Past-Life Healing Tarot Spread

Release and bring healing to a past-life issue with this Past-Life Healing Tarot Spread.

Talking about past-lives can be an interesting topic wondering who we used to be and what it must have been like.

But, if we become too focused on who we used to be, we can miss the point and purpose of who we are and what we’re meant to do in this lifetime.

Yet, there can be unresolved issues from a past life (or lives) that can create problems in the current life and that’s the part about past-life work that needs to be done.

It can be fun to know who we used to be and what we used to do, but it’s the issues that remain unresolved, the abuse or trauma endured in a past life that can have an affect on the present life and even future lives.

This Past-Life Healing Tarot Spread doesn’t necessarily focus a lot on who you may have been in a past life.

Instead this spread looks at the issue or issues that need to be released and healed to help you in this lifetime.

This four-card tarot spread can be done before the Past-Life Healing Spell to release and find healing from the unresolved past-life issue.

Arrange the cards in any way that you like and prefer, recording your results and interpretations on paper, in a journal or electronically.

Past-Life Healing Tarot Spread

1. Who was I in the past life that is affecting me now in this life?

2. What issue or issues, feelings or emotions remain(s) unresolved from that past life that is affecting me now in this life?

3. How can I finally let go and heal from this (these) unresolved issue(s), feelings or emotions?

4. How will letting go and healing from this (these) unresolved issue(s) improve or impact my present life?

Past-life work, just like shadow work or cord-cutting, is a process that takes time.

It can take weeks, months or even years to continually work at it.

We may feel that we have finally released something only to find that it creeps back up on us weeks or months later.

It’s work.

Sometimes it’s not done all at once.

We sometimes are able to heal ourselves and close the wound or gap, but it can rise up again later on.

But don’t give up if that happens.

It just means that this issue or problem may need a second look and some more work done on it.

It doesn’t mean that previous attempts failed.

We’re all a work in progress.

This Past-Life Healing Tarot Spread can be done anytime you feel you have an issue or problem that is re-occurring in your life, have a re-occurring dream or have challenges and blockages that you feel may come from a past life issue.

This can also be done as a part of your own past-life work for your own soul and spiritual development to grow and learn more about yourself.

Wishing you all the best on your spiritual journey.

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Release and bring healing to a past-life issue with this Past-Life Healing Tarot Spread.

Release and bring healing to a past-life issue using witchcraft with this Past-Life Healing Spell.

Past-Life Healing Spell

Here are a list of crystals for past-life work and healing to use in spells, meditation and for support.

Crystals for Past-Life Work & Healing

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