Money Drawing Honey Jar Spell

Looking for a money drawing witchcraft spell? Try this money drawing honey jar spell.

If you’re looking for a simple money drawing spell, then the money honey jar spell is the one to go for.

Honey is used in spells to sweeten someone or something towards you and can also be used in spells to continuously have the spell work for you.

The magickal effects of honey are longer lasting, but often aren’t permanent as in all done in one shot like some spells done in witchcraft.

Honey jar spells often need to be worked on regularly for a longer duration until the effects of the spell are no longer noticed or felt.

Let’s see how to do a simple money honey jar spell:


Money Drawing Honey Jar Spell


What’s needed:

  • Glass jar with metal lid (small to medium size will work; mason jars are excellent too)
  • Honey (any honey will work – however best if you can find locally sourced and/or organic honey)
  • Money drawing herbs (use any of the following: basil, peppermint, cinnamon, nutmeg)
  • Small piece of paper (with edges of the paper torn – no straight cut edges)
  • Pen
  • Green tapered candles (small or medium sized)
  • Money drawing oil
  • Lighter or matches
  • Spoon (small or teaspoon)

Best day(s) to start money drawing honey jar spell:

  • Monday, Wednesday or Friday

Best moon phase(s) to start money drawing honey jar spell:

  • New moon, waxing moon

Best days to work money drawing honey jar spell:

  • Sunday to Friday

*Although it’s best to work the money honey jar spell during the waxing moon phase, it can still be effective during the waning moon phase if you’re still in need of money (e.g. the waning moon phase is in the latter half of the month and you still need money for rent and end of month expenses.) Don’t feel restricted to only work the jar spell during the waxing moon phase. Work the jar spell as often as you need to.



To begin the Money Drawing Honey Jar Spell:

Prepare the petition paper for the spell.

Take the piece of paper and write four times your wish in a row.

This could be a dollar amount (write the words of the number rather than the numbers) or a word such as “prosperity” or “money”.







Turn the paper 90° to the left and write your wish across the words already written.

Turn the paper 90° to the left and write your wish again across the words already written.


Then one more time, turn the paper 90° to the left and write your wish across the words already written.

Fold the paper towards yourself until the paper is a small square and anoint the paper with some of the money drawing oil.


While thinking of your wish and petition, fill the jar with the honey and then with a spoon place the petition paper into the centre of the jar.

As you keep your thoughts on the purpose of the jar, sprinkle some of the money drawing herbs into the jar on top of the honey.

Carefully put the lid on the jar and make sure the seal is tight and closed securely.


If you wish you can put some of the money drawing on the sides of the jar (but it may be better to avoid placing the oil on top of the jar lid for now.)

Next, take your green candle and place some of the money drawing oil onto the candle.

Start the oil from the middle of the candle and draw the oil to the top of the candle from the middle and from the middle to the bottom of the candle.

With the lighter (preferably), melt the bottom of the candle and drip some of the wax on to the centre top of the lid on the jar.


Place the candle in the melted wax on the jar lid so the candle is affixed to the lid.

Hold it steady until the wax is cooled and the candle is set.

Light the candle and allow the candle to burn completely.

Be sure to keep the jar and candle within your sight (and not unattended) while it’s burning.


To work the spell again, place another money drawing oil dressed candle on top of the jar and light the candle.

And that’s the spell in its entirety.


This money drawing honey jar spell is quite effective and after the initial spell is created, it only requires green candles to maintain its effectiveness.

Depending on the type of candles that are used, sometimes wax will accumulate and form onto the jar creating an aesthetically pleasing spell jar.


However, over time if may become more difficult to affix a candle when there is a lot of wax on the jar.

If this is the case, the wax on the top of the jar can be melted with a long lighter (used for glass vigil candles) and some of the wax can be scraped away to make room for a new candle.


Honey Jar Spell Disposal


Although at some point it won’t be possible to work the jar anymore whether there is too much wax on the jar or you find the spell jar isn’t producing results like it used to.


