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New to tarot? Learn Tarot with this ongoing blog series exploring tarot cards and more monthly,


New to tarot?

Want to learn the meanings of the tarot cards?

In this series of blog posts, we’ll look at the meanings and interpretations of each tarot card.


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Each month, we’ll explore one or two tarot cards.

In future posts, we’ll look at how to interpret tarot spreads, combinations and more.


Major Arcana Card Meanings:


The Fool

The Magician

The High Priestess

The Empress

The Emperor

The Hierophant

The Lovers

The Chariot


The Hermit

Wheel of Fortune


The Hanged Man



The Devil

The Tower

The Star

The Moon

The Sun


The World


Minor Arcana Card Meanings:


Ace of Wands

Two of Wands

Three of Wands

Four of Wands

Five of Wands

Six of Wands

Seven of Wands

Eight of Wands

Nine of Wands

Ten of Wands


Ace of Swords

Two of Swords

Three of Swords

Four of Swords

Five of Swords

Six of Swords

Seven of Swords

Eight of Swords

Nine of Swords

Ten of Swords


Ace of Cups

Two of Cups

Three of Cups

Four of Cups

Five of Cups

Six of Cups

Seven of Cups

Eight of Cups

Nine of Cups

Ten of Cups


Ace of Pentacles

Two of Pentacles

Three of Pentacles

Four of Pentacles

Five of Pentacles

Six of Pentacles

Seven of Pentacles

Eight of Pentacles

Nine of Pentacles

Ten of Pentacles


Court Card Meanings:


Learn the Tarot Court Card Meanings

Learn the Court Cards in Tarot

New to tarot? Learn tarot card meanings, the major arcana, minor arcana and court cards in this ongoing tarot blog series.



Updated: May 2 2020