7 Ways to Awaken Your Psychic and Mediumship Abilities

Learn these 7 ways to improve and awaken your psychic and mediumship abilities.


Do you want to awaken your psychic and mediumship abilities?

Get clearer messages from your spirit guides or loved ones in spirit?

How about access the Akashic Records and learn what’s in your “Book of Life”?


Here we’ll look at what the main psychic abilities, notable psychics and mediums and where you can get resources and materials to help you with your studies.


Let’s begin with defining what the psychic abilities are:


1. Learn about the different types of psychic abilities


Psychic abilities are often referred to as the “clairs”. This stems from the French word meaning “clear”.

Each ability is related to a physical ability or sensation in which information is “picked up” or received through psychic energy.

Learning about the different psychic abilities can sometimes awaken your abilities as you become more aware and connected to a particular “clair.”


As you learn about the different psychic abilities, you may start to become aware of what you’re more adept at.

A great psychic will have some proficiency in all the clairs, but most people will have one or more that they are more skilled at than the other clairs.

At some point, many psychics will experience all the clairs during their lifetime.

You may have experienced some of these psychic abilities and not realised it at the time.


Here are the main psychic abilities that you’ll want to learn more about:




This is clear-seeing.

Clairvoyance is often experienced through mental images in your mind.

The main misconception of clairvoyance is that the psychic actually sees visions (such as the way of a hallucination or seeing a ghost.)


This isn’t always the case and most often the image is a mental image in the mind.


Clairvoyance can be seen sometimes as:


  • a black and white image of a person, object or place
  • a shape or outline of a person, object or place
  • a coloured image of a person, object or place
  • a moving picture / scene playing in your mind


Clairvoyance is often used during divination such as scrying.





Claircognizance is clear-knowing.

This ability is often perceived as just “knowing” something without any outside information or sources.

Claircognizance is often recognized in divination such as tarot as just knowing information about a situation, person or place.

This information can often come from spirit guides and the Akashic Records or even loved ones in spirit which the information is received through claircognizance.

Claircognizance is sometimes felt physically as a “gut feeling” about something or someone and is closely connected to the solar plexus chakra.





Clairaudience is clear-hearing.

This is the ability to “hear” spirit, spirit guides, loved ones in spirit, etc. through a psychic ability.

The misconception about clairaudience is that the psychic or medium physically hears the information the same way as they hear other people.

Clairaudience is rather heard inside the mind of the psychic or medium, often in the same tone and voice as the psychic or medium.

This can make it difficult at times to distinguish between the voice of a spirit guide, loved one in spirit and the inner dialogue of the psychic or medium.


The way to differentiate between your own voice and the voice of another spirit is often in the mannerisms and tone of the message.

You can also use claircognizance and clairsentience to weigh the information source and get a better feeling of who you’re speaking with.

When uncertain about your source of clairaudience information, you can ask questions to get more information and evidential evidence about whom you’re speaking with.





Clairsentience is clear-feeling.

This is often confused with claircognizance as they are similar, but different.

Clairsentience is frequently experienced by empaths and mediums.

This psychic ability is the reception of psychic information through emotions and sometimes physical sensations.


For example, a medium may experience pressure or pain in a certain area of their body as a way to know or understand how a person died.

Clairsentience can be experienced in places where there is a lot of emotion, trauma or history in a place.

This can be for example in places such as hospitals or even former battlefields.



Three other psychic abilities that aren’t as well known are:




Clairgustance is clear-tasting.

This ability can be peculiar and anywhere from pleasing to unpleasant tastes.

Some people may taste things such as blood, certain foods or even cigarettes as a way to receive psychic information this way.





Clairalience is clear-smelling.

People will sometimes experience “phantom smells” in a place or room when there’s no source of the scent.

This is often in the form of colognes, perfume, cooking, baking or cigar/cigarette smoke.

Mystery “scents” such as that can often be a sign of spirit visitations.





Clairtangency is clear-touching.

This psychic ability is also known as psychometry.

This is often psychic information that’s received through touching or holding a physical object.

Metal objects carry the most psychic information for the longest amount of time compared to fabrics and clothing that’s often washed.

Metal is also a conductive material and therefore retains psychic information.

Through psychometry, information such as history and people who have owned or come into contact with the object can be received.



2. Study a specific psychic ability or mediumship through materials, courses or groups


Everyone learns differently and there’s an endless supply of courses, materials and online resources to further your psychic abilities.

