Tarotscopes – November 2017

Want to see what November 2017 may bring? Check this month's forecast with tarot for your sun, moon and rising signs. Tarotscopes by TarotPugs.


Welcome November!

This tarot forecast looks at what November 2017 may bring based on your sun, moon and rising sign.

This month’s tarotscopes is done with The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans, using two tarot cards for each sign.

If you’re unsure about your sun, moon and/or rising sign, you can get a free natal chart at astro.com.

Let’s begin and see what may be ahead for us in November 2017.


Tarotscopes – November 2017


7 of Pentacles + 6 of Pentacles reversed


It may take a while to get the money you need or want this month.

However, an opportunity may present itself to give you the money or some funds that you need, but be careful about strings attached to it or having to jump through hoops to get it.

Caution should also be made about getting loans (big or small) as there could be a high interest rate that you may not be able to maintain or pay, or that could end up costing you more in the long term.

Read the fine print for “hidden” clauses or fees. Don’t jump at the first offer for financing without looking at other options or lenders first.

If you lend money to someone, be prepared that you may not get all of it back; lend carefully and only what you can afford to go without.

Think about the long term when it comes to money this month. The holidays are quickly approaching, so it may be better to be self-reliant and start saving rather than being stuck with added debt after the holidays.


3 of Pentacles reversed + The Emperor reversed


When it comes to work, be precise and don’t cut corners during this month. Take your time to go over every detail and make efforts to organize your work.

Keep your nose to the grindstone and do your best work; upper management, bosses and clients may take extra notice about work performance.

Leadership may be lacking at work or in an organization. Restructuring in a department or organization may happen where positions may be replaced or filled in temporarily.

In more literal terms, this may be a good month to check the foundation of your home (if you have one) and see if there’s any foundation issues that may need to be fixed.

Keep your options open that could make you happier and feel more secure. Keep up your good work which could be beneficial if you begin to look elsewhere.

If you receive criticism this month, consider the source before taking it to heart. Try to view it as constructive criticism to help you along the way to improve your work and skills.


9 of Wands + The High Priestess


Your mind can go to deep depths when you’re all alone. During this month, you may feel more withdrawn trying to work out things in your mind without telling them to anyone.

You may be thinking very deeply during this month if you let your mind wander to concerns and worries, even to suspicions and paranoia.

If you find your mind going off into the unknown, trust what your intuition is telling you and what your rational mind is trying to let you know.

Work your way through one by one down your train of thoughts to the source that started it.

If you truly feel suspicious or have nagging thoughts, sit and think them through and what might be triggering them.

If you feel you have to confront someone, be honest, but not accusatory. Feel out the situation. Let your rational mind take over and work out the details, use your Gemini charm and talk it out.


The Chariot reversed + 6 of Wands 


You may feel like a “dark horse” off to ride out into the world on your own.

There may be a lot of internal and external struggles happening; a push-pull from within and without while you try to climb your way to the top.

At times, you may question why you’re doing what you’re doing and if it’s worth it all. You may even feel you’re trying to keep your head above water during this month.

When you start to question yourself or when others try to dissuade you, think about what you want to achieve and succeed at.

You can rise above the thorns and obstacles to soar and fly above them, but it may take a few bumps, bruises and scratches to get through them.

Dig deep to find your willpower as it won’t be easy to continue on this chosen path.

The Chariot is associated with the sign Cancer, so here don’t let the negative traits of your sign get the better of you.


10 of Pentacles reversed + Wheel of Fortune 


Traditions change over time, families evolve, legacies are made.

There may be changes happening to the family dynamic or traditions. There may be news of changes within the family.

There can be talk of estate planning or handling an estate, which can put a harsh look at the reality of what the future will eventually bring.

As the holiday season will soon be here, there may be planning about trips and family get-togethers which may bring changes to long standing traditions.

Some traditions may be passed down to the younger generation, while new traditions will be made and started.

As one generation gives way to another and another after that, there always has to be adjustments made to make way for the new.

Special remembrance to past family members may be important in honouring the cycles of life/death, change and loss within families and remembering the ancestors.



10 of Wands reversed + 6 of Swords reversed 


You may feel as though you want to drop all your burdens and responsibilities off somewhere, but if you were to do that, you’d feel haunted and bothered by what remains undone.

You may have so much to do, but at the same time, no matter how much you want to escape from it all, you feel obligated to finish your long “To-Do” list.

But, as a Virgo, you’re a professional when it comes to handling tasks and responsibilities, because you do it so well and organized, which is why people seek your help often for just about everything.

Try to limit your projects during this month and decline anything that’s unnecessary or won’t pay off. Use your Virgo powers of prioritizing and tackle what you can get done.

Don’t let yourself feel attached and obligated to work all the time, every day, all month long. Try to have some fun this month.


9 of Pentacles + 3 of Swords reversed


Anything that has been bothering you in the past now seems to have been resolved or may be close to being resolved.

If you’ve had worries about whether you can enjoy what you have and the fruits of your labour, have no worries – now is the time to enjoy it.

Any pain and heartaches caused by others may soon be put to rest or at least you won’t have to worry about them as much now.

Take time to enjoy what you’ve been working on. You don’t have to be rich or own expensive items to feel blessed. Take time to be thankful for what you currently have and spending time enjoying what you have.

If you can, this may be a good month to get away, such as a vacation or to visit family and friends.

This can also be a good month to heal old emotional wounds that may have not had proper closure. Sometimes we can’t get closure we need or deserve, so we have to find ways to heal ourselves on our own.


3 of Wands reversed + 8 of Pentacles


Are you unsure about the direction that you want to go in or where you’re headed?

You may be working on project, working on a job, taking a course or studying, but not sure what will come next on the horizon.

It’s time to take a step back and refocus your efforts and energy, to reassess what you’re working on and what you’re doing. Is what you’re doing aligned with your goals?

If you have a goal in mind to be somewhere in a year, 5 years, 10 years or beyond, do you see yourself on that path currently to get there? What could you do this year or next year to get you closer to your goals?

Work and study with a purpose. Continue to work and study, but try to advance your progress over time. Align your work, study, and self with your purpose and goals as you continue to grow.


Justice reversed + Mother of Wands reversed


There may be a situation that seems unfair, which this may be centered around a person who may be passing judgement.

Be cautious also about business transactions and dealings.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If it sounds like an offer that you can’t refuse, think carefully over it and do your research. Someone may not be completely honest or upfront about all the details.

Stay extra careful about all your commercial transactions and try to limit spending to trustworthy places and establishments, especially when it comes to online shopping.

Be cautious about shopping at new or unfamiliar online shops, especially advertised sites during the holiday season approaching, without a bit of research about credibility and security.

Keep an eye on credit card transactions over the month to make sure there’s no suspicious charges.


Ace of Wands reversed + 8 of Cups


There may have been a great idea or opportunity, but it either didn’t turn out or work out as hoped. No use hanging around anymore. It’s time to pack up and move on to the next one.

This might be a literal move, but you may definitely feel the need to move onto something else, which could be a new chapter or phase in life.

As much as you may have hoped for something to work out or for an opportunity that you may have missed, don’t despair over it. You’re more resilient than you realise.

As shown in the 8 of Cups, you’re now off to the mountains in search of something else, leaving behind what no longer works for you. There is something else waiting out there for you.

No use picking up the broken pieces left behind, leave them and move on.



Mother of Swords reversed + Daughter of Swords reversed


Mother/daughter issues may arise this month which could cause disagreements, but only because you’re more similar than you realise; or that you may realise you’re both similar, which could create tension or struggles.

You may feel or be perceived as shrewd this month, discerning and nitpicking even. However, this may also make you come across as aloof and distant. Your mannerisms and sharp words can be like a double-edged sword.

Even if you seem distant and distracted to others, very little will get past you as you’ll notice and pick up on more than you let on about.

You may choose to voice your disapproval by pointing out mistakes, or you may choose to keep it to yourself and let others dig themselves deeper in holes.

You may be more judgemental than usual this month, but with age and experience, you may let others make their mistakes. A motto for you to consider this month and anytime: Live and let live.


Father of Swords + 7 of Cups


Something may not be what it seems to be, as you may sense and feel that something is “off” or “missing.” With a keen eye of observation and discernment, you may decide to sit back and see how something unfolds.

You may already have suspicions, but at the same time, several possibilities and options lay ahead of you. Keep in mind: All that glitters isn’t gold.

You may have some confusion about what to do next, what option to take, so try to use your logic and reasoning to try to make sense of it all.

There may be a lot happening this month in terms of plans, options or possibilities, but before making any decisions, gather as much information as possible on your own and from other sources.

Be extra cautious and use your judgement when it comes to any potential pyramid / Ponzi schemes and anything that sounds like a “get rich / get money quick” offer or in-person or online course.

Tarotscopes - November 2017. See what's ahead for the month of November 2017 for your sun, moon and rising signs. Tarotscopes by TarotPugs.


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