The Romany Tarot Spread

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The Romany Tarot Spread is a tarot spread that uses 21 cards for a reading which you can interpret the past, present and future, and also details into other areas of your life.

There are at least two versions of the Romany Tarot Spread that I know of, here I’ll share one that I am familiar with which was one of the first spreads that I learned.

The spread is great for using your intuition because it uses more than one card in an area of your life to “paint” a picture of that scenario and allows you to get an overall view of the cards and situation or question


Learn this 21 card version of the Romany tarot spread to get an overview of the past, present, future and aspects of your current situation and life.

The Romany Tarot Spread


The spread is separated into rows A-C (horizontally) and Columns 1-7 (vertically).

Row A (top horizontal row): Past (cards 1-4 are more distant past; cards 5-7 are more recent past)

Row B (middle horizontal row): Present

Row C: (bottom horizontal row): Future (cards 15-17 are more immediate future; cards 18-21 are more distant future)

Column 1: (cards 1, 8, 15) The Self

Column 2: (cards 2, 9, 16) Personal Environment

Column 3: (cards 3, 10, 17) Hopes & Dreams

Column 4: (cards 4, 11, 18)  Known Factors

Column 5: (cards 5, 12,19) Hidden Destiny

Column 6 (cards 6, 13, 20) Short Term Future

Column 7 (cards 7, 14, 21): Long Term Future

Row C, Column 6 and Column 7 are the future row and columns, which provide an opportunity to give insight into the future events with the other cards providing “back story” and guidance.

Romany Tarot Spread Tarot Pugs TarotPugs WIld Unknown

This spread can be good for doing general/overall readings or if a situation is more complex and has many factors that play a part in it.

The Romany Tarot Spread can give a “picture” of events to clarify and make sense out of a situation, helping to get an overall sense and then analyze it closer.


Want to have a reading for yourself with the Romany Tarot Spread? Request a reading or see what readings are available at our shop.


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Title image designed in Canva.
Card images from The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans.


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