Honey jar spells can work for several weeks or months and then may need to be disposed of if the spell isn’t working anymore.

This may be due to the energy and “life force” of the honey has been completely used up and a new honey jar can be created.


To dispose of the honey spell jar, here are a three (3) recommendations:


1. Bury the jar on your property or in a place/area where you keep positive spell working remains. This is the most traditional form of disposing spell workings, but is becoming less environmentally friendly in 21st century witchcraft as glass and wax aren’t biodegradable.


2. Mentally “deactivate / decommission” the jar and remove the wax (if any) and ingredients from the jar. If you wish, you can thank the jar for its work and service. Because glass isn’t biodegradable, witches and magickal practitioners are becoming more conscientious about the environment and are reconsidering about burying objects such as glass in the ground.

Instead of burying the glass, you can bury the honey, herbs and paper in the ground which is biodegradable.


However, because honey often will attract ants and insects, it’s advisable not to bury the honey too close to your home. It may be better to bury the honey, herbs and paper on the inside edge of your property or yard.

The wax can be saved and collected, stored in a jar or container. Wax can be melted and a new candle can be formed.

Continue to collect all wax remnants for a certain purpose (money drawing, protection, etc.) and a new candle with that wax can be remolded for the same purpose for another witchcraft spell.

Clean the jar and lid with an environmentally-friendly dish cleaning agent (with no harsh chemicals) and if possible place the jar in a large pot of boiling water with spiritual cleansing agents or herbs such as a little bit of camphor (be sure not to let pets or persons drink the water and be sure to clean the pot thoroughly after using.)

Let the jar and lid air dry. If a mason jar was used, a new lid can be used if reusing the jar (if desired.)


3. If burying the biodegradable ingredients isn’t a possible option, then placing the biodegradable ingredients in a compostable/biodegradable bag and disposing it in a garbage bin or compost bin will suffice.

Keep the wax out of the garbage (landfill) and clean the jar as mentioned above to reuse again for another honey jar spell.

Because the jar is thoroughly cleansed, the jar can be used for any other magickal purpose whether money drawing honey jar spell or any other kind of jar spell.


And there you have it – a simple and easy money drawing honey jar spell.

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7 thoughts on “Money Drawing Honey Jar Spell

    • I heard it from a friend and it makes a lot of sense. I’m all about practicality. Some things in spells shouldn’t be reused (ie cursing, banishing, hexing), but for positive workings, if the items are cleansed properly, it shouldn’t be a problem to reuse. Saving the environment and money!😊

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  1. I’ve been in the room and have let the candle just burn down. Does it need one constantly lit to work or just a fix a new one when I feel the effect from the first candle waning?


    • Working a candle spell (whether a jar, bottle or another form of spell) can be worked in a few different ways if you want to keep the effect of the candle working. For example, a candle can be lit on certain days of the week that match your intentions such as on days that are good for money, love, success, banishing, binding, etc. For money, if you want to work the spell to keep money flowing, you can light a candle on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays. This can be narrowed down to twice or once a week if your schedule only permits certain days – any Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays would suffice and don’t need to be the same day each week.

      However, if you find that you’re unable to keep a schedule to light on certain days of the week, the candle can be lit also at least once a week (if desired), then worked continuously for a few days, or return to working the jar when the need arises. I keep my jar on a table and work with it on/off throughout the month until I can’t place a candle on top of it due to the excess wax on the lid of the jar. When that happens, I dispose of that jar and create a new one.

      A good rule of thumb magickally is that to keep money flowing, it’s good to have some sort of talisman, spell jar or amulet that gets your attention or energy “fed” into it. If it becomes neglected, the flow of money will soon dry up also. This is the same for lodestones for drawing money. While it doesn’t hurt to let the jar “do its magick”, it will need attention, focus and care regularly so as to keep the spell/magick working effectively.

      Hope that helps!


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