7 Crystals for Working from Home

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic came into full effect and forced many changes in the way corporate offices do business.

Prior to 2020, only 20% of employees worked remotely while by the end of 2020, that number was 71%.

The Pew Research Center reports the difficulties that people experienced due to remote work and the challenges that remote workers face, while highlighting that no everyone has the ability to do their job remotely.

In 2021, the trend of remote work continued in some businesses as the pandemic continued.

In 2022, it looks as though remote work will continue again as the pandemic heads into the winter season.

Here, we’ll discuss how to combine crystals with working remotely and why adding crystals to your working from home workday may give that added boost needed to handle the tasks.

Whether you recently transitioned to working from home, just getting started or have been working from home for some time, anyone can benefit from these crystals (and other at home spiritual tools) to make the work day easier.

7 Crystals for Working from Home

Let’s begin with seven (7) crystals for working from home:


Now technically, bismuth isn’t a crystal but it somehow often gets lumped under that category just like folk / mythology figures get titled as deities.

Bismuth is a metal and is actually listed in the Periodic Table as Number 83.

It’s a post-transitioned metal that’s resulted from mining and refining metals such as silver, tin, gold and copper.

Most bismuth on the market is created in laboratories, but can be stunningly beautiful to behold in its rainbow metallic colours.

Bismuth is ideal for collaboration, building relationships with others and their dynamics and alleviating feelings of loneliness and isolation.

This is perfect for working from home, building online relationships with coworkers to collaborate and build team work.

Working from home can feel isolating from time to time, especially if your week is working from home all day, every day and not socializing after the work day is done.

While online relationships with friends and social media friends can be rewarding, for some people, it’s not the same as hanging out with friends in person.

The pandemic is still ongoing as of the time of this writing (2021), which in many regions, it’s encouraged to reduce social contacts to limit the spread of new variants of COVID-19.

Bismuth can help with these feelings of isolation and loneliness that may result from having to isolate or even self-isolate if required by local laws.

This metal is a unique addition to have in any collection, be sure to read more about the healing and magick properties of bismuth.


If you’re feeling stagnant in your work, unmotivated, stress or experiencing setbacks while working remotely, Calcite may be the crystal to have near you.

Calcite helps to improve memory and discern information which is important while working remotely and sifting through dozens of emails text messages, reminders and correspondence.

It can be uninspiring and easy to become lazy when a daily routine is confined to the home where personal life, family life and workplace all are under one roof.

Home is where most people associate with “time off” or away from work, so it can become easy to be less motivated to work.

Calcite may assist to feel motivated and energetic, working to alleviate any feelings of hopelessness (which may arise given the pandemic situation in 2020/2021, the climate change crisis and other crises) all while expected to work through these global issues.


Shungite is a stone that’s found and mined in the Karelia region of Northwest Russia and is said to be over 2 billion years old made of up to 99% carbon.

The history and documentation of shungite is first noted as early as the 17th century in Russia.

However, in the 16th century, Ivan the Terrible was made aware of a ‘black slate’ in the region of Karelia and that spring water was resulted from this slate.

Healing properties of shungite were later noted in the 17th and 18th century and has been used for healing by Russian tsars.

Shungite is known for it’s properties to protect against electromagnetic fields (EMFs). This makes shungite an excellent stone to have near computers, smartphones and other electronics in the home or office.

If you’re working remotely on your computer and/or smartphone most of the day and then in the evening on your electronics, keeping a piece of shungite in your home or wearing jewellery made from shungite may be beneficial.

Shungite can be crafted into healing oils, bracelets, necklaces, cubes, stone towers, spheres, pocket stones, small pebbles or ‘dust’.

Read more about how to work and heal with shungite, where to get real shungite and how to spot fake shungite (hint: it involves touchscreens.)


Aragonite is an excellent crystal for people who work too much, feel that they have to work more hours or are always connected to their job even during after-hours and weekends.

If you feel that you have to do all the work but it’s causing you to push yourself too hard, Aragonite can assist with learning how to delegate your work.

Aragonite is a good crystal for people who may be overly sensitive when it comes to working remotely, or for people who may be frustrated or sensitive to what others write or say while communicating or writing remotely.

It’s sometimes difficult to discern tone and context through email, Aragonite can help to keep you level headed to respond in professional manner.

Aragonite works to improve concentration on your current tasks and helps to alleviate any anger or stress, which may be beneficial as some people may experience challenges while working remotely.

For people who may feel “spacey”, ungrounded or uncomfortable in the physical body as an earthly vessel, Aragonite helps to feel grounded and comfortable in the earthy realm.


Carnelian may assist with sharpening concentration and removing mental lethargy.

This crystal is best for days when you may find it difficult to focus or don’t feel up to the tasks of the day while working from home.

The more people work from home consistently and consecutively, the days may seem to blend from one to the next.

Being comfortable at home, lethargy can set in and lack of concentration.

If you find that you become irritable, annoyed or frustrated while working remotely due to work, responsibilities, clients, coworkers, managers or even when the next-door neighbour decides to start playing loud music at 11 am, Carnelian can help calm and allow you to channel any irritability, rage or frustration productively and in a healthy way.


Fluorite is an excellent crystal that cleanses, dispels anything within the body that may not be in order or alignment.

If you’re experiencing stress while working remotely, Fluorite works to draw the stress and tension away from you.

If you feel disorganized, work with Fluorite to reorganize your work or remote work set-up / arrangements.

If you’re working with others through virtual meeting, emails, texts, etc. while doing work remotely, Fluorite can help to bring stability to groups.

Fluorite is also effective against electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and computer stress.


Lepidolite is known to clear and remove electromagnetic pollution and emanations from computers and electronics.

This crystal is excellent for improving and balancing the mind and mood. Lepidolite helps to create independence and resiliency without needing constant reminders or encouragement from others.

Lepidolite helps to increase analytical reasoning and decision making.

Working with Lepidolite helps to focus on what’s important and not to become distracted by things that are unimportant.

(Very important when working from home as it can be easy to get distracted by what’s going on at home.)

As one of Lepidolite’s healing benefits, this crystal may alleviate illness or problems caused by computer stress (e.g. working at a computer all day causing fatigue, back pain, mental stress, EMF, eye strain, etc.)

5 Ways to Work With Crystals while Working from Home

Here are a five (5) ways to work with crystals while working from home:

Computer / Desk

The simplest way to work with crystals while working from home is to keep the crystal(s) on your desk where you work or near your computer / laptop.

Having the crystal within view and / or reach can assist when you need to work with the energy of the crystal for support or wellbeing.

Choosing crystals to place on your desk can be done based on your daily tasks or for specific tasks on any given day.

If you have a virtual meeting or teamwork virtual meeting, adding bismuth next to your computer may help the meeting go more smoothly and everyone to collaborate cohesively.


Adding crystals to your meditation may help with handling your daily responsibilities.

Working from home can be frustrating at times. It’s not easy to get a hold of people when you need them, trying to figure out who does what, who did what, when you’ll receive what’s been required or requested, and not to mention when technology or the Internet doesn’t work.

If you have a few minutes in your day or your lunch break, you can meditate with a crystal that matches what you need or want to work on. The meditation and crystal can be intended for resolving remote work or personal issues (e.g. emotional, physical support or healing).


Yoga is more than just physical movements and is a philosophy as well. While yoga in the West mainly focuses on the body, the other aspects of yoga focus on the spirit and mind.

Working remotely and maintaining a yogic practice in combination with one or more of the crystals mentioned above may help to bring balance and serenity to a remote work day.

Crystals can be added to just above any practice (as long as safe to do so) and combining some yoga or yogic meditations with crystals on your breaks or lunch hour may be beneficial.

This section about yoga is only for informational purposes and not a requirement to work with any of these crystals.

Do what’s right for you, your physical capabilities and within your limitations. You know yourself better than anyone else. Trust and honour yourself.

If you study yogic meditations, adding crystals may be an option and can be done before or after work or on your breaks during the day.

Crystal Grid

Creating or arranging a crystal grid may assist with focusing the energies of the crystals and your intentions while working remotely.

Try this step-by-step guide by Love and Light School to show you how to make your own crystals grids.

Crystal Grids Handbook: Use the Power of the Stones for Healing and Manifestation by Judy Hall, the internationally renowned author about crystals is another resource to learn about creating crystal grids.


Wearing crystal jewellery can be a simple way to utilize and enhance the effects of a crystal to benefit you as you work from home.

Crystal jewellery can be in the form of bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings.

While working remotely, you can connect with the energy of the crystal(s) and bring your attention on it.

Whether you’re in a virtual meeting or working alone at home, a crystal piece of jewellery can add aesthetic appeal while supporting you physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

7 Crystals for Working From Home
7 Crystals for Working from Home
7 Crystals for Working from Home

The Crystal Bible Vol. 1 by Judy Hall

Images design in Canva.

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