Healing & Magick Properties of Bismuth

Bismuth (pronounced: biz-mooth) is naturally found in regions such as Russia, Germany and Bolivia, however most bismuth on the market is created in labs.

Bismuth is a post-transitioned metal that’s resulted from mining and refining metals such as silver, tin, copper, gold and lead.

This metal is found on the Periodic Table as Number 83.

Bismuth is naturally whitish or greyish in colour, but laboratory created bismuth is made to be colourful, often displaying rainbow colours.

When bismuth is laboratory created, it forms interesting shapes such as pyramids and can even be molded into other shapes.

Did you know?

Bismuth is found in Pepto Bismol as Bismuth subsalicylate, the main ingredient.

Healing and Magick Properties of Bismuth

Let’s discuss more about the healing and magick benefits of bismuth.

How to work with bismuth in magick or your daily life?

What are the metaphysical and healing properties of bismuth?

Let’s start with the spiritual and metaphysics benefits of bismuth:

Here are the astrological, planet and chakra correspondences for bismuth:

Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Planet: Earth
Chakra: All

Spiritual and Metaphysical Uses of Bismuth 

At the time of this writing in 2021, the past two years (2020 and 2021) have had the world in a global pandemic due to COVID-19 (coronavirus).

In 2020, “lockdowns” were first implemented in which most sectors of commerce and businesses were closed and many people were told to reduce their contact with others as a way to slow the spread of the virus.

For some people, the restrictions on travel and gatherings created another epidemic of isolation and loneliness.

Bismuth is known for assisting those who feel alone, lonely or isolated which is ideal for anytime and especially during a pandemic.

Bismuth assists not only with physical loneliness and isolation, but also on a spiritual and emotional level.

Many corporate jobs were moved to remote work and even school curriculum were moved to online learning.

For some people, this is a relief but understandably for others who need and want closer connections, this can feel isolating.

Working with bismuth can help alleviate feelings of loneliness and isolation – not just due to physical circumstances, but also if feeling isolated due to a situation or experience that you’re going through.

Since many businesses are still working remotely or have some flexible arrangement, collaboration with coworkers or team mates is important.

Bismuth helps to bring cohesiveness to group work, team work and improves working relationships and their dynamics.

For the next Zoom or Skype meeting, try having a piece of bismuth next to you or wear a piece of bismuth jewellery when having your collaborative work meeting.

Bismuth is a wonderful metal to behold when feeling overwhelmed by daily responsibilities.
This metal gives an increase of energy to take on your tasks for the day, to give you more focus and to visualize the end result.

Bismuth assists to activate kundalini energy, yet not from the base of the spine (root/base chakra) but rather to draw the energy down from the crown chakra to the base of the spine.

For those who are experienced with working with kundalini energy, this may be a metal to consider looking into.

Bismuth aligns the seven (7) major chakras drawing the energy down from the crown chakra.

Bismuth can assist with astral travel and working in the astral realm.

To summarize the spiritual and emotional benefits of bismuth:

• Helps to alleviate feelings loneliness and isolation (physical, emotional, spiritual)
• Facilitates teamwork, collaboration in a group setting
• Improves group dynamics
• Excellent for group Zoom / Skype meetings to create cohesiveness
• Relieves feelings of overwhelm from day-to-day responsibilities
• Aligns the seven (7) major charades
• Activates kundalini energy from crown to base
• Assists with astral travel

Physical and Healing Benefits of Bismuth

What about the physical health benefits of bismuth?

Please note: this section is only for informational purposes and not intended to diagnose, treat or replace any treatment for any new, ongoing or chronic condition. Please seek proper and professional medical advice for your specific condition or concern.

As mentioned previously, bismuth (Bismuth subsalicylate) is one of the ingredients that’s used in the brand name Pepto Bismol, the pink liquid or pink chewable tablet found over-the-counter at pharmacies and superstores to treat common gastrointestinal problems.

In a metaphysical sense and use of bismuth for healing, bismuth can be used for gastrointestinal and stomach issues.

That being said, it’s not recommended, encouraged or advised to eat, consume or place bismuth internally in any way!

The bismuth that you find or purchase should only be handle externally.

Bismuth may also be used to assist with healing after surgery to help recover.

Another metaphysical healing purpose of bismuth is for musculoskeletal problems and muscle pain, fever and chronic ailments.

To summarize the physical healing benefits of bismuth:

• Alleviate musculoskeletal pain
• Alleviate muscle pain
• Treat fever
• Treat chronic ailments
• Treat gastrointestinal problems
• Treat stomach problems

While crystals are hugely popular and commonly used in metaphysics and spiritual practices, metals can also be worked with in witchcraft, magick and spirituality.

Metals such as copper, tin, gold, silver can be added to spells, magick, rituals, healings and meditation.

Working with Bismuth

So, if you have bismuth, what do you do with it?

Bismuth can be used during meditation to focus on healing or resolving issues, added to spells, used in combination with candle spells, and worn as jewellery.

Keeping a piece of bismuth near your work space while working remotely or working with a group.
Bismuth can assist with astral travel; holding onto a piece of bismuth or keeping it near while doing astral travel work may be beneficial.

Where to Buy Bismuth

Bismuth can be found in many online shops and the price varies depending on the size of the piece.

A decent size of bismuth can cost approximately $20 to $70 CAD. Intricate, large pieces of bismuth can cost hundreds of dollars.

Here are some places to find bismuth:

Ye Olde Rock Shoppe (Canada)

Skull Store (Canada)

The Bismuth Smith (Canada)

The words Healing and Magickal Properties of Bismuth on a white background ground. An image of bismuth metal is pictured. The name of the website blog tarotpugs . com is at the bottom of the image.
The words Healing and Magickal Properties of Bismuth on a black background ground. An image of bismuth metal is pictured. The name of the website blog tarotpugs . com is at the bottom of the image.
The words Healing and Magickal Properties of Bismuth on a white background ground. An image of bismuth metal is pictured. The name of the website blog tarotpugs . com is at the bottom of the image.
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