Depending on how you learn and your budget, you can find anywhere from free resources (such as this blog) and paid courses online.


Some psychics and mediums such as James Van Praagh offer free resources along with paid courses that have a range of prices from inexpensive to costlier prices.

James Van Praagh and his School of Mystical Arts * has different courses and mini-courses, which also has some free introductory courses. *(not an affiliated link.)


The key to learning from anyone is that you must resonate with the psychic or medium, how they write or speak, in order to get the most out of it.


If you like to learn from printed materials, there are some excellent books and websites available (which have helped me.)

You can find them here in Psychic Development for Beginners.


If you want to meet other people and practice your abilities, you can find local and global Facebook groups to connect with other people.

Some Facebook groups offer practice readings in exchange for feedback and some groups have group exercises for everyone to practice.


The important thing about Facebook groups is finding a community that is supportive.

A lot of Facebook groups have a lot going on and can become chaotic.

If you’re up to joining a Facebook group, try a few and see if any of them resonate with you.

If not, don’t be afraid to leave the group and try somewhere else.

Not every group will be a good fit.



3. Read about or watch other psychics or mediums


Learning about other psychics or mediums can help you to connect and relate to their experiences and may help you to realise some of your own psychic experiences.

Every psychic has their own “origin story” about how they became psychic or a medium.

Some psychics started at a very young age, while others didn’t develop their abilities until late childhood or even adulthood.

Just because you weren’t seeing dead people as a child (like in the movie, The Sixth Sense) doesn’t mean you can’t ever be psychic or a medium.


Some notable past and present psychics and mediums to learn about:


  • Sylvia Browne
  • Edgar Cayce
  • James Van Praagh
  • Theresa Caputo
  • John Edward
  • John Holland
  • Tyler Henry
  • Irene Hughes
  • Ruth Montgomery
  • Colin Fry
  • Colette Baron-Reid


Read books or resources about their lives, their “origin story” and biographies about them.

Some psychics have printed works about their experiences as a psychic or medium.


Sylvia Browne books were popular in the 80s and 90s and Edgar Cayce (aka The Sleeping Prophet) has several books containing his life’s work.

This can also include watching these psychic and mediums during their performances to get a sense of how each of them works.


This can teach you the process of giving a good reading, plus you can learn to ‘tap’ into the energy that is raised and created by the psychic.

This can be done in a live performance or through watching online videos of seminars and readings.



4. Learn about the Akashic Records


The Akashic Records is a source of information similar to a records hall where all the information that ever was and ever will be is stored there.

This records hall is accessed psychically and through astral travel to retrieve information, which is then interpreted through one or more of the psychic abilities.

Most notable of the Akashic Records is called the “book of life”.


The Book of Life is a recording of events (past, present and future) of the past, present and future incarnations for each and every living being.

Everyone can access their own book of life and psychics can access the Book of Life for their clients to get information needed during a psychic reading.


Accessing the Akashic Records requires raising your vibration and activating their Higher Chakras (more here about the Higher Chakras).

To know more about accessing the Akashic Records, be sure to check out Psychic Tip: Akashic Records.



5. Learn about spirit guides


The key to being a good or even excellent psychic or medium is to remove the ‘ego’ from all readings and psychic development.

The purpose of psychic work is to be of service rather than for self-gain.

However, that isn’t to say that psychic abilities can’t be used to improve your life.


If you let your ego make you feel “more powerful than others”, “smarter than others”, “better than others” because you have these gifts, that can shut down your psychic abilities.

When you accept that you’re a receiver of information, that spirit will only tell you what you need to know and that spirit feels is necessary for you to know or to relay to others, then psychic work comes from being of service to others.


That being said, most often psychic information can come from spirit guides who are assigned to you and help you on your path.

Everyone has spirit guides, while some people have more spirit guides than others.

This all depends on what type of work the person does and what their life purpose is during a specific lifetime.


For most psychics and mediums, they work closely with their spirit guides and know who is on their “spirit team.”

A gatekeeper spirit guide (which everyone has) works with psychics and mediums to help them to connect with Spirit and the spirit guides or loved ones of other people.


To know more about gatekeeper spirit guides, read more here: What’s a Gatekeeper Spirit Guide?


Meditation can help you to connect with one or more of your spirit guides as well as divination such as tarot.


To know more about spirit guides, get your free PDF e-book Connect with Your Spirit Guides.



