Learn Tarot: The Lovers Card Meanings

Learn the upright, reversed, astrological and numerological meanings of The Lovers card in Tarot.


Whether you’re new to tarot or have been reading for a while, here’s some tarot interpretations and meanings for the Lovers card.


In this post, we’ll look at:


  • Interpretation
  • Astrology
  • Numerology
  • Keyword & Phrases Meanings of the Lovers – Upright
  • Keyword & Phrases Meanings of the Lovers – Reversed



Let’s begin with the symbolism and interpretation of the Lovers card.



Interpretation of The Lovers Card


The Lovers is associated with duality, unison and pairings.

The most common interpretation of the Lovers card is that it’s about love and romantic relationships.

However, this card can also mean about partnerships that have a foundation of love, but not necessarily romantic or passionate.

The Lovers can also mean about masculine and feminine polarity and balance within yourself, others and in relationships.

The yin and yang of relationships and even situations.


When we see the Lovers card in a tarot reading, it can mean about this polarity and the unison, the joining of these two forces to come together as one.

This can also mean about co-operation, working together as a partnership or even as a team – often in terms of mixed genders.

While the Lovers can symbolize marriage, this is more about the energy and love within the marriage rather than the traditional or sanctum of marriage as an “institution” or religious ceremony.

The Lovers can represent any civil union, common-law relationship, engagement and marriage beyond the limitations and meaning of a legal marriage or a piece of paper / registry of a marriage.


Next we’ll see how the astrological sign Gemini is connected to The Lovers.



Astrology and The Lovers Card


All the major and minor arcana cards are associated with the planets and signs.

The Gemini is associated with Gemini which is ruled by Mercury.

Mercury is close to the sun and always in the sign before or after the sun or in the same sign as the sun.

Communication is closely an expression of the self/ego and Mercury helps us to express ourselves and our thoughts.

Gemini is one of the signs that is depicted as a pair – the twins – which also shows the duality and unity as the sign and in the Lovers card.


Gemini is an intellectual, a communicator with a sense of curiosity in all that they do.

Having someone to partner or pair up with gives Gemini a feeling of completeness to be able to communicate with another, especially when it’s someone that they feel is “made from the same cloth” as they are.

If you ever feel stuck on what the Lovers card may mean, think of Gemini and Mercury.

Ask questions about how communication may be affecting the situation or reading; how partnerships may be involved and how expression may be also connected to it.

In timing readings, Gemini season or astrological transits involving Mercury may show when something may happen.


For more making predictions with tarot, check out the free mini e-book about timing predictions and tarot.



Numerology and The Lovers Card


The Lovers is the number 6 in tarot, which the number 6 is seen as harmony and happiness.

Six is connected to family life, home and responsibility.

This connection between the Lovers and family/responsibility can be seen if we think of the childhood song “Kissing in a Tree”: “first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby sitting in a carriage.”

The number 6 is related to domestic matters and community.


Now for some upright keywords and phrases for the Lovers:



Keyword & Phrases Meanings of the Lovers Card – Upright


  • Love
  • Romantic relationships
  • Relationships (friends, family, colleagues, etc.)
  • Mixed gender partnerships, unions, relationships (yin/yang balances)
  • Marriage (apart from ceremonies) / getting “hitched”
  • Partnerships (romantic, platonic and even business-related)
  • Feminine / Masculine balance or polarity – Yin / Yang energy or situations
  • Teamwork or joint-efforts (can be related to work or projects)
  • Marriage Proposal
  • Unity / Union
  • Engagement
  • Responsibility
  • Matters concerning morals and ethics (doing what is right or believed to be right; this may be in terms of personal morals/ethics or based on cultural/religious morals/ethics depending on your viewpoint)
  • Overcoming obstacles / challenges / trials
  • Agreements
  • Temptation
  • Trust between persons
  • Merging (this can be lives, work or business)
  • Yin / yang balance within the self, others and/or Spirit
  • Polarity (this can be different things such as gender identity (e.g. bigender) or mental health (e.g. bipolar disorder), two things that are different yet can be together at the same time.)



Keyword & Phrases Meanings of the Lovers – Reversed


  • Lack of love and/or romance (something in the way or blocking it)
  • Relationship issues (family, friends, partners, colleagues)
  • Imbalance in yin / yang energy
  • Romance issues
  • Marriage issues
  • A wedge driven between two people (something coming between two people)
  • Cancelled engagement / marriage proposal
  • Disagreements
  • Making a mountain out of a molehill
  • Obstacle / challenge / trials getting in the way
  • Someone interfering with a relationship (other cards may support or suggest this)
  • Separation / Divorce (other cards may support or suggest this in more detail if related to marriage or a relationship)


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