What are Planetary Hours in Magick & Spells?

Many spiritual practitioners and witches may work with the moon phases and the signs that the moon transits each month, yet there’s something additional that can be worked with any time of the day or night, every month.

And that’s planetary hours.

Planetary hours can be worked with any day or night regardless of the moon phase or moon sign.

Working with the moon phase may be beneficial, especially when working with the new moon, waxing, full, waning and dark moon phase, as with just about anything – there’s more than one way to accomplish a task of goal when it comes to utilizing magick or spells.

In this post here, we’ll take a look at the following:

  • What planetary hours are
  • How to calculate planetary hours for day and night
  • Where to find a planetary calculator; and
  • Examples of magick for each of the seven (7) planetary hours

What are Planetary Hours in Magick & Spells?

Planetary hours are commonly discussed in astrology and Vedic astrology but can also be applied to goals and magick or spells.

A planetary hour is an hour duration of time in which one of the seven visible planets in the sky rules over that hour.

This means that for a specific amount of time during the day and night, the energy of a planet has an influence over activities, behaviours, patterns and events.

When the planetary energy is utilized effectively, the energy of the hour can be worked with or mitigated to an advantage

Here are the seven (7) visible planets in the sky:

  • Sun
  • Moon
  • Mercury
  • Venus
  • Mars
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn

Planetary hours can be worked with for planning activities, events, business, work, projects, speaking with superiors, going to a doctor, or even magick.

It’s important to note that a planetary hour doesn’t necessarily begin on the hour, every hour.

The time when a planetary hour begins and ends will differ from each day and night, and cycles through the seven planets during the day and then again in the evening, i.e. the planetary hours go from Sun to Saturn and then start over again continuously.

If you miss an opportunity to work with a specific planetary hour in the day, you will get the opportunity in the evening or night.

How to Calculate Planetary Hours & Where to Find a Planetary Hours Calculator

The method for calculating planetary hours on one’s own requires quite a bit of mathematics and knowing the sunrise and sunset of your location.

If you’re good at mathematics and want to give it a try for yourself, find out how to calculate planetary hours.

However, there’s resources online that can calculate the planetary hour for you. Here’s a planetary hour calculator that easy to use.

Now we know what planetary hours are and how to calculate / find out what the planetary hours are for any given day, what do we do then for magick or spells?

Planetary Hours & Magick

Planetary hours can be used to plan events, meetings, job applications, pitch sales or ideas, even when to donate to charity or balance the cheque book.

Here we’ll explore some suggestions for magick or spells that may done in during the planetary hour (either day or night):


  • Any spells or magick in connection to politics, higher authorities and/or activism
  • To get a job or get ahead in your career / enhance career success
  • To improve your health and vitality; heal health issues
  • To strengthen, repair, improve relationships with paternal relatives or ancestors
  • Magick in connection with men’s issues and men
  • Magick or spells connected to solar gods or goddesses


  • To enhance or increase intuition, psychic abilities, divination
  • Magick in connection with women’s issues and women
  • Magick or spells involving, in or around water, rain, river, stream, ocean, lake
  • To strengthen, repair, improve relationships with maternal relatives or ancestors
  • Magick or spells connected to psychic, intuitive, prophetic, moon gods or goddesses


  • Sigil or rune magick
  • Writing spells, rituals or magick (by hand or on a computer/smartphone)
  • To get clarity in a situation / to solve a problem
  • To enhance or improve communication or communication skills
  • Magick or spells that involve or include technology (e.g., to buy a new computer, smartphone or gadget)
  • To improve your business, sales
  • Magick or spells connected to writing, communication, intellect, travel gods or goddesses


  • To find, improve or heal a partnership or romantic relationship
  • To get engaged or married
  • To improve or enhance your creative, artistic or musical abilities
  • To enhance your beauty or appearance
  • To improve your finances, acquire luxury
  • Glamour magick
  • Magick or spells connected to love, beauty, arts, music, money gods or goddesses


  • Candle magick
  • Bonfire / campfire magick
  • Magick or spells in connection to war, the military or soldiers
  • Magick or spells to buy or sell cars or vehicles
  • To buy, sell real estate or issues related to real estate
  • Sex magick
  • Magick or spells connected to war, military gods or goddesses


  • Magick for spiritual pursuits
  • Group rituals, spells or ceremonies
  • Any magick or spells regarding legal or court matters
  • Starting an education, course or going back to school (for success in learning, course, education)
  • Magick or spells to enhance your current goals (to ‘supersize’ it)
  • Magick or spells connected to spirituality, justice, law, learning gods or goddesses


  • Any magick or spells to enhance discipline
  • Magick involving personal sacrifices (i.e., time, money, energy)
  • Magick or spells involving matters related to time, labour, work, getting organized
  • To bring something to an end, closure or resolution
  • Magick or spells to assist or matters involving the elderly, the chronically ill, hungry, poor, and the disadvantaged
  • Magick or spells to alleviate suffering, illness, pain, hunger, poverty, stress
  • Magick or spells connected to time, agriculture, sacrifice, labour, death gods or goddesses

Bonus for Planetary Hour Magick:

Some shops and small businesses create candles, ritual oils and perfumes that are crafted with the energy of one of the planets which can be utilized to connect or work with the planetary energy for a spell or purpose.

If utilizing a ritual oil, perfume or candle specially crafted with the energy of a planet, it can be worn or utilized during the same corresponding planetary hour for an additional ‘boost’ and connection with the planetary energy.

Learn how to interpret the outcome and progress of your spell candles by reading the wax, flame and soot.

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