to build upon it.

Yet, it can be rewarding and offer profound insight, revelations and guidance into occult mysteries revealed only by the Dark Goddess herself.

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Learn how to work with the dark moon phase with these spells and magick in witchcraft. #darkmoon #magick #spells #witchcraft


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