Past-Life Healing Spell

Release and bring healing to a past-life issue using witchcraft with this Past-Life Healing Spell.


Past-life work and healing is the process of working on unresolved issues that remain from a past life or past lives.

These issues can manifest in the present life as fears, worries, insecurities, anger, resentment, disappointment and create strong reactions to certain things such as shame, abuse, trauma, negligence, etc.

Sometimes these reactions can feel instinctual and some people may think that they’re an over-reaction to events or people, but these reactions may be triggered by those events or people.


Past-life work can be done through meditation, divination, journaling and past-life regression therapy, to name a few examples.

This ritual is for anyone who feels they have an unresolved issue, feeling or emotion caused by an event or someone from their past life and they want to release and be healed.

If you’re unsure about what to focus on for this spell, you can do the following to locate the issue to release for this spell:



Ask your spirit guides to help you find an issue that you need to release and heal that comes from a past life. Focus on only one issue at this time.



Ask your higher self to find an issue that may be happening in your present life that may come from a past life issue. Focus on only one issue at this time.



If you read tarot, you can try this Past-Life Healing Tarot Spread to find what issue may be bothering you during this lifetime that comes from past life.



Past-Life Healing Spell


Time of Month:

3 days after the New Moon up until 1 day before the New Moon


Items needed:

  • black candle
  • white candle
  • choice of crystal for past-life work depending on the type of issue to be released (for ideas check out the list of crystals for past-life work and healing)
  • 1 white paper (8.5” x 11”)
  • black marker or black pen
  • white gauze roll
  • twine
  • scotch tape
  • black salt (you can get it at The Witchery or you can learn how to make your own)


Prepare your table or altar with the items needed for the spell.

Place one white candle on the right and the black candle on the left with your chosen crystal in the middle between the candles.


Take the piece of white paper and write down the issue that you want to release that comes from your past life.

This can be a feeling, an emotion, a trigger, a memory or anything that is holding you back or re-occurring that you want to release and let go of.


Write it on the paper with the black marker or black pen, then fold the paper in half. Roll up the paper and use a piece of tape to hold the paper together as a roll (you should have something like a scroll now).


Now with the gauze, wrap the scroll of paper with the gauze.

As you do so, imagine that you’re mummifying whatever past-life memory, pain, emotion or feeling.


Continue to wrap the paper, reciting:


I lay you to rest.


When you have completely wrapped the gauze, do a second round on the paper making sure to cover the ends of the scroll. This will require changing direction as you wrap the paper in gauze.

Take a piece of tape and secure the ends of the gauze to the paper.


Now wrap the twine around the paper until you have covered it twice.

When you’re done with the twine, tie the ends of the twine onto the paper scroll (now covered in gauze also.)


Place on your altar in front of the two candles or place in a small box until you’re ready for the next step.


To finish the ritual, bury the paper scroll (covered in gauze and twine) somewhere away from your property and your neighbourhood, preferably somewhere that you don’t frequent or have any attachment to.


Dig a small spot for it then place the paper mummified scroll in the hole.


As you do so, say:


I bury what once was from my past life to leave it in the past.

What is written here was meant to remain with the body from which it came from.

The past is the past and there it should remain.

I move on from it and leave it there.

I am free to live this life.


Sprinkle black salt over the paper scroll in the hole and then cover with dirt.

Sprinkle more black salt over the dirt pile and walk away from it. Don’t look back and don’t return to the spot.


If you feel that issues or residual matters come up again in the future, use the crystal from the spell to help you work through them.

Try journaling to get the rest of the feelings and emotions worked out.

It may take some time, but the healing should begin after this spell is done.


Wishing you the best on your spiritual and magickal journey.


Stacey & the Tarot Pugs


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Release and bring healing to a past-life issue using witchcraft with this Past-Life Healing Spell.



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Release and bring healing to a past-life issue with this Past-Life Healing Tarot Spread.
Past-Life Healing Tarot Spread



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