What is Psychic Protection & Why You Should Do Psychic Protection

What is Psychic Protection and Why You Should Do Psychic Protection. If you do psychic work, tarot readings, are empathic, psychic protection should be done often. Learn more about how to do psychic protection and what psychic protection is.


The term “psychic protection” is used a lot and if you are starting to do psychic work, it’s something you’ll hear often.


But, what exactly is psychic protection?

What are you to be protecting yourself from?


Let’s go into what psychic protection is and why it isn’t quite meant as a protection from scary things (although there can be.)


So, what is Psychic Protection?


Let’s start with what we mean by “psychic” in terms of protection.

This can be everything under the psychic energy umbrella.

Everything is energy.

Everything that’s physically seen, touched, smelled and sensed is tangible, but what is sensed, touched, smelled and seen with your psychic senses is through psychic energy.

Even the aura is considered part of the psychic realm.


If you’re an empath, psychic, medium, tarot reader or do any psychic work, you’ll realize how important it is to do shielding and psychic protection.


Even if you don’t do psychic work, you can still benefit from psychic protection.


Psychic protection is no different than protecting yourself from the elements when you go outside.

If it’s raining or snowing, you’ll want to wear a jacket, waterproof shoes and perhaps an umbrella.

If it’s sunny, you may decide to wear a hat, sunglasses or put on some sunscreen.

These keep your physical body protected from the elements that could cause illness or even just make you feel cold and miserable if it’s a cold, rainy or snowy day.


Psychic energy can be the same way as protecting yourself from the elements.


There’s always psychic energy in the world just as there are electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from electronics and lights (which can also affect highly sensitive persons and people who are sensitive to EMFs).

Some psychic energy can be positive while some of it can be negative.

This is the ‘everyday’ psychic energy that people emit daily and regularly.
Thoughts and feelings are energy and sometimes this energy gets “stuck” or “builds up” over time in a place such as a home, room, office or another place where someone or other people frequent a lot.


This is the common psychic protection that many of us should practice daily.


There is other psychic protection that often needs to be more potent and stronger than the regular day-to-day psychic energy and debris that we face and come across in our daily lives.

There can be “astral nasties” out there and we’ve all heard of a terrible evil ghost story or two before.

However, if you’re aware of the psychic world and what can be out there, then you should be prepared and aware of the types of psychic protection that may be needed when dealing with something more than just your co-worker spreading bad vibes all over your work space.


Psychic Vampirism


Psychic vampirism is a real thing, but often isn’t always intentional.

Some people are just that way.

But, it is true that some people can energetically “feed off” the energy of others.

If you find you’re constantly depleted and drained just being around someone and you can’t understand why, it may be due to this phenomenon.

Sometimes you can’t avoid being around certain people, but you may soon find every time you’re around them or when you’re done being with them, you feel tired and drained.

While you’re feeling drained, the other person feels more energetic.

This doesn’t mean that the “psychic vampire” person is bad or even intentionally trying to drain you, it’s just that they may have this energy about them that takes more than it gives.

In this post here from Thought Co., it explains the signs and symptoms of a psychic vampire and the signs of psychic attack (from a psychic vampire).


What is a Psychic Attack?


Don’t get too scared at the word “attack” here.

It really can sound scarier than it often is.

It is true that there are such things as hexes, curses, jinxes and evil eye, but even every day normal non-magickal people can send bad vibes your way without really realising it.

Not everyone is standing over a candle sending bad hexes and curses.

Yet, a normal person can really have something “in” for someone else and mutter curse words under their breath every time they see them.

That negative vibe can get your way and psychically you may pick up on it.

Adding psychic protection puts a shield around you so all that negativity bounces off you and slips away.


However, psychic attack can happen.


It’s often when symptoms appear that seem to have no connection to a physical cause.

This can be insomnia, mood swings, irritability, fatigue, headaches, stomach problems, anxiety, memory problems, etc.

If you know that you don’t have anything that could be causing these symptoms, been to a doctor, taken medication or medical treatments for an ailment that won’t go away, it could be a psychic attack.


However, it doesn’t always mean someone is sending you negativity.


Sometimes people who are sensitive to psychic energy and negative around them (or even just in the world and the news), this energy can manifest as a psychic attack, just from picking up the energy around them.

This can make you feel under “attack.”


This is where psychic protection comes in as a daily practice (along with spiritual cleansing yourself, home and property.)


