How to Access the Akashic Records

Learn how to access the Akashic Records. #psychic


There is a theory in metaphysics and in psychic knowledge that there is a placed called the Akashic Records.


This is also sometimes referred to as the “Book of Life” and/or a Hall/Library of records and books.


It’s believed that everything that has ever happened or will ever happen has been recorded from the beginning of existence until the very end of existence and kept in the Akashic Records.


In my personal belief, each of us has a “book” of our life.

That’s why we often say a “chapter of our life has closed” when an era or phase of our life has ended.


Sometimes we still write the pages in that book, other times it’s already written. 


However, to the Akashic Records, it’s already written and stored like a giant database.

We can take our own twists and turns on how we get there like a “Choose your own Adventure” book, yet the information of what lies ahead can be accessed.


The Akashic Records can be accessed by anyone who wants to gain information and knowledge from there.


There are different methods to gain access to the Akashic Records and different theories on how to do so.

Some people study methods from teachers such as Edgar Cayce who have trained others from their own person experiences.


I learned to access the Akashic Records on my own before I even really knew what it was exactly or how other people did this.

I’ve used this method to access the information from the Akashic Records when I do readings for other people when I feel that I need to gain certain information that I can’t readily access by my other intuitive senses.


Below is my method for accessing the Akashic Records that I use for tarot and oracle readings and intuitive readings that you can also use to practice as an exercise.


You can do this exercise to gain information about your own life or during a reading for someone else.


This method may be different in direction and details than how other people access the Akashic Records/Library.

However, in my experience, this method has worked for me each time.


Feel free to research other methods and read other people’s experiences with retrieving information from the Akashic Records.


How to Access the Akashic Records


Sit comfortably somewhere that you won’t be disturbed for at least 25 minutes to begin.

If you’re using the information from the Akashic Records for a tarot or oracle reading, have your cards next to you and any other items that you normally have with you for readings.

Paper and pens may also be useful or you can record your thoughts with an audio recorder.


Whatever you choose to do with the information, make sure to have these materials next to you to make use of the information as quickly as possible.


Close your eyes and tell yourself that you want to visit the Akashic Records.

(After you’ve done this method for some time, you’ll just need to think of where you want to go without saying it.)


You can also call on your gatekeeper spirit guide to assist you with this. (Learn more about gatekeeper spirit guides here.)


Centre yourself and bring your mind to envision what this large hall looks like.


To you, it may be a large vast, massive library.

There can be books on story-high bookshelves, rows and rows of tables in a large hall.


A guide will come to greet you as you enter.

Keep in mind the name of the person who you want to access the their “life book” and what you hope to gain from it.


Your guide will lead you to where the book is or the guide may already have it ready for you.

As you take the book, you can choose to open it right there or sit in the hall and skim through the pages until you feel you’ve found the right page that has the information that you’re looking for.


Now, open your eyes and proceed to let the information come through you.


If you’re giving an intuitive reading to someone, say what comes to your mind.


If you’re doing a tarot or oracle reading, start to shuffle your cards and make note of anything that comes to mind while you’re shuffling.

Keep yourself in that frame of mind as you lay the cards and begin to interpret.


If you prefer to write, you can write the information down on paper and let it flow through you.


Keep going until you can’t feel a connection to the information source anymore.


When you’re finished, mentally close the book in your mind and set it aside to be put away.

(Don’t worry, the guide will put the book back in its place.)


Your experience may be different as you work with this exercise and you may add or make adjustments along the way.


All of which is perfectly OK!

Whatever works for you will be the best method for you.


There are plenty of resources and books available to further explore the Akashic Records and other intuitive/psychic abilities that can help you take your skills to the next level, which I highly encourage to explore further if interested.

Wishing you all the best on your intuitive journey.


Stacey & the Tarot Pugs


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Learn how to access the Akashic Records. #psychic


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