4 Ways for Grounding after Psychic & Spiritual Work

4 Ways for Grounding after Psychic and Spiritual Work TarotPugs Energy Work

In the previous post 4 Ways to Raise Your Vibration for Psychic and Spiritual Work, I wrote about how to raise your vibration to do readings and magickal work.

However, what goes up must come down.

The trick to that is to come down smoothly and safely, not to crash and deplete yourself in the process.

Whether you’re an empath, tarot/oracle reader or psychic who does readings for others, psychic energy can become attached to you. It’s not necessarily a negative, but it can create a build up of energy.

Just like you need to have a shower to remove build up and dirt that gets attached to you from outside pollutants and pollen, psychic “build-up” accumulates as well.

Too much psychic “build-up” as I call it can create some problems when the excess isn’t removed.

This can technically be done with cleansing with sage, incense and even having a shower with the mental intentions to clear yourself.

However, for this post, we’ll focus on grounding to bring your energy back down and to release any excess energy that may have be raised in the process.


4 Ways for Grounding after Psychic and Spiritual Work


1. Root Yourself


This method is one of the most common for feeling grounded and rooted. This comes from the analogy of trees and tree roots that go deep into the earth.

This can be done while seated or even standing, whichever position is most comfortable for you and wherever you are at the moment.

If standing, plant your feet firmly on the floor or ground and imagine yourself extending deep into the earth.

Send any excess energy that may be vibrating within you and send it to the earth through the extensions of your legs and feet. Feel that you’re firmly rooted to the earth, that you’re stable and secure where you are.

If you’re seated, imagine that roots extend from your root chakra and go deep into the earth.

Let your roots grab a firm hold of the earth deep below you and you feel grounded and secure. Send any excess energy that may be vibrating within you until you feel level and at ease.

Spend a few moments feeling secure and rooted to the earth. When you’re done, bring the roots back into yourself, breathe deeply and exhale.


2. Crystals


Certain crystals can help to ground and absorb excess energy that may be raised during psychic or spiritual work.

Obsidian is an excellent crystal for grounding. There are different kinds of obsidian that can be used, which some are gentler than others.

Black obsidian is pretty much the standard go-to, but rainbow obsidian works just as well and can be softer. Gold sheen and silver sheen obsidian can also be used.

Hematite is another crystal that can really bring down any excess energy. Hematite can make some people feel sluggish, but if your energy is very high, it can help to level and ground you.

Caution should be made that if you use hematite for too long for grounding, it could make you feel “heavy” and tired. If you’re unfamiliar with hematite, use for long enough until you start to feel grounded.

Smokey quartz is a good stone for grounding also. It’s not as heavy as hematite and definitely has a different feel than obsidian. If you feel that hematite and black obsidian are to “heavy”, then smokey quartz may be more suitable.

Red jasper is another stone that can help with grounding as it is connected with the root chakra.

Try different crystals connected with grounding to see which one has a better effect. Try them at different times and keep a few various grounding crystals as some may be more effective on certain days and other crystals may work better at different times.

3. Eating


Eating after doing psychic or spiritual work can help. Based on your diet and what you can eat, sometimes “heavier” foods may work to ground.

Breads, starches, cereal or anything “filling” can do the trick. Doing psychic and spiritual work can often work up an appetite.

If you do psychic or spiritual work on the go, try to keep a snack in your bag to have after your appointments. Having enough food in your stomach can help to ground you faster.

Sugar and chocolate can sometimes be craved after workings, so if your diet allows, it may be something to consider in moderation.

4. Get moving, get outside


Sometimes the best way to get grounded is to get active, get moving and get outside.

If you have a dog and/or kids, why not take a walk outside if the weather is nice? Or perhaps sit outside and enjoy the day or evening while having something to eat or drink?

Exercise can be another way to get back into your physical body and out of your “headspace”.

Be in the moment while exercising whether indoors or outdoors. Listen to music while you’re working out and feel how your body moves and reacts.

Sometimes a change of scenery can be good for the mind, body and spirit.

It may be tempting to get back to work, reading books or doing other kinds of work, but clearing the mind of everything and releasing the “leftovers” from the reading or working can be just as important.

Being in the moment and getting physical exercise, whether it’s going for a walk or run can be a great way to ground and shed extra energy that was raised.


With any of these techniques, you can combine them with burning sage, palo santo or incense such as sandalwood.

If you prefer essential oils rather than burning incense or sage, you can try the same (sage, palo santo or sandalwood) in the form of essential oils to apply on your skin or in a diffuser in addition to the above ways for grounding.

If you do spiritual or psychic work, you may sometimes not need to do grounding every time if you become accustomed to it and the energy.

However, it’s generally recommended to do a cleansing using sage or something similar to clear excess energy and to leave you feeling renewed and rejuvenated.

Find what method works for you when it comes to grounding, combining one or more to see what has the best results.

Until next time!


Stacey & the Tarot Pugs


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