Hekate Tarot Spread

Hekate (also spelled as Hecate) is the Greek goddess of witchcraft, ghosts, magic, the moon, necromancy and crossroads.

She is commonly associated as a Crone goddess, but is sometimes also known as a Triple Moon goddess.

Some depictions of Hekate show her with three heads, sometimes human, other times with the heads of a horse, a snake and a boar.

Hekate is most popularly known for helping Demeter find her daughter, Persephone, after she was abducted by Hades.

In Roman mythology, Hekate is known as the goddess Trivia. Although not known as a goddess of wisdom, Hekate does possess knowledge and insight.

Hekate is most commonly honoured at the Dark Moon (3 days before the New Moon), Samhain / Halloween, and on August 13, November 16, November 30 and January 31. Each evening of the last day of the month is also a time for honouring Hekate.

Dogs and owls are sacred to Hekate; it is said that Hekate’s presence can be known by the barking and howling of dogs and the screeching of night owls.

Hekate is also known as “The Distant One” and Her approach and demeanor can be powerful, yet distant.

She is not one to console and soothe as other goddesses who are nurturing and gentler. Yet, Hekate will always give the advice and guidance needed, albeit most definitely not sugar-coated.

Hekate Tarot Spread

This Hekate Tarot Spread is designed to get messages from Hekate when you need it the most.


This is how I prepare to do the Hekate Tarot Spread when doing this reading for myself or others. Since Hekate is my patroness goddess, I take extra time to prepare and thank Hekate in advance.

If you can, have something to represent Hekate on your altar. This can be a picture, a statue, a special candle or a crystal (moonstone and/or obsidian).

For me, I have a lovely Hekate goddess sculpture from BrigidsGrove that I have on my altar.

In addition to that, I use a ritual oil to anoint my candles and myself.

I use Hekate Ritual Oil from Anita Apothecary (sadly, this shop doesn’t ship to Canada anymore.)

Before each reading, I fill a small skull bottle with red wine as an offering to Hekate and place on my altar.

I leave the red wine on my altar until the next time that I have to do another Hekate reading.

At that time, I empty the red wine at my backyard gate and refill it with red wine again.

With candles and incense lit, I recite the Orphic Hymn to Hekate to ask for her guidance and wisdom, then cleanse my cards and begin the reading after.

These are recommendations to prepare yourself for this reading, but feel free to do what works best for you.

Hekate is a goddess that needs respect and reverence, especially if choosing to work with Her. If you are respectful and careful, there shouldn’t be any problems and repercussions.

Performing the Hekate Tarot Spread:

Arrange the cards in any way that you feel most comfortable. Set your intention again to connect with Hekate and that the messages are from Her.

Don’t be surprised or alarmed if what you sense, hear or interpret is straightforward, harsh, abrupt or blunt.

You may not get long, flowing sentences, but rather straightforward messages.

The Hekate Tarot Spread

  1. What you need to face and acknowledge
  2. What important lesson you need to learn
  3. The key to your happiness
  4. What needs to end in your life
  5. What will be reborn in your life
  6. Final message from Hekate

This Hekate Tarot Spread can be done anytime you feel the need for an honest and direct message.

This spread is also ideal for using at the dark moon (3 days before the new moon), Samhain / Halloween, and at the beginning or end of the year.

If you can, write the messages from the reading for future reference as the messages will become useful as a reminder later.

Want to hear what messages Hekate may have for you?

Request a Hekate Tarot Reading to find out.

Get messages and wisdom from Hekate, the goddess of witchcraft and necromancy with this Hekate Tarot Spread.
Get messages and wisdom from Hekate, the goddess of witchcraft and necromancy with this Hekate Tarot Spread.
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