Zorya Goddesses Tarot Spread

Wisdom from the slavic goddesses the Zorya with this Zorya Goddesses Tarot Spread.


In Slavic mythology, there’s a goddess (or goddesses) that represents the morning, evening and night star.

Zorya, the daughter of the god Dazhbog, is compared to the Roman goddess Aurora.

Some believe that Zorya is the goddess of morning, evening and night.


The goddess of morning, evening and night draws a similarity to the pagan concept of maiden, mother and crone – that a woman can be all these things separately and simultaneously.

Zorya is often viewed as three separate goddesses, but of the same goddess – this is similar to how the The Morrigan is seen as one goddess, but also as three or more goddesses.

They are also viewed also as virgin goddesses, but also have been described as wives to the moon god Myesyats.


When Zorya is the goddess of the morning star, she’s known as Zorya Utrennyaya.*

Zorya Utrennyaya opens the gates of heaven to signal Dazhbog to rise and light up the sky at dawn.

She’s associated with the planet Venus, is viewed as a warrior and associated with protection, exorcism, horses and light.


When Zorya is the goddess of the evening star, she’s known as Zorya Vechernyaya.*

Zorya Vechernyaya closes the gates of heaven at the end of the day as Dazhbog returns to heaven and night falls upon the Earth.

She is viewed as the goddess who draws the day to a close, is associated with the planet Mercury, and helps lost travelers find their way to the destinations.


Zorya Polunochnaya* is the goddess of the midnight star, often she’s left out of most mythology about the Zorya.

She is seen as the goddess of death, rebirth, magic, and wisdom.


* Zorya in her original and different forms goes by many names – the languages of the Slavic region vary, so the name of the goddess will change depending on the region and language. In this post, we’ll use the most common Russian equivalent.


The Zorya guard over the “doomsday hound” Simargl who is chained to the star Polaris in the constellation of Ursa Minor (“Little Bear”.)

They guard over the hound to prevent him from breaking his chain or else Simargl would destroy the Universe.


This easy six card tarot spread can look at what’s to come on a specific day, tomorrow or the day ahead of you.


Zorya Goddesses Tarot Spread



Zorya Utrennyaya


  1. What awaits me for this day?
  2. How can I prepare for this day?



Zorya Vechernyaya


  1. What should I remember from this day?
  2. What should I be thankful about this day?



Zorya Polunochnaya


  1. What should I put to rest and let go from this day?
  2. What will be renewed tomorrow?


Keep track of your readings in a journal to review at a later date to see how the readings have unfolded and any patterns that you may notice as well.



Zorya Perfume Oils


To help enhance your connection with the Zorya (or while doing your tarot spread), be sure to check out these crafted oils by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab for each of the Zorya as seen on the hit-series “American Gods” based on the book American Gods written by Neil Gaiman:


Zorya Utrennyaya perfume oil

Zorya Vechernyaya perfume oil

Zorya Polunochnaya perfume oil




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Zorya Goddesses Tarot Spread - the Slavic goddesses of morning, evening and night. Zorya Utrennyaya, Zorya Vechernyaya, Zorya Polunochnaya.


Wisdom from the Slavic goddesses the Zorya with this Zorya Goddesses Tarot Spread.


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