6. Learn a divination technique


Divination can help to awaken psychic abilities, but it doesn’t happen over night.

Learning a new divination tool takes a combination of practical study, a little bit of memorization and then adding your own intuitive insights to the mix.


Tarot is super popular right now, but for some people it can be a struggle.

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t be psychic just because you can’t get the hang of tarot.


Experiment with different types of divination tools, sometimes people become very skilled and adept in less common forms of divination.


Try some other divination tools to jumpstart your psychic abilities such as:


  • lenormand
  • oracle cards
  • dowsing (such as with dowsing rods or a pendulum)
  • tasseography (tea-leaf reading)
  • blibliomancy (book divination)
  • scrying



7. Develop a spiritual practice / keep faith


You don’t have to have any particular faith or belong to any religion to be a good psychic or medium.

However, it makes sense to have some kind of belief or faith that there’s more to just what we see in front of us.


Spiritualism is a religious movement that’s founded on the principles of mediumship and is growing as a revival since its beginnings in 1848.

Lilydale, New York is a spiritualist town that flourishes for mediums and was documented in the HBO documentary called “No One Dies in Lily Dale” (2011).

You don’t have to be a spiritualist member to be a medium, but it can be of interest to some people.


Having a personal connection to your own faith and spirituality can help you feel more in touch with spirit and what’s beyond.


Spirituality can vary from mysticism, witchcraft, Qabalah, paganism, reconstructionist faiths (such as Greek, Roman or Slavic), Ásatrú or any mix of these to create your own connection with Spirit, source or the divine.

You can still be part of a major world religion and be psychic or a medium.

It’s all up to you.


To be a medium or psychic doesn’t mean you have to pray or do rituals every day, weekly or regularly.

But, understanding what you believe in exactly and why can help you to understand your personal relationship to the divine.


Things you can ask yourself to dig deeper into your beliefs when it comes to your psychic or mediumship abilities:


Do you believe in star people and/or extra terrestrials?

Do you believe in indigos, rainbow or crystal children?

Do you believe in ghosts?

Do you believe in life after death?

Do you believe in life after death when it comes to suicide?

What are your personal thoughts about the afterlife?


You don’t have to share these answers with anyone, if you don’t want to.

As long as you have an understanding of your spiritual beliefs, it’s all that matters.


And it’s OK if your beliefs change over time.

Everyone evolves and grows spiritually as we mature and develop a better understanding of who we are.



And finally for mediumship:



7. Know that you have connection to deceased loved ones


For most people as we get older, we’ve all lost someone close to us or that we’ve known.

Death can be tragic and difficult for some of us to cope with.


For a medium, we know that we’re never disconnected from our loved ones.

However, even mediums will grieve for the physical death of someone and what’s lost.


It can take months for even a medium to get over a death of a loved one, even though we know that the loved one is still nearby.


When there’s a deep connection with someone in the physical world, the spirits are also connected.

Many times, when one spirit crosses over a “link” or connection is still maintained between the spirit and the other person in the physical world.


A spirit (or soul) bond is never broken.


More often than not, people’s psychic and mediumship abilities will awaken sometime after the death of a loved one as they become more aware of the spirit energy and presence of their loved one.


Think of it as leaving a private doorway open between you and your loved one or a private telephone connection between you both.


If someone feels a personal spiritual and mediumship connection with their loved one in spirit, they may or may not be able to sense other spirits.

For some people, they may only be attuned to spirits that they’re familiar with and not receptive to other spirits that they don’t know or recognize.


This can be a scary experience for some people while for others, it can be comforting to know that their loved ones are still with them.


James Van Praagh has oracle cards called Talking to Heaven *, that can help get messages from loved ones in spirit and feel connected to them. (*not affiliate link)

These beautiful cards are gentle and kind which anyone can easily use and may help to awaken your mediumship abilities and connect with your loved ones in spirit.



These 7 ways to awaken your psychic and mediumship abilities will hopefully help you to develop your own abilities.

Psychic and mediumship ability takes time and dedication to work on. It’s a skill like any other.

Knowing where you’re adept and what comes more naturally to you is the first step.

After you find what you’re adept at, then you can work to improve that psychic ability.


Above all, have fun with learning psychic and mediumship abilities.

Learning should be fun and exciting to keep you interesting in knowing more.


Until next time,
Stacey & the Tarot Pugs



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