What is a Candle Wax Divination Reading?

Learn what a candle wax divination reading is as done by psychics, fortune tellers, shamans and witches.

Divining with candles to tell the future has been a common tradition in many cultures and traditions, particularly in Ukraine, the Carpathians, Slavic and Balkan countries.

This tradition has been done on certain days of the year such as St. Andrew’s Day on December 13.

St. Andrew is the patron saint of Ukraine which the feast day of St. Andrew was celebrated with various folk traditions and customs.

Divination games were commonly done on St. Andrew’s Day such as young girls would divine with the candle wax to see who their future husbands would be.

The tradition of candle wax divination is still done by fortune tellers known as vorozhka (ворожка) and mol’far/mol’farka (Hutsul / Carpathian shamans) in Ukraine.

Candle Wax Divination Readings

The process of the candle wax reading can be ritualistic with preparation made beforehand to prepare the space and items for the reading.

This is the basic ingredients that I use for my own candle wax divination readings:

  • a clean bowl,
  • fresh cold water that’s “charged” energetically,
  • blessed beeswax candle, and
  • herbs to cleanse the space.

As for most psychic readings, it’s ideal to cleanse and prepare your space to clear the energies from the room and call in your spirit guides, spirit helpers or ancestors.

If you haven’t developed a relationship yet with your spirit guides and want to get to know who your spirit guides are, check out Your Guide to Spirit Guides e-book.

If you want to work with your ancestors for psychic readings and/or tarot readings, have a look at How to Work with Your Ancestors.

A prayer to the spirits and ancestors can be recited before the reading begins and work to shift consciousness to attune to the higher/other realms.

An example of a prayer before a candle wax divination reading may be the following:

I call to the spirits and ancestors to join me.
Let me hear your words clearly.
Let me interpret these symbols as best as possible.
I give thanks to the spirits and ancestors.

Ukrainian version:

Я закликаю духів і предків приєднатися до мене.
Дозвольте мені чітко почути ваші слова.
Дозвольте мені інтерпретувати ці символи якнайкраще.
Я дякую духам і предкам.

The candle is lit and wax is slowly dripped into the water until there is enough amount of wax shapes in the water.

For the beginner, the fewer shapes of wax in the water is a good start (only 1 to 3 shapes.)

The shapes are then interpreted based on what’s seen with the wax in the water.

The candle can be extinguished after the wax drippings have been created.

Interpreting the Shapes of the Wax

For interpreting the shapes and symbols in the water from the candle wax reading, this can be done by different sources.

A dream dictionary may be a good place to start and other sources online or in books that list psychic symbols.

Here is an example of a candle wax reading:

Here are a two sources to start with interpreting your symbols and shapes (these are good also for any clairvoyance readings):

The Book of Psychic Symbols: Interpreting Intuitive Messages by Melanie Barnum

Dream Moods

Trusting Your Own Psychic Interpretations

Some of the best interpretations for clairvoyance and psychic readings is to trust what first comes to mind.

This works also through associations and what you associate with certain symbols or images. This will differ from person to person.

For example, if you happen to like black cats, you may have the feeling that cats and black cats are lucky. However, if someone was raised that cats are bad, then they may associate seeing a symbol of a cat as a warning.

If you like dogs, you may see dogs as friendly and may symbolise companionship. However, if you’re afraid of dogs, you may see the symbol of a dog as an attack.

Another example is that if you see a flower, this could mean springtime, happiness, something delicate, fragile, a wedding, etc. This will all depend on what comes to your mind and feels right for you.

The key is to work with your associations and symbols that have meaning for you.

In time, you’ll develop your own system that works for you.

Predicting when Something Will Happen with Candle Wax Readings

Predicting when something will happen can take time and trial and error.

For myself, I can predict up to a year or longer that something may happen. For other psychics and tarot readers that do predictive readings, every reader will have their own time frame when and how far they can predict an event to happen.

Knowing to trust your inner psychic is the key.

This practice can be developed by predicting things within a shorter period of time to develop and flex your psychic muscles.

Try predicting something for the upcoming week (7 days) and record your predictions. You can also start predictions at the beginning of each month for what you feel may happen during that month.

You may also work with predictions during the new moon or full moon phases, sabbats (such as Samhain) and at the end of the calendar year (December 31) to predict what will happen in the next year.

If you choose to work with predictions in your psychic readings or tarot readings, writing down your predictions in a journal only for your predictions will make it easier to refer back to when you predicted it.

When recording your predictions, be sure to write down the day, time and any other information that may be necessary including any notable astrological aspects or the moon phase/sign.

To know more about making time predictions but with tarot, be sure to check out How to Make Time Predictions with Tarot.

When working with psychic readings, there aren’t any hard or fast rules about predicting when or where something will happen and it will depend on trusting your own inner “High Priestess.”

Reading books on psychic abilities may help to develop these psychic abilities, so try these books to get started on this journey:

Psychic Witch: A Metaphysical Guide to Meditation, Magick & Manifestation by Mat Auryn

Psychic Abilities for Beginners by Melanie Barnum

Disposal of the Candle Wax Reading

After the candle wax reading is finished, the wax is removed from the water and discarded in the garbage.

The water in the bowl can be taken outside and poured on the ground or next to a tree to give thanks.

If you’re doing a reading for yourself with candle wax, you can reuse the candle again and again for yourself.

If doing a reading for another person, it’s recommended to begin with a new candle for each querent/sitter for each reading.

If there’s more than one question for querent/sitter in one session, the same candle can be used.

Tapered beeswax candles are ideal for the candle wax readings as they are natural. Smaller candles may be used compared to larger candles which are also cheaper.

Recommended beeswax candles (not affiliated):

The Witchery


Gammy’s Beezwax Candles

Curious to have a Candle Wax Reading?

Gain clarity, get spiritual messages and find out what’s ahead in your future, request your Candle Wax Divination & Tarot Reading here.

Find out what a candle wax divination reading is as done by psychics, fortune tellers, shamans and witches.
Find out what a candle wax divination reading is as done by psychics, fortune tellers, shamans and witches.
Find out what a candle wax divination reading is as done by psychics, fortune tellers, shamans and witches.
Learn what the flame, wax and soot mean when you burn your spell candle in witchcraft.
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  1. Thank you for all your information on Saint Expedite. I started my Novena and my candle did not last 7 days, should I start new candle? How do I dispose of my candle when finished?

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