Blue Moon Tarot Spread

Get clear about your long term goals with the Blue Moon Tarot Spread.


A blue moon is an excellent opportunity to think about long-term plans and goals and what you want to accomplish over the next 13 months.

We get the chance to sit and plan for our future and work towards what we want.

This Blue Moon Tarot Spread helps to get clarity about what to work towards, how to be successful, what challenges may be ahead and an outlook for the next three to six months.

This tarot spread gets you started with your long term focus and after six months, you can do a check-in with your cards and do the follow-up spread to work further on your goal.

For this tarot spread, shuffle and arrange the cards in any way you like.

If you want, you can create a special journal or section in your grimoire / book of shadows just for your blue moon readings to keep track of your goals and outcomes.


Blue Moon Tarot Spread


  1. Your goal to focus on for the long term (Pick a card to represent your goal or choose a card randomly if you’re unsure about what to work on)
  2. How can I start to work on this goal?
  3. What challenges may I come across while working on this goal?
  4. How or where can I get help this goal?
  5. Progress for the next 3 months (what the outlook is like)
  6. Progress for the next 6 months (what the outlook is like)
  7. Motivation: What can help me stay on track for this goal? (this card will be your support and motivation – you can keep an image of this card someplace as a reminder)

After six months from this reading, review the reading and see how far you’ve come.


Follow-up Blue Moon Tarot Spread


A follow up reading can be done after six months since the original spread done as follows:

  1. What adjustments do I need to make to help me stay on track and focused on my goal?
  2. What do I need to work on further to help me with my goal?
  3. What do I need to improve on to make my goal successful?
  4. Motivation: What can help me to reach the end of my goal?
  5. Progress for the next 3 months (after this reading)
  6. Progress for the final 3 months until the next blue moon (six months time from this reading)


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Blue Moon Tarot Spread + Follow up Tarot Spread: Get clarity and focused about your long term goals with the energy of the Blue Moon.



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