How to use Metals in Witchcraft

How to use Metals in Witchcraft TarotPugs Blog 2021

Is it time to move over crystals and make way for metals?

Let’s not forget about the use of metals in spells and magick.

The metaphysical industry is booming with crystals everywhere and has become increasing popular over the last 20+ years.

There are still issues around ethical mining, safety practices and precautions, etc. around the crystal industry when many crystals are shipped far and wide from their places of origin.

But, as a metaphysical community, we can’t seem to get enough of them.

However, we shouldn’t overlook metals which have been a foundation to alchemy and magick such as ceremonial magick for centuries.

Metals can be heated, melted, cooled, reshaped and reformed into tools, weapons and jewellery and just like many crystals, they also have associations with the gods, astrology and the planets.

You likely already have metals on you or around you in the form of jewellery, likely gold or silver rings, bracelets, earrings or necklaces.

In this post, we’ll explore:

  • The metaphysical and alchemical properties of basic metals
  • How to use metals in every day magick and spells
  • Where to find metals for magick/spells and magickal metal jewellery pieces

Let’s look at what the metaphysical properties of some of the basic metals often used in alchemy, magick and/or witchcraft:

How to use Metals in Witchcraft

Metaphysical and Alchemical Properties of Metals

For metals used in Witchcraft, we’ll explore six (6) common metals:


Gold is associated with the Sun and was considered the highest of elements in the Universe.

It offers wealth, protection, healing and is considered a masculine metal/energy.

Gold is connected to the divine masculine or the God.

Anyone who has some knowledge about alchemy is aware of one of the goals of the practice was the attempts to turn lead into gold.

Alchemy was not just a science, but also a spiritual practice – science and spirituality were united together in the work and the alchemist, dependent on one another.

While the theory and attempt to turn lead into gold wasn’t purely to work on the physical metal, but to also transform the self (lead) into a higher consciousness or being (gold).


Silver is connected to the Moon and is considered a feminine metal/energy representing the feminine aspect of the Divine.

This metal is also considered connected to spirit realm, divination, wisdom, psychic abilities and the Goddess.

Think of the High Priestess and the Moon cards in tarot when it comes to the metal silver.

While silver is connected to the moon, its qualities are also connected to the symbolic representations of Cancer (ruled by the moon) and Pisces (the Moon card in tarot.)


In alchemy, copper is associated with the planet Venus – most notably connected to and named after the Roman goddess, Venus.

Copper has the qualities of Venus, and therefore the attributes of the astrological signs Taurus and Libra.

This metal is an excellent conductor of electricity and is also a metal that is associated with balance, love, and beauty.

Copper is said to have healing benefits when worn, which some compression clothing contains copper fibers in their fabrics and copper bracelets are often sold for healing purposes.

Blood also contains a small amount of copper also along with other metals and minerals, so even we ourselves have this metal within ourselves.


Lead is a toxic metal which has had a bad history when it was used in ancient times and even into the 20th century when lead was in common household paint.

Lead is associated with Saturn, which is no surprise that lead is also connected to death and transformation.

While lead is viewed as dense, in alchemy, we are viewed as lead ready to be transformed into a higher form – to transform from imperfection into perfection.

While it’s enticing to think of the possibilities of what lead can teach us, it’s highly advised against working with it due to the toxicity of lead.


Iron is ruled by Mars, which in astrology is connected to Aries.

This metal is a male energy and represents determination, power and force.

Historically, iron was a game-changing metal and its production made way for the Iron Age to happen.

Iron is also connected to lust, aggression and perseverance.

We also contain iron in our blood which helps with stamina – anyone aware of iron-deficiency can tell you the debilitating fatigue and weakness caused by low iron levels in the blood.


Tin is associated with Jupiter, the planet of grandiosity, wisdom, and education.

This metal is considered a teacher and wise philosopher.

Tin can bring balance, prosperity and wealth.

To understand the metaphysical associations of tin, have a closer look at the Roman god Jupiter and the 9th house in astrology, ruled by Sagittarius.

The above metals can commonly be found in our homes, our electronics, furnishings and jewellery.

While lead has been phased out in many products, some older homes and buildings may still contain lead on painted walls.

While it’s not recommended to use or handle lead unless properly trained, skilled or perhaps a chemistry professor or student, the other metals (gold, silver, copper and tin) can be used in any magickal practice / spell / working.

If wishing to work with the energy of lead, the symbol for lead can be used in place of the actual metal.

How to use Metals in Everyday, Witchcraft, Magick and Spells

If you’re familiar with working with crystals in your magick and spells, then using metals in your magick won’t be any different than using a crystal.

Metals can be cleansed and charged just like a crystal, however some extra care is needed for metals depending on the type of metal.

Metals can tarnish and some metals will tarnish more quickly than other metals.

Copper and silver tarnish quickest, so specially formulated cleansing solutions or at home all-natural tricks can work.

Metals can be charged with energy healing, solar or lunar energy or simply to put your own energy imprint into the metal.

Metals are conductive to not only physical energy, but also psychic energy and are excellent retainers of energy.

They can be used for psychometry (gaining psychic information from an object) – the longer an object is worn or held by a person, more of their energetic imprint is imparted into the object.

This is why objects such as rings/wedding rings and metal watches are commonly used for psychometry.

Here are a few ways you can use metals in your everyday magick and spells:

Candle spells

If you often use candles in your spells, you can add a metal to the candle on top of the candle to have the candle absorb the energy of the metal into the spell or place the metal close to the base of the candle.

Love spells

For love spells, you can use a wedding ring to increase love between a married couple, reconcile a marriage, create a divorce, get engaged/married and more.

Tricks about weddings rings used in marriage spells can be found in hoodoo traditions.

Hoodoo Delish on Facebook has info about the use of wedding rings in hoodoo.

A metal amulet / ring / necklace / charm

If you have a metal amulet, ring, necklace or charm, you can cleanse, charge, anoint and empower it to bring you protection or power.

The more often and the longer you wear or carry the amulet on you, the stronger the amulet’s power will become.

Mojo / Charm bags

Small metal tokens can be used in mojo or charm bags to be carried, similar to an amulet.

A metal token may be something small and may be in a specific shape such as an animal, a cross, a pentacle.

While an amulet often has a specific function to protect or bring you power, a mojo charm token can bring love, success, wealth or whatever you desire.

The charm is often added to other items such as herbs and other curios, then sewn into a felt bag and carried in a pocket out of sight of others. The mojo bag is fed daily with a conjure oil or whiskey.

When adding a charm token to a mojo bag, take into consideration the type of metal the token is made of.

Where to find Metals for Witchcraft, Magick and Spells

Here are a few recommendations to find metal jewellery to add to your magick and spells:

Estate Jewellery

A beautiful thing about metals is that they can always be repurposed, which are bought and sold everyday at pawn shops and jewellery stores.

Metals are becoming more and more precious that there are recycling programs for laptops, computers, cell phones and smartphones to recycle the metals in electronics.

If you’re looking to buy a great piece of jewellery with a bit of history, try jewellery shops that sell estate jewellery.

More often than not, you may find exquisite pieces of older jewellery that aren’t manufactured in the same style as nowadays and can sometimes be at a lower price.

There’s something special about holding a wedding band from an estate sale and thinking perhaps of the long marriage imbued into the metal.

If you’re an intuitive and/or empath, shop around a jewellery store that sells estate jewellery and select a piece that has a good vibe or energy that you feel would be a good addition to your collection.

Magickal Amulet – Metal Jewellery

There are excellent jewellery crafters online – just have a look on Instagram or Etsy and you won’t be disappointed.

Depending on how much you want to spend (or what you can spend), there’s a variety of different metal smiths that craft spiritual and magickal jewellery.

Jewellery can be worn as a way to express your magickal self, to embody glamour magick, to bring protection or raise your vibration.

Shops to consider for metal jewellery:

MoonSerpentJewelry – beautifully handcrafted silver and gold jewellery; includes a Baba Yaga’s house pendant, Icelandic runes and staves, alchemical symbols and more.

Ottawa Valley Vegan – if you’re looking for jewellery made from copper, they make beautifully affordable copper bracelets.

Zaleska Jewelry – based in Vancouver, Canada, Zaleska contributes part of their sales to the Pacific Immigrant Resources Society which works to empower immigrant and refugee women and children through neighbourhood-based programs to help them fully participate in Canadian life.


Feeling more inspired about your metal jewellery for magick and spells?

For more inspiration and information about metals in magick and spells, have a read of Scott Cunningham’s classic book from 1988: “Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic” available on Amazon, Chapters Indigo and Kobo. (*not affiliated links.)

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