Pug Tarot Review

Have you heard of the most pug-tastic, pug-tacular tarot deck ever?

A tarot deck that I’ve been dreaming of for years before it existed?

Ever dream of something and then when you see it, it’s like a dream come to life?

For me, it’s the amazing Pug Tarot by Pug & Duck Publishing.

The Tarot Pugs and the heavily anticipated and much loved Pug Tarot!

Finally having The Pug Tarot is unbelievably beyond words – or perhaps as happy as the Tarot Pugs are whenever they get excited about food. (Rosie freaks out completely for food.)

A huge Thank You to Pug & Duck Publishing for sending us this dream come true Tarot deck!

The Pug Tarot – *chef’s kiss & pug kiss* – ticks all the boxes when it comes to workability and design.

A tarot deck has to be usable for me to want it, not just pleasing to the eye.

A pug tarot deck is a great addition to any pug lovers collection.

But, a pug tarot deck done right – is the icing on the cake (or for pugs: gravy on a bowl of tasty kibble!)

The Pug Tarot is precisely done right.

The Pug images and designs are exquisite.

In recent years, some people have not wanted to work or utilize the Rider Waite Smith Tarot (for different reasons) but it’s an iconic, game-changing tarot deck that has become classic and timeless which has spawned infinite amount of tarot decks that have been based on the Rider Waite Smith (RWS).

Why is the Rider Waite Smith Tarot so universal?

Because it works on a conscious and subconscious level. The RWS was the first tarot deck to have images on all 78 cards, that weren’t just “pip” cards for the minor arcana. Pamela Colman Smith’s artwork revolutionized tarot to what we know it as today.

The drawings for the Pug Tarot are based on the classic Rider Waite Smith Tarot which makes it easy to work with if you’re familiar with the iconic tarot deck by A.E. Waite and Pamela Colman Smith.

Pug Tarot Review – Multum in Parvo

Pugs are the only breed of dog that have their own Latin (catch) phrase.

Multum in parvo means “much in a little”, which can be phrased as “a great deal in a small space.”

This phrase encapsulates the personality of the pug as a big dog in a little body.

The Tarot Pugs sitting next to the Death card and the Hermit card from Pug Tarot

Pugs never seem to let their size deter them from trying to take on dogs three times their size or wanting to play with the “big dogs”.

But, how does one contain the personality of the small, googly eyed but mighty pug in a drawing or even a tarot deck?

Pug faces have so much “character” that if we were to describe to someone that has never seen a pug before, they’d think we were describing an alien! (Have you ever seen the skeleton skull of a pug or an MRI of a pug head?! The big googly eyes and wrinkles definitely improve the cuteness factor!)

Yet, the Pug Tarot successfully manages to showcase the pug beautifully as classic and refined – may we even go on a limb as say, perhaps how Miss Pamela Colman Smith would have drawn pugs?

The images of the pugs in the Pug Tarot seem to fit well into the tarot scenery; the colours appear to be in alignment with the colour palette of a Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck (understandably there are different versions of RWS Tarot decks with different colours schemes and palettes – the Pug Tarot meets it right in the middle that’s pleasing to the eye and workable without distraction.)

The Pugs as the central focus of the tarot deck allow for intermediate and experienced tarot readers to absorb the background of the card, drawing upon their tarot reading skills and foundations to do readings, while adding the element of the Pug on top.

For any beginner tarot reader that’s familiar with RWS based tarot decks, the Pug Tarot is an easy adjustment.

The Major Barkana, Minor Barkana & Bonus Cards

The Pug Tarot contains the major arcana and the minor arcana (suits) as a standard tarot deck.

There are 2 additional cards included in the tarot deck: “Faith” and “The Unicorn”.

The major arcana are true to original titles in the Rider Waite Smith Tarot.

The minor arcana are named as Bowls as Cups, Sticks as Wands, Sausages as Pentacles and Bones as Swords.

The Pug Tarot comes with a 96-page coloured book (small manual) that contains descriptions and interpretation of the tarot cards, includes tarot spreads in the booklet and is an excellent companion book for the tarot deck.

A Must-Have Tarot Deck for Pug Parents & Pug Lovers

For every Pug parent and Pug lover, you’ll be able to look through the Pug Tarot and “see” a card that may remind you of your own Pug.

Just look at the famous “pug slump” – “patented” and “trademarked” by pugs around the world as seen on the Faith card. It reminds me so much of Rosie!

(If you’re not familiar with what the “Pug slump” is, it’s a certain way pugs sit on their bums, usually with the back feet sticking forward, with one or both front paw between the legs and sometimes the other front paw to the side of one the back legs. The Pug seems to “slump” forward and may also often lean to the side while sitting.)

The Tarot Pugs and Faith card from Pug Tarot – look at that “pug slump” sitting position!

The Pug Tarot cards seem to bring to life the different personalities of pugs, that you may seem to see that a certain drawing looks like your Pug or you envision a particular Pug Tarot card as describing your Pug.

As you scan through the Pug Tarot, you’ll likely see the personalities come to life, be reminded of your own pug(s) and notice the similarities.

Whether you’re reading tarot for yourself or others, or even just doing a tarot reading for your Pug, the Pug Tarot will quickly become a favourite among Pug lovers and Tarot Readers that have a special place in their hearts for classic Rider Waite Smith influenced tarot decks.

Where to Find the Pug Tarot

The Pug Tarot is published by Pug & Duck Publishing in Germany and is available in English and German.

Get the English version of the Pug Tarot or get the original German version of the Pug Tarot.

Join Kickstarter & Get the Pug Tarot Expansion Pack

In February 2023, Pug & Duck Publishing is unveiling the Pug Tarot Expansion pack with 20 new cards for the Pug Tarot on Kickstarter.

The previous Kickstarter campaign for the English version of the Pug Tarot was a great success and we need the pug and tarot communities to come together once again!

Follow Pug & Duck Publishing on Instagram or Facebook and visit them on their homesite to stay up-to-date.

TarotPugs Review Rating:

Rocky: 4 Paws Up 🐾

Rosie: 4 Paws Up 🐾

Stasya: 10/10 ⭐️

Total Rating: 100% (Purely Pug-tastic)

Images designed in Canva.