Baba Yaga Tarot Spread

Advice and wisdom from the Slavic crone witch, Baba Yaga in this Baba Yaga Tarot Spread.

Baba Yaga is a Slavic goddess, commonly known in Russian folktales as an old crone and witch, flying on a mortar and pestle or broom.

This wise goddess lives in a small hut called Izbushka (meaning “little hut”) that rests on two chicken legs/feet (sometimes shown as just one chicken leg/foot) that’s a magical (yet scary) dwelling.

There are quite a few resources about Baba Yaga that can be found online (try searching “Baba Yaga Goddess”) but here, we’ll explore more about:

  • working with Baba Yaga; and
  • a Baba Yaga tarot spread to connect and get wisdom from Baba Yaga.

Baba Yaga the Goddess

Baba Yaga’s reputation has become one that’s cruel, wicked and feared, but like all dark goddesses, she’s misunderstood.

She’s a wild and untamed old woman, often seen as a hag or crone, but can transform herself into a beautiful woman to manipulate or trick someone if she desires.

Baba Yaga is a goddess of wisdom, healing, transformation, death, rebirth, renewal and autumn/winter.

When healing is needed, whether it’s from colds/flu or emotional healing, Baba Yaga can offer healing often in the form of herbal teas brewed by herself (such as elderberry tea.)

Baba Yaga has all the traits and commonalities of the dark goddesses which is why she’s been compared to other dark goddesses such as Hekate and Kali.

Associated with the waning moon and dark moon, Baba Yaga guides us during the times when we need to release, let go and transform, offering us with her straightforward advice.

When working with Baba Yaga, offerings such as tobacco and vodka are preferred to be left for her on the altar.

Her honoured day is January 20.

Birch trees are also associated with Baba Yaga, so it may be common to feel her presence in the autumn and winter among birch trees in a forest.

Animals such as cats, snakes, dogs, owls, ravens and crows are associated with Baba Yaga.

The sound of any of the animals may announce her presence.

When working with a dark goddess, it can take time to become acquainted with the goddess since most dark goddesses aren’t openly accepting to anyone who comes their way.

It can take weeks or even months of making offerings to a dark goddess, including Baba Yaga, before even getting a simple acknowledgement from the goddess.

Sometimes a goddess can make herself known to you in a subtle or dramatic way through repetitive signs, symbols or even animals that cross your path.

Baba Yaga can work in the same way.

To work with Baba Yaga, you may decide to connect with her through meditation.

Prepare by leaving offerings of tobacco and vodka on your altar, telling Baba Yaga that these gifts are for her.

Sit in meditation and introduce yourself to Baba Yaga.

Allow some time to feel or see her presence.

This may take a few attempts or more before you get any response or connection with Baba Yaga.

Continue to work with her in this way by leaving offerings and getting to know her.

Try to develop a connection with Baba Yaga first for some time before asking for favours, for example, of healing.

When asking for advice or guidance from Baba Yaga, her advice is often straightforward.

The word “baba” means grandmother (or sometimes “old woman”) in Russian / Ukrainian / Polish, so her advice will always be grandmotherly, wise and precise – but never sugar coated.

Saying a few words in a Slavic language such as “thank you” can help develop a connection with her.

(Books, programs and online dictionaries can help with that.)

Now, let’s look at the Baba Yaga tarot spread to connect with Baba Yaga’s wisdom:

Baba Yaga Tarot Spread

1 & 2. What kind of healing do I need at this time? How can I begin to take steps to heal myself? (These two cards are read together.)

3. What words of advice, wisdom or guidance do I need to hear at this time?

4. What do I need to let go and let die in order to bring transformation that I need?

5 & 6. What fears do I need to release and how can I do so? (These two cards are read together.)

7. A final message from Baba Yaga.

Want a Baba Yaga reading for yourself?

Request a Baba Yaga Tarot Reading to get healing and transformative messages and advice just for you from Baba Yaga.


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