Healing & Magick Properties of Bismuth

Bismuth (pronounced: biz-mooth) is naturally found in regions such as Russia, Germany and Bolivia, however most bismuth on the market is created in labs. Bismuth is a post-transitioned metal that’s resulted from mining and refining metals such as silver, tin, copper, gold and lead. This metal is found on the Periodic Table as Number 83. … Continue reading Healing & Magick Properties of Bismuth

Crystals for Past-Life Work & Healing

Past-life work and healing is a process to work on and heal unresolved issues, feelings and emotions that remain from a previous lifetime. Sometimes our “baggage” isn’t even from this lifetime. Issues from a previous life can also carry forward into future lives. This can manifest as fears, anxieties, unexplained feelings and emotions triggered by … Continue reading Crystals for Past-Life Work & Healing