The Magic of Dogs: Gods, Goddesses, Folklore & Magick

Dogs are purely and simply magical. They’ve been humankind’s faithful companion for thousands of years. They’ve infiltrated into mythology and folklore. Dogs have been associated with gods and goddesses. While cats may be commonly affiliated with witchcraft and magick made popularized by media, witch trials and movies, dogs have their own magick and connection to … Continue reading The Magic of Dogs: Gods, Goddesses, Folklore & Magick

What is Moldavite?

There’s a lot of talk about moldavite, but what exactly is moldavite and what does it do? Misinformation about moldavite circulates around the internet every few years, which makes it all the more important to discuss about this incredibly unique stone. In this post we’ll look at: what moldavite iswhat moldavite is used forwhat the … Continue reading What is Moldavite?

How to Protect & Cleanse Your Home Spiritually Protection of the home is important for any magickal practitioner or witch, which should be done on a regular basis, no different than locking your doors at night or when you leave your home. Spiritual protection of the home can be done with different intentions or purposes whether to protect the home from spirits, … Continue reading How to Protect & Cleanse Your Home Spiritually

Ukrainian Folk Magic: The Motanka Doll Ukrainian folk traditions are rich in pagan customs which some of these traditions have been adapted in other Slavic countries. While most Slavic and Ukrainian traditions have been adapted to Eastern Orthodoxy or Christianity, some traditions remain strong and are a nod to the region's pagan past. One of these examples of Slavic folk … Continue reading Ukrainian Folk Magic: The Motanka Doll

Spiritual Underworld Journeys in Witchcraft

Spiritual journeys and astral travel are practices found in different forms of spirituality such as witchcraft, hedge riding / hedge witchcraft, shamanism and folk practices. For these spiritual journeys, there are different realms and worlds that the practitioner can work in for different purposes and reasons such as for wisdom, healing and magick. Here we’ll … Continue reading Spiritual Underworld Journeys in Witchcraft