When You Should Do Psychic Protection


Psychic protection should be a regular maintenance routine, especially if you’re a:


  • Empath
  • Highly Sensitive Person
  • Psychic
  • Tarot Reader / Oracle Reader / Diviner
  • Magickal Practitioner


But, even if you don’t consider yourself any of the above, you can still be affected by psychic energy.



We often pick up energy from other people.

This is often seen as a result of whomever we are with the most or where we spend most of our time.




There may be other times when stronger psychic protection should be done.


Stronger psychic protection can be done during such times as:

  • If you feel hexed, jinxed or cursed
  • Mediumship readings
  • Visiting a place that’s known to be haunted
  • Magickal workings and rituals (especially that involve spirits, deity/deities, elementals, fairies, etc.)


This is when continuous and stronger protection should be done.

For these types of protection, you can use items such as oils, amulets, visualization, protection spirit guides or even archangels such as Archangel Michael to help you.


Psychic Protection You Can Do


There are different ways to do psychic protection.

Try several and see what works for you.

These are just a few suggestions that you can try or you can add to what you already do for psychic protection:


White Light


This is one of the most common forms of psychic protection.

Envisioning yourself surrounded by white light is a popular form of psychic protection.

For myself, I sometimes change the colour of the light depending on what I’m working on.

White light is often the colour seen as protective.

Colours such as silver, gold and purple can also be protective.

White light is seen as universally cleansing and protective by most.

Envision the light surrounding all of you (top, bottom, left, right) and extending around you to create a barrier.

Hold this image for a few seconds to a minute to feel protected. Repeat as needed.


Spirit Guides, Angels & Archangels


Depending on your spiritual beliefs and traditions, calling on protection spirit guides, angels or archangels (such as Michael) can be done in times of need.

Prayers to your spirit team can help when you need additional psychic protection and can help strengthen your spirituality.

Amulets, bracelets or necklaces of angels or archangels can be worn or carried to feel protected and connected to your angels.



Amulets can be carried to help with psychic protection.

Some amulets can be purchased from shops that are designed for protection.

You can also purchase an amulet and wear it as a necklace or keep in your pocket or purse for psychic protection.

For additional protection, you can anoint it with a protective oil and consecrate it at your altar.


Protection Oils & Protection Dust


Protection oils and protection dust can be used anytime and anyplace.

Add a protection oil to an amulet, bracelet or necklace for additional protection.

You can anoint yourself with the oil and dust your hands and clothing with the dust for protection whenever you need it.

Protection oils and dust can often be used for physical protection such as your home or property, but they can also be used for psychic protection for yourself and to keep your home protected from outside psychic energy coming into your home.

I personally use protection oil and protection dust from The Witchery.




What can’t crystals do?

There’s a crystal for every purpose needed and that includes psychic protection.

In a previous post, there’s a list of over 50 crystals for protection, but here are a few that can be used specifically for different types of psychic protection:


  • Ametrine – Protects during astral travel and relieves psychic attack
  • Aventurine – Protects against psychic vampirism of heart energy
  • Cat’s Eye – Dispels negative energy from the aura and provides protection
  • Chiastolite – Wards off ill wishing and curses
  • Amethyst – Wards off psychic attack
  • Fluorite – Protective on a psychic level
  • Yellow Jasper – protects during spiritual work
  • Jet – protective from dark entities and protection during spiritual journeys
  • Kunzite – Protective and dispels attached entities and negative energy
  • Labradorite – Protects the aura and prevents energy leakage
  • Lapis Lazuli – Protects and contacts spirit guardians
  • Obsidian – Protective against negativity
  • Aqua Aura – Protects against psychic or psychological attack
  • Rutilated Quartz – Protective against psychic attack
  • Shattuckite – Protective during channeling so an entity doesn’t take over the physical body
  • Tiger’s Eye – Protective against ill wishing and curses
  • Natural Tourmaline – Protective during ritual work
  • Black Tourmaline – Protection against psychic attack, spells and ill wishing


Carrying or wearing a crystal for psychic protection can help for reassurance and can help fight fatigue if you feel overwhelmed or weighed down by psychic energy around you.


These are just a few things that can be carried or worn to help with psychic protection and some visualization techniques to help also.


Carrying or using protective amulets, crystals, oils, etc. can help create a protective energy around you.

These can also assist with protective visualization if you have difficulty doing visualizations without something physical to see or hold.


Feel free to try these techniques for psychic protection in your everyday routine, spiritual and psychic